BossConstructor is a game about building and flying your own spaceship. The core feature of the game is its editor which allows you to assemble your own ships based on a number of components.The core feature of the game is its editor which allows you to freely assemble your own ships using a variety of modules. The way you build your ships determines how they behave and what they are capable of doing. Since every module costs money, weight and energy, designing a good ship is a challenging yet rewarding task.The game will feature a number of missions which test your design and piloting skills. The missions include combat and survival missions as well as mining missions. The expedition mode lets you explore a procedurally generated galaxy inhabited by the von-Neumann, an evolving AI species. You begin with a basic ship and advance as you discover new enemy species and scavenge for more powerful components to improve your ship. If you prefer to design your ship without contraints, you can do so in the free mission/sandbox mode which lets you play any of the game's missions with any ship.Being a single player game, a lot of attention is given to the game's artificial intelligence system. The von-Neumann enemies you encounter in the expedition mode are created using elaborate artificial evolutions, in which a vast number of mutating ships have competed for survival. Several bonus game modes allow you to lean back and watch how different AI species compete with each other for survival.The game has been approved by the Steam Greenlight community. More information on the game's current state can be found in the early access section of this store page.Q: When is the game going to be available?A: Early Access will start in late 2014. I plan to complete the full game in 2015Q: Which platforms are supported?A: The first releases will focus on Windows and Linux. MacOS will follow later on.Q: Will there be a multiplayer mode?A: Unfortunately implementing multiplayer support is very complex. Therefore I focus on providing a solid single player experience. Q: What types of ships can you build? A: Any ship built based on the modules is valid as long as the modules do not overlap. You can build ships with moving parts as well as ships consisting of multiple ship parts (which can be controlled individually). Q: How large can the ships be?A: You can add modules to your ship as long as they fit within the editor's boundaries (14x14). If you want to build even larger ships, you can do so by expanding the editor's boundaries in the game's settings file - since this can negatively impact the games performance as well as the game balance, this is a 'hidden' option. Q: How many module types are there? A: There will be 30 module types in the full game, most of which are already implemented. Q: How does the artificial evolution work? A: The artificial evolution works by simulating a huge tournament in which mutated versions of existing ships compete with each other. The most successful ships, i.e. the ships which have dealt most damage to their enemies, proceed to the next round while the losers are eliminated.

Scavenge modules, combine them in the deadliest and most efficient ways imaginable, and fly your very own spaceship through alien space with BossConstructor. Thousands of procedurally generated galaxies await you and your space-faring collection of assembled modules to explore them.
Steam score: 75%
Developer: Mirko Seithe
Publisher: Mirko Seithe
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