Blue Horizon

About This Game
Blue Horizon is a story driven first person open world game, it has been developed over the last three years to be entertaining and exciting, giving the player a glimpse into a fantasy world of pirates, enemies, plunder, treasure and adventure on the high seas!
The year is 1686, and you have been marooned on a desert island, you must first escape and acquire a ship and the weapons to survive, then hunt down the evil Captain Bloodbeard seeking assistance along the way.
Blue Horizon has been created so the player is in a large open world environment. With each part of the game although separate can be explored without the player noticing.
Gameplay consists of many different activities including:
Melee and ranged combat;
Crafting and maintaining vessels;
Charting a course and navigating around the world to the various islands;
Utilizing cannons on both ship and land to defeat pirate ships;
Dialogues with over 50 other unique characters;
Discovering civilized populations and tribal villages;
Exploring large cave systems and the interiors of buildings of the settlers and natives;
Maintaining an inventory of equipment and items;
Buying and selling with currency;
Salvage from wrecks on the sea floor using a diving bell;
Completing main and side quests with reoccurring tasks;
Hunting animals;
Harvesting crops and trees;
Operating machinery;
Finding treasure and plundering loot from destructible containers and environments
Fighting giant bosses.
You can save your progress at certain points to continue the adventure later. The game will be available in a number of languages.
There is only one level. Always view able on the horizon. The player must discover each location in order to explore it. Locations can be discovered by talking to NPCs (Non-Playable characters), or following maps found. Once a location has been found it can be traveled to and from using a ship.
Tropical Islands with towns, villages, forts, dunes, mountains, cave systems, giant caverns, ship wrecks, and forests all lay in wait for the player to find and explore.
Inventory and Items
Weapons, equipment, books, valuable loot are found laying around, in containers or purchased from shops and peddlers, looted from enemies, or given as rewards for completing tasks previously given. Keys are required for some doors too.
Weapons are various types of melee, pistols and cannon emplacements.
Equipment or a pistol can also be equipped in the left hand such as the Lantern for seeing in dark caves. Provisions are needed to restore health, (or if you can find a stream), enhancement items can also be found or purchased.
To progress, you must complete tasks given from NPCs or from instructions found. The NPCs will be grateful, whether they are for the main quest or side missions. Tasks may involve collecting, farming, building, hunting, slaying or completing another task. Hidden stashes, and Bounty hunting are available too.
There are dangerous islands, and relatively safe islands. Unique foes await, be they Pirates, animals or strange creatures, and non-human. Some enemies are weak, some are strong and have various short and long range attacks. Some individuals you encounter will be docile until provoked, in which case they may attack as a group.
Enemy ships can plague the player too. Captain Bloodbeard's ship is the main aggressor. Bosses await to complete the main story line. The seas contain marauding Pirate ships which you may encounter when going from Island to Island.
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Windows 7 64-Bit
AMX A6/Intel i3
4096 MB RAM
Version 11
3900 MB available space
Windows 10 64-Bit
AMX FX/Intel i7
8192 MB RAM
Version 11
3900 MB available space

A story driven open world first person, single player game. A fantasy action adventure set in the Golden age of Caribbean Piracy. Fight Pirates and creatures, discover islands and caves, ports and tribal villages. Build up your inventory, craft ships and rule the waves, Blue Horizon has it all!
Steam score: 44%
Languages: English / Russian
Developer: Blue Horizon Studios Ltd
Publisher: Blue Horizon Studios Ltd
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Blue Horizon
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