Battle Box

Battle Box Is An Early Alpha Still In Progress -
Description : Battle Box is as it's name implies a Battle Simulator where the player selects a faction currently consisting of four types. Once in the Battle Space the player uses right clicks to summon a unit and once this happens the battle is already underway. This game is heavy on being over powered(True to it's animation DEEPEST BLUE) and unfair being as I want it to feel more like the players are watching a anime battle rather than playing a fair game. some units have super powers like blast projectiles and immense strength, while other units are regular humans with average speed.
Factions -
Ez Dojo - Ez Dojo is ran by the Ez family their father, his name being Ezoria, He has four children who are apart of his dojo and they all have super natural powers being the ability to shoot projectiles from their bodies. Including their intense monk like training they have earned insane body strength which includes physical feats and super speed. They learn to control their bodies energy in which they call Pol which is the name of their grandfather and Ezoria's Father the original creator and owner of Ez Dojo which was once called Pol Dojo. After his death it was passed down To Ezoria and the name was changed to their last name to keep it in the family.
Dash Brothers - The Dash Brothers are a band of brothers so far in game their are only five of them but there are ALOT more, they own a business called DASH Industry above the Battle Box dimension which is currently being hyper condensed into the world so they can continue their business in their new life. PM is the eldest brother and through continuous daily training after his first meeting with WokeTheGod his strengths increased immensely, PM was already known as a Battle God and a sort of vigilante or even a mobster he had went to be apart of WokeTheGod's cities and dimensions with his brother's starting a new life and once he did he would never regret his decision, he learned to shoot projectiles from his palms and at some points surpassed Ezoria. PM and his brothers which are all named something having to do with time or a radio, are known for their speed and savage hand to hand combat. They are sort of Like WokeTheGod in their "Run Directly At Them" Mindset but use it much more recklessly.
Hitt Gunz - Hitt Gunz is a mercenary industry created by WokeTheGod a very long time ago when he was a child his imaginations and reality collided into one when he started splitting dimensions and they are all subservient to his cause. Their industry consist of over 100 hidden leaders who give out missions to these mercenaries and they all work for a specific company of choice and handle assignments such as taking out high powered individuals such as the supers, or delivering V.I.Ps. from one point to another point and even demolitions. They aren't supers, well some of them are, but they are well over what a average human in power level is, and receive training to take out the base line Supers. Their introduction into the Battle Box universe will show case the high powered weapons they need to eliminate a Super in 1 to 2 shots.
Unknown - This faction is an alien race that came close to extinction because of a RiftiLactic(A type of Galaxy or Universe) war that took place in multiple RiftiLa's for multiple Dimensions for multiple BUMPS(A type of OP Infinite time) Their leader is Fol Polif(The last General of their army) He is a battle God who has arms and legs like that of a human but the Unknown race has something known as a set of Placettes some type of tentacle that can be two or four that emerges out of the back of their shoulders. They have long since mastered hand to hand combat and energy based projectiles they even use high powered ranged beam type weapons and heavy explosives usually used by their weaker units when they run out of energy.
What the game has so far -
- All four factions and five characters per faction
- Ez Dojo
- Ezoria
- Ezif
- Steff
- Polif
- Polez
- Dash Brothers
- PM Dash
- AM Dash
- FM Dash
- Dial Dash
- Static Dash
- Hitt Gunz
- Benefactor 20
- Maine
- Greene Crowe
- Backey Crowe
- Blackkerr
- Unknown
- Fol Polif
- Harv Polif
- Plekin
- Plice
- Pice
- Melee Combat
- Energy Blast
- Super Moves
- Throwing Weapons
- Finishers
- Map Destruction
- Colorful Maps
- Intelligent Learning Combat AI
- Integrated Moral
- Leaders can give commands to units(group up, attack, fall in, retreat, etc.)
- units can make call outs and tactical decisions


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
ntel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
300 MB available space
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Battle Box Is An Early Alpha Game that delivers on an action packed and strategy based game play in a top down play style. All Characters are from a animation I am working on called DEEPEST BLUE these characters were killed in battle and sent to the world of Battle Box.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Publisher: Craig Dubery Jr(WokeTheGod)
Battle Box
To be released
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