Classic Adventure Pack
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Manhattan 2094,
I met her in her penthouse, expecting payment for the freelance job-and perhaps a little more. But I got more than I bargained for. I'm now part of an exclusive fraternity that moves catlike in the night through a world of high technology and senseless violence. I need to find a cure for this curse, even if it means hacking through every ICE in cyberspace, every rage ganger in Manhattan, every corrupt executive in the mega-corporate hierarchy of faceless fools. My name is Ransom Stark. I'm a vampire.... 
Key Features:
Cyberpunk: set in a gritty, urban near future ruled by high-tech computer interfacing, oppressive mega-corporations, cybernetics, and dark, unleashed secrets of the soul. 
Vampires: sensual, Gothic, and terrifying; a mesmerizing combination of allure and danger, trust and treachery. Combine these two powerful genres and you have BloodNet, the only Cyberpunk Vampire game. 
Recruit cyberpunks, rage gangers, mercenaries and hackers to aid in your fight against the vampires. 
Immerse yourself in the bizarre virtual reality or cyberspace, where anything is possible. 
Experience a breakthrough in role-playing with astonishing 3-D Hallucinographic(TM) art. 
Includes Soundtrack!
Heroic Adventures in Medieval Germany
Prepare yourself to enter Darklands... the first realistic fantasy role-playing adventure for computers!
Leading a band of four adventurers across the sinister landscape of 15th Century Germany, you'll face the Middle Ages as people believed it to be! A land seething with mythical beasts, religious power-mongers and blood-thirsty sinister robber-knights!
Watch savage battles unfold before your eyes! Travel hundreds of miles by land and sea... from the Frisian Coast to Bohemia... from the Alps to Prussia... visiting over ninety cities along the way!
Your quest for fame and fortune can take you through raucous city streets and dank mine shafts, or from a robber-knight's tower to the terrifying Sabbaths of witches!
So prepare yourself for the astonishing wonders of a realistic fantasy adventure... in the mysterious Darklands!
Key Features:
Improve each character's attributes and skills as the game progresses. No artificial character classes or levels! 
Learn alchemical formulas to make your own potions! 
Brilliant watercolor-style graphics bring to life and myths and mysteries of the Middle Ages! 
Easy-to-use and innovative menu presents you with unprecedented role-playing options. 
Character fight in real-time animation! Freeze the actions and give new orders to characters any time you wish! 
Bonus content included! Soundtrack in both MP3 and original MIDI formats included! Cluebook, Map and original reference card.
Travel to the land of the fantastic!
Newly-crowned King of Callahach! It's been twenty years since your father saved the world by entrapping the evil Sorcerer Sanwe. Now the spell is waning. Sanwe's malevolent force will soon consume the land, and only you can stop him. Will your quest be aided or subverted by bizarre races like shape-shifting Slathans, the faery-like Brynn-Fann, of the black-eyed Soptus Ecliptus?
A thousand deaths await your every step as you unlock mind bending puzzles. Magical items lie just out of reach. A host of deadly monsters are eager to do battle with you. And glorious rewards are yours to obtain as you struggle to preserve your father's legacy. The stage is set. The fate of the world turns upon your actions. The time for adventure is now!
Journey through a fully realized fantasy world via dazzling state-of-the-art graphics. 
Experience the adventure through haunting music and fully digitized speech. 
Perform an unprecedented range of actions with the MADS intuitive interface of your fingertips. 
Watch your adventures come to life with ultra-smooth rotoscoping and advanced animation. 
Soundtrack Included in high quality FLAC format.
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender
A priceless vase is lost on a distant planet that doesn't exist! An irate colonel wants it back! And only one man is experienced enough... skilled enough... and foolish enough to retrieve it! Interstellar adventurer and bungling bachelor Rex Nebular!
Join Rex as he pilots the Slippery Pig on a crash course for Terra Androgena, a planet populated entirely by bizarre alien women with big agendas of their own!
Overcome the dizzying array of obstacles and endless traps preventing Rex from returning the priceless pottery! Feel the grotesque effects of the frightening Gender Bender machine! And revel in the mind-blowing graphics and ultra-realistic animation!
Only you can help Rex Nebular complete his mission and escape Terra Androgena alive!
Key Features:
MIND-EXPANDING state-of-the-art graphics that combine drawn, digitized, 3-D rendered and rotoscoped art! 
ENTICING skill levels for players from novice to genius! 
IMPOSSIBLE TO PUT DOWN manual written by award-winning game designer Steve Meretzky! 
Roam, Manipulate and Explore Rex's beloved Slippery Pig or any other scenario without typing in one work of text! 
Voyage to mesmerizing 3-D environments all brimming with colossal adventures! 
Coerce vivacious natives into giving you vital information!
Sword of the Samurai
Enter Japan in the age of warring states. At the center of this role-playing, action-adventure simulation of combat, statesmanship and intrigue, you are a samurai warrior struggling for honor. More important than life itself, honor is crucial to achieving your ultimate goal: unifying feudal Japan under your noble rule.
Game Features:
Computer-controlled opponents make decisions based on your actions - and on the actions of other rival characters. 
Furious melee action against multiple warriors takes place in castles, villages and rice paddies. 
Vindicate yourself in duels against rivals who would like nothing better then to diminish your Honor. 
Feel the drama and immediacy of real-time battles involving infantry, cavalry and muskets on battlefields that vary with every conflict. 
Untie all 48 warring provinces in common allegiance to you, and earn the title of shogun, military ruler of all Japan. 
Fun and Easy to control! 
Four skill levels, plus other starting options 
An ingenious system of menus, animation and text windows - pioneered by MicroProse in Pirates! - conveys the detail of text with the fun of graphics and animation. 
Authentic Japanese music and graphics powerfully evoke the mood of Sixteenth century Japan.


Windows 7
1.5 GHz Processor
100% DirectX compatible graphics
Hard Drive:
100 MB available space
Sound Card:
100% DirectX compatible card or onboard sound
Windows XP / Vista / 7
1.0 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
100% DirectX compatible graphics
Hard Drive:
100 MB available space
Sound Card:
100% DirectX compatible card or onboard sound

Languages: English
Developer: MicroProse Software Inc,MPS Labs
Publisher: Retroism,Night Dive Studios
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