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The Apocalypse DLC is a derivative DLC designed specifically for the Empire model. It includes not only the follow-up story of the story mode, but also a large number of new systems, new prisoners, and novel buildings related to the Apocalypse Project. In the story mode, the DLC will present 5 prisoners of the new career "Apocalypse Warrior" in your jailor's backpack (6 in Empire mode and 1 in the Apocalypse 1 to be completed).
1. After more than 20,000 words of derivative plots, following the ending of the plot model, the “Apocalypse Project” was launched. The protagonist of the plot mode - Samuel is dead or alive? What is the hidden secret in the dark corners of the Crist city? There are all will be announced one by one in this DLC. (The story can only be experienced in your own role in the Empire model.)
2. A new career - Apocalypse Warrior has been added. Each Apocalypse Warrior has its own unique talents, and some of them can transform and some have outstanding combat effects. This career can be used as a killer in the level, and can be used as a gang leader in the stronghold to attack the enemy stronghold. (In the story mode, apocalypse warriors will only be seen as killers.)
3. The DLC comes with 6 Apocalypse Warriors, of which No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 7 and No. 8 will be directly in your Warden's backpack. Click to use to be delivered in the next batch of prisoners. No. 1 Apocalypse Warrior unlocked the story and had to complete the “Apocalypse Project” plot to be available.
4, for each kind of Awakening soldiers independently produced a set of unique skills system.
Apocalypser No. 1 Gene Sequence Fusion Set: Ghosts and Fungus Features: Free shuttle up and down the room
Apocalypser No. 3 Gene Sequence Fusion Set: Dragon King Whale Features: Ultra-high blood volume Ultra-high attack Low hit Low speed
Apocalypser No. 4 Gene Sequence Fusion Set: True planaria Features: Reproducible limbs and skull
Apocalypser No. 5 Gene Sequence Fusion Set: Scorpio Feature: Ability to store phosphorous in the air and emit high-intensity blue flames when needed
Apocalypser No. 7 Gene Sequence Fusion Set: Distant Starfish Features: Self-replicating ability, avatar
Apocalypser No. 8 Gene Sequence Fusion Set: Water Bear Features: It can be hidden in any harsh environment and can be revived after the environment is normal.
5. Two special vehicles for Apocalypse Warriors have been added. When reviving combat equipment such as professional equipment, the combat capability will be significantly improved. (Before installing the DLC team) (In front of the Warrior Pack in the Empire and Story Mode, there will be a purchase order, which will appear directly in the garage after use. Orders can be made at the corresponding NPC, NPCs ordered by the plot and Empire Mode. different)
6. In the Apocalypse DLC, a street “Ohaka Road” will be added to the Empire Model. The main buildings in the neighborhood are: Johnson Biochemical Processing Plant, Santa Maria Abbey, Ojaka Scientific Research Center (formerly Ojaka Laboratories) and Temporary Orthodox Church. Among them, the monastery of Santa Maria will be the stronghold of the neighborhood and can be occupied by the player Raiders. (Main output of the neighborhood: globulin, gene-enhanced pharmaceuticals)
7. Three new theft levels were added: Johnson Biochemical Processing Plant, Santa Maria Monastery, and Ojaka Scientific Research Center. Players can steal globulin and gene fortifiers in these levels, as well as a few advanced weapons and armor. (Empire mode only)
8. In this DLC, three new buildings have been added. They are: Apocalyptic training room, biochemical recovery room, biochemical decomposition room. (Empire/Plot mode can build this building. Under the scenario mode, globulin and gene fortifiers will provide access through independent events. Empire mode can be obtained through black exchange and theft to add three new levels of channels)
9. Two new near-memory weapons in the near future: Pulse Sword and Charged Sword, 4 Firearms in the Near Future: Pulsed Electromagnetic Rifle, Flame Ejector, Pulsed Charger, and Pulsed Charger Pistol. These weapons have their own unique effects such as paralysis and burning. In the absence of the ALC Labs DLC, these weapons can only be obtained through theft or black exchange. With the installation of the ALC Labs DLC, these weapons will also be able to directly develop these near-future equipment by consuming designer and mysterious drawings.
10. In this DLC, a number of special effects will be added to the Apocalyptic Vehicle. Including:
Apocalypse chariot
After the reincarnated Warrior took the vehicle, he continued to increase the experience value of the Apocalypse Warrior by 500 points per hour. The combat effectiveness of the Akaikan Warrior increased by 30%, the movement speed increased by 30%, the reload speed increased by 30%, and the firing frequency increased by 30. %. (Apocalypse Warrior Limited)
Apocalyptic Supply Vehicle
When the warden took the vehicle, the ceiling for the purchase of plant raw materials, chemical raw materials and steel increased by 1,000.
Apocalypse Biochemical Tanks
When the regenerative warrior takes the vehicle out, he increases his maximum physical strength by 10 points per hour, consumes 50 prestige per hour, consumes 20 strategic points per hour, and consumes 200 scientific research points per hour. (Apocalypse Warrior Limited)
After the reviving warrior takes the vehicle, the active skills of the new awakening will appear in the skills list. This skill will directly summon several attorneys to participate in the stronghold. (Apocalypse Warrior Limited)
When the warden takes the vehicle, the chances of all the baseman's hitters increase by 50%; loyalty in all positions increases by 20 points per day and consumes 200 reputation per hour and 200 reputation per hour.
Chief Warrior
When a gang leader takes the vehicle out, the leader increases his experience by 500 points per hour, increases loyalty by 2 and consumes 50 reputation.
True Fenglin Volcano
After the gangs took the vehicle, when the base warfare, the gangster beater's movement speed increased by 30%, the attack speed increased by 30%, the attack power increased by 20%, and the blood volume limit was increased by 30%; the evasion rate of the gang leader increased by 30%, and continued every second. Restore 400 blood, the movement speed drops 30%, attack speed drops 30%.
11. After installing the "Apocalypse Project" DLC pack, Empire will add new forces to compete with you: The Tramp Group - which uses Tramp Tower as its main base. It mainly controls Ohaka Road and the block where the Tramp Tower is located. The power of this power is extremely strong and you can do it before you provoke them.


Windows 7 , 8 , 10 (Best for 64 Bit)| Can't run on XP
1.6 Ghz
128 MB graphics memory, capable of Shader Model 1.1
1 GB available space
Windows 7 , 8 , 10(Best for 64 Bit) | Can't run on XP
Dual Core 3.0 Ghz
256 MB Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 2.0+
4 GB available space

This content requires the base game ,City of God I - Prison Empire, on Steam in order to play.
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