Alien Harvest Leader

The Martian Queen has chosen you as one of her Harvest Leaders! You'll need utilize your Workers, research new technologies, and gather equipment to make this a successful undertaking. Don’t read in to the rumors that she’s apathetic or that she secretly wants you to fail so she can execute you to satiate her bloodlust. Instead, she’s personally assigned you an aide, Greyg, to assist you in running things. Greyg’s never had a job before but he did find the notes from the previous Alien Harvest Leader that was executed for failing the Martian Queen, so he has some things figured out.
Your Workers and the Martian Queen have opposing views about how you should run things and even Greyg knows you don't want either side to become too unhappy.
To run your base you’ll need to collect Harvest Material from specimen in the Earth-like Harvest Zone. The Harvest Zone changes depending on how you harvest. If you Harvest recklessly, alerting specimen to your presence and not infiltrating, then the harvest zone will be sparse, with only a few of the juiciest of specimen caught outside after dark. Focus too much on infiltration, however, and you won’t have secured enough Harvest Material. Either way, we’ll need to develop new technologies to handle their overzealous defenses: Black Helicopters, Five Z Towers, and Anti-Aircraft guns! We can counter that with research and abilities such as Ship mounted turrets and super speed.
It’s not all pyramids and shadows on Mars either: the wildlife rampant on the Martian surface want our Harvest Material. They can smell it and they're willing to dig down and get it. The more our base is worth, the more wildlife and nefarious beasts will be there to attack us when we open the gate to go harvest. We'll need to maintain our base defenses to thwart the herd. We’ll also need food for all the workers we pick up. Or we could send them in the ancient mines beneath our base where they can fend for themselves. It’s likely they won’t come back, and therefore doubly won’t need food, but if they do return, they’ll likely be carrying some super valuable crystals for you! Win-Win!
Procedural Earth-Like Harvest Zone – A new, procedurally generated Earth-Like Harvest Zone each time you harvest! Your actions determine the types of locales and whether it has common specimen or if it’s sprinkled with their more valuable, genetically interesting rural counterparts.
Loot Specimen – Get rare engine parts to power your ship, collectables, or even some useless junk that you can give to your workers or sell to the market back home on mars.
Worker Management – Train your workers to do their best wherever you assign them. Feed them bread, give them junk to keep them happy, or send them in to the mines, or convert them to Harvest Material instead! Can’t have worker complaints if there’s no workers!
Upgradable Turrets – Increase the range, rate of fire, and damage of your turret. Add a trained worker to the turret to really get things going.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows® 10
1.7 GHz+
NVIDIA GeForce® 770+ / AMD Radeon™ HD 7970+
500 MB available space
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
All Minimum System Requirements Estimated For Early Access
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Use your spaceship to gather harvest material to build and defend your Martian base. Collect rare specimen, useful equipment, and conduct research to improve your capabilities while maintaining your relation with the Martian Queen and your alien workers!
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: Galactic Spire
Publisher: Galactic Spire
Alien Harvest Leader
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