Adventurer Manager

Welcome to the Early Access for Adventurer Manager where the game is the cheapest it will ever be! We're thrilled to be at this stage in development and to share it with you! Why are we so thrilled?! It's because Early Access is where a lot of the boring base systems are now in place and we are going content heavy! That means that nearly every major patch will include new content and new systems and boy do we have a lot of them planned! You can see a running list in our Planned Features list at the bottom of our Store Page and expect it to change frequently. We will try our hardest to be transparent in our development process so you know what we're working on before we've released it. Also, what's more exciting is the ability for you, the player, to help shape and mold Adventurer Manager into the game you really want to be playing! Thanks for supporting Adventurer Manager! General Information The evil Illusionist Miraj has murdered your parents, the King and Queen, and has taken control of the Kingdom of Adventuria. Playing as the King's sole heir, you must recruit local Adventurers to complete Adventures to regain the loyalty of the various races in the realm. Only through reuniting your kingdom will you have the power to defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj!

Create Your Ruler to begin your story!

Recruit Randomized Adventurers from 7 races and 8 classes each with their own bios, benefits, and drawbacks!

Unlock Secret Party Bonuses by organizing your Adventurers into 4 separate parties and arranging their formation front to back!

Go on Adventures from over a dozen different locations on a large world map!

Explore dozens of unique dungeons!

Automatically Complete Adventures or...

Manually Complete Adventures for bonus rewards!

Turn-based Combat with dozens of skills and spells!

Level Up your Adventurers with stat points!

Dozens of Skills from unique skill trees!

Endlessly Generated Loot to equip your Adventurers ranging from common, uncommon, rare, legendary, unique, and set items!

Dozens of Monster Types each with...

Resistances and Weaknesses to exploit.

Unique Boss and Miniboss monsters to challenge your toughest Adventurers!

Upgrade Your Castle to impart benefits to all of your Adventurers!

Gain Your Subjects' Allegiance to receive upgraded Adventurers and more!

Avoid Deadly Traps or don't!

Harsh Death Penalty where resurrecting your Adventurers isn't cheap!

Original Retro-inspired Soundtrack!

Steam Trading Cards!

Planned Features:

Mac Version for those Apple lovers!

Side Quests to complete for each Dungeon Location!

Crafting will be split into two disciplines, Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting!

More Castle Upgrades and town visual improvements!

More Monsters to increase dungeon variety!

Extended Level Cap to finish the story!

More Management Options because management is in the title!

Bestiary that tracks your Monster kills to unlock information and gain bonuses against them!

Adventurer Titles to earn that give them bonuses!

Spell & Skill Effects for flashier combat!

UI Improvements to make the game look and feel better!

More Classes to send to their deaths!

More Races with their own benefits and drawbacks!

Improved Item Rolling to create more item variance!

More Items, who doesn't like more items?!

Ironman Mode where when your Adventurers die, they stay dead!

Skills Overhaul so each Class is even more unique!

Achievements to track all your dead Adventurers!

Adventurer Appearance Customization to allow you to customize your Adventurers!

Racial Allegiance Benefits to improve your Adventurers!

Queens, because this isn't just a man's world!

Adventurer Salaries, because no one wants to work for free!

Adventurer Injuries that need time to heal!

More Tutorials to assist you!

and more to come!

Reunite the kingdom of Adventuria and defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj by recruiting Adventurers to send on Adventures for epic loot and rewards in this RPG/Management Sim with tons of depth, randomization, and customization options!
Steam score: 59%
Languages: English
Developer: Vigilant Addiction Studios
Publisher: BBEW BBEW, LLC
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Adventurer Manager
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