Cursed Mansion

Play as a girl who arrived at the mansion, got locked out, and searched a way to escape while discovering the obscured truth surrounding the mansion. Player will search for clues, key items, etc; solving riddles and puzzles to advance throughout the game while escaping dire situations that could lead to the annihilation of the protagonist.
Cursed Mansion takes place in a mansion deep inside a forest. The protagonist arrived at the mansion under a stormy weather and tried to seek for shelter. However, the mansion seems to be empty, and the protagonist proceed to enter the mansion. Turns out that the door she went through are now locked. Confused on what actually happened, the protagonist tried to find another people inside the mansion, only to discover traces that there was something vicious happened inside the mansion. Little did she know, there's something malignant that lurks inside the mansion.
Cursed Mansion offers dozens of areas to be explored. Each area consists of interactables, death-triggering events, and sometimes puzzles/riddles.
The interactables shall give player informations or items to be used to solve puzzles and riddles in order to advance through the story. The puzzles and riddles might need some items or informations gathered from other areas, and new areas will be unlocked when a series of puzzles/riddles are solved throughout the game.
Fight Against Fate
Players will occasionally run into Wheel of (Mis)fortune which may decide the outcome of whatever event that triggers it.
Death triggering events can be activated by many actions throughout the game. It may come from interactables on the area; or from some stuff that got triggered by the player several areas ago; or maybe the player is just in the wrong place at the wrong time after all.
The game consists of several death endings, some bad endings, a few good endings, and one true ending.
Be careful not to wake up the damned.
Map Details
: Every areas are designed and crafted carefully to give eerie vibes inspired by horror movies such as Ju-On and Insidious, as well as horror games such as Majo no Ie and Layers of Fear.
Gameplay Log
: Tracks important stuffs that has been done so players don’t have to.
Interactable’s Icon
: Players won’t get stuck because they don’t know where or which stuff that can or can’t be interacted with.
Alternating Events
: Every time the game resets, the event that has previously happened might or might not happen again.
Story Branching/Multiple Endings
: Every interaction and decision matters.


Windows XP SP2 or newer
1.5 GHz or better
128 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0 compatible
Version 9.0c
Sound Card:
DirectX 9.0c compatible

Cursed Mansion is a horror adventure RPG that focuses on nuances and eerie feelings which happens throughout the adventure.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Publisher: Dragon Emperors
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Cursed Mansion
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