CRH2A High Speed EMU
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The CRH2A EMU is one of China Railways' advanced high speed trains and one of the most popular high speed EMUs in China, with over 200 sets now in service and more planned. It was originally developed from the Shinkansen E2-1000 Series but the newer versions of the CRH2 are not related to the E2-1000 Series, despite having the same exterior styling.
Every new batch of the CRH2A features small modifications, but the one modelled in this simulation is based on the first version.
The CRH2A features operating passenger information displays with welcome information in both Chinese and English below 30 km/h and the current speed when travelling faster.
This add-on features unique in-train audio announcements whereby the broadcasting system announces departure and next station arrival information in the supplied scenarios. The system can also be used in other scenarios.
There is a fully operational ATP (Automatic Train Protection) system and for the first time in Train Simulator the ATP system is modelled to bring you 'Target & Distance' braking. This gives you a continuous braking curve so you can drive more smoothly from station to station. The CRH2A also comes with Constant Speed Control which will help free you from the regulator lever and allow you simply to monitor the train systems.
These trains are used in both 8-car and 16-car sets in service with China Railways.
The CRH2A uses state-of-the-art flat-screen glass panels to display train information as well as the route speed and signal data from suitably equipped routes. It can be manually driven or driven with the help of the on-board computers, meaning that to drive the train from a standstill at your departure station to your destination requires little more effort from you than adjusting the cruise control to comply with speed limits.
The CRH2A is designed for and interacts with the speed and signalling system that is included in the Southwest China High Speed Rail Network and the Chengdu-Suining High Speed Route (both available to purchase from Just Trains or Amazon).
Highly detailed models
Authentic custom sounds
Detailed passenger view
Detailed state-of-the-art driver's cab
Cruise Control
Fully operational ATP (Automatic Train Protection) system
In-cab flat-screen displays that show next signal aspect, distance to next signal, next speed limit and distance to it on suitably equipped routes, the control speed set and much more
Operational speed monitor
Realistic and definable train service number display on the exterior of the cars, set from the driver's cab
Can be driven in 8-car or 16-car configuration
Light lens flare effects
Rain effects on windscreen and carriage windows
Unique in train audio announcements
Includes CRH2-010AJ train
Paint kit so you create your own liveries
For the first time in Train Simulator the ATP system is fully modelled to bring you 'Target & Distance' braking. This gives you a continuous braking curve so you can drive more smoothly from station to station. The CRH2A also comes with Constant Speed Control which will help free you from the regulator lever and allows you simply to monitor the train systems.
The ATP system prevents the train from speeding or passing a red signal. It uses a target speed indication and audible warnings to warn the driver if he is likely to exceed a speed profile that will cause the train to pass a red (danger) signal or exceed a speed restriction. The system will automatically apply the brakes if the driver fails to respond to these warnings. The system takes into account the speed and position of the train relative to the end of its 'movement authority' in issuing the warnings and applying the brakes.
In full control mode, the system is fully functioning. The system will get the line speed limit, next speed limit and the next signal aspect. When approaching the next speed limit (if it is lower than the current limit or if the next signal is red), the system will calculate the distance between the train's current position and the next speed limit (or red signal) and will apply the appropriate braking force to slow the train. Unlike the TVM3 or ATC-1 systems' interval speed curve operation, the braking curve on the CRH2A ATP system is a continuous speed curve from your current speed to the target speed.
The CRH2A EMU comes with a set of scenarios designed to be used with the Southwest China High Speed Network (available to purchase from Just Trains) and can be used via the Quick Drive option in Train Simulator.
In addition to the scenarios listed below, three new scenarios were added in a software update on 1 September 2015.
Standard scenario
CRH2A-01 Take This 2A from Chongqing to Suining (SWCHS)
Duration:50 minutes
Start location:Chongqing
Train service number:D5113
D5113 runs between Chengdu and Chongqing, but today you just need to drive this train to Suining. Stop at Hechuan and Tongnan to pick up passengers.
Timetabled scenarios
CRH2A-02 High Speed D5110 to Suining (SWCHS)
Duration:60 minutes
Start location:Chengdu
Train service number:D5110
This scenario requires you to drive D5110 from Chengdu to Suining. The weather is not good so be careful! Please follow your timetable, as a delayed train will cause the scenario to fail.
CRH2A-03 Suining to Chongqing with D5120 (SWCHS)
Duration:60 minutes
Start location:Suining
Train service number:D5120
Most trains between Chengdu and Chongqing will usually stop at Suining, but today you drive D5120 (Chengdu-Chongqing) from Suining to Chongqing and must pick up passengers at Hechuan and Tongnan.
CRH2A-04 A Quick Trip to Nanchong (SWCHS)
Duration:25 minutes
Start location:Suining
Train service number:D5172
A bus from Suining to Nanchong used to take three hours to complete this journey, but the trip only take 25 minutes by High Speed Train!
CRH2A-05 Chengdu to Chongqing Full Length Runs (SWCHS)
Duration:115 minutes
Start location:Chengdu
Train service number:D5102
On this full-length run from Chengdu to Chongqing you only need to stop at three stations. The whole trip with the CRH2A will take no more than two hours.
Minimum System Requirements:
Recommended System Requirements:
Processor:   3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
RAM:   512MB RAM (1GB for Windows Vista / 7 / 8)
Hard Disk:   920 MB
Video Card:   256MB graphics card with Pixel Shader 2.0 (AGP/PCE only).
Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows
Additional Requirements:   Requires Train Simulator 2016/2017

Publisher: Just Trains
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