In this 2.5D puzzle platformer, you will explore a strange new world, solve devious environmental puzzles, and in the end a friend’s life and the fate of the world will lie on your shoulders!
A headless Body and a helpless inflated Head join forces to become Airhead – a hero on a journey to find air and save the Head from deflating for good. Body takes care of the running and jumping and is much stronger than it looks. And while Body happily carries Head around, Body might need to leave its companion behind if a task relies on having hands free.
Head on the other hand, is pretty helpless on its own. But being an organic balloon has its advantages, especially when Airhead finds tanks full of helium or other exotic gasses. And on top of that, Head seems tied to the strange technology left behind in the dark corners of Airhead’s world. Who knows what kind of hidden abilities Airhead might unlock in time?
A symbiotic organism, a living heart that pumps air rather than blood, is torn apart by a machine of unknown origin. The air source is stolen, leaving a head-like organism to die as it slowly leaks air. An unassuming Body, with an instinct to help others witnesses the tragedy, and with no thoughts to the consequences it takes its new Head’s fate on its shoulders, becoming Airhead.
Now Airhead must rely on air tanks to keep the Head inflated, while it searches far and wide for the machine that stole Head’s air source. That machine is only a small part of a larger whole, and it is up to Airhead to uncover the truth behind the machine, the air tanks and the technology that lies fallen apart across its world. Airhead cares little for the past, driven only by a will to save the Head, but inevitably its journey will have an impact on its world.
So the question is, are you ready to shoulder the responsibility for Airheads actions?
The world of Airhead is an interconnected complex world, very like a Metroid-vania. The world is full of powerful upgrades that can unlock new areas or help you find the many secrets hidden in the world.
Airhead’s world is complex, and nothing is at it seems. If you hope to succeed you must use your head, Airhead’s unique abilities and the creatures around him, to overcome devious environmental puzzles.
As the game progresses, Body and Head will grow closer, and the hardship of keeping Head from deflating, will be worth it when they learn to work together and gain access to new incredible abilities.
Exploration in a Metroid-vania-style world, full of secrets and hidden paths
Challenging puzzles, using the unique mechanics of a detachable head full of air
Unlockable abilities, giving access to new areas and puzzles
A touching story of friendship, discovery and responsibility
A myriad of creatures and machines to hinder or help you


Windows 7
Windows 10

A small body sets out to save a head-like organism full of air, from a leak that threatens its life. But the key to saving the head is hidden somewhere in their Metroid-vania style world, so they must explore, evolve. and overcome environmental puzzles by combining their unique abilities.
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Languages: English
Publisher: TBA
Full controller support
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