Abomi Nation

Save the island of Abomi Nation!
Every 100 years, two island spirits are reborn to fight over control of Abomi Nation and the Abomis that reside on it. One aims to allow Abomis to live freely and form societies, while one aims to revert Abomis to their primal, brutal natures and have them fight to their deaths. It is up to the light spirit to assemble a team of Abomis that can put a stop to the dark spirit's reign.
Explore a world unique to your playthrough!
Every run of Abomi Nation will generate a uniquely-shaped island for your team to traverse, offering up a different combination of areas, bosses, and Abomis to recruit every time you play. Replayability is a main focus of Abomi Nation, and there will always be ways to tweak your game's settings to keep each new run feeling fresh.
Want to completely randomize which Abomis can spawn at any level? Want more control over who you add to your team? Want to control whether your team members will permanently die in battle or not? You'll have the freedom to play the game in a manner that suits you.
Battle for control of Abomi Nation!
Every Abomi throughout Abomi Nation possesses tremendous abilities. Via their elemental types (Neutral, Fire, Water, Ice, Plant, Lightning, Air, and Earth), Abomis previously utilized power and strategy to dominate each other. After becoming civilized, most Abomis tended to forget about their violent history. But, now, as a powerful threat emerges, your team will have to learn to rediscover their powers and fight for Abomi Nation's safety.
Master a unique turn-based battle system that emphasizes 1-on-1 combat, but allows for tactics that impact benched Abomis before they even enter the fray.
Watch your team bond!
No two teams will be alike in Abomi Nation thanks to the myriad of randomized factors that go into each run. Abomis have different personalities from one another, and this will impact how multiple Abomis react to the same situation. As your adventure unfolds, the bond between any two Abomis will grow, causing them to behave differently when their friends are in danger.
Not everything in Abomi Nation is about fighting, either. Your team can boost its stats by eating together, playing minigames, and participating in all sorts of events offered by NPCs. It's OK to enjoy some down time in between life-risking battles.


Windows 7
4.0 Ghz
Version 12
751 MB available space

Abomi Nation is a monster-collecting roguelike RPG. Every new save file will create a totally unique version of Abomi Nation and provide different Abomis for you to find. You can battle with them, play games, and watch them bond with each other as your adventure unfolds in a way totally unique to you!
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: Orange Pylon Games
Publisher: Orange Pylon Games
Full controller support
Abomi Nation
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