Damn virgins

is a "cinematographic" adventure in which the player is the protagonist of a short film. Much of the settling that appears in the game is from real locations where the movie was recorded in order to provide a greater sense of immersion. Solving puzzles usually unlocks a videoclip that reveals the plot.: On the 21st of December, 2012, just as the Mayans predicted, nothing happened. Alex, the dean of a small university believes otherwise and concocts an evil plan.The Mayans told that life is governed in cycles of 5200 years. When each cycle ends, the seven gods who created mankind allow the cycle to repeat in return for an offering.Approximately 5200 years ago, the offering was demanded by the gods. But during the sacrifice, something went wrong. Enraged, the gods punished the Mayan people, who then disappeared. This disappearance wasn't immediate, though. Earthquakes, droughts, and volcanic eruptions came one after the other, ultimately leading to the fall of the empire.In the present day, the gods returned to claim what was theirs, but the Mayans are no longer around to perform the sacrifices. Alex, the dean of a small university, lives in distress over this, and when the appointed date, December 21, 2012, arrives, he starts to lose his mind. In the following months, he starts collecting news about natural disasters: eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes. Things that were always there, but his sick mind connects them with the wrath of the gods over not receiving their gift. Alex therefore decides to do the sacrifices himself.Using his position, he founds a fraternity in his university and tricks the dumbest virgin boys that he finds into joining. Alex promises them that if they finish their studies, he'll take them to Riviera Maya as an end-of-term trip. Using an outing as a ruse, he plans to sacrifice them at the top of Chichen Itza.Will Alex complete his evil plan? And the most important thing, will these boys get laid someday? Javier Botet and David Pareja, two well known Spanish actors have been also involved in the filming.Here you have links to the filming days


Minimum:,OS:, Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only), Windows Vista, or Windows 7
,Processor:, 2.0+ GHz processor
,Memory:, 4 GB RAM
,Graphics:, SM3-compatible video card
,DirectX:, Version 9.0c
,Hard Drive:, 3 GB available space
,Recommended:,OS:, Windows Vista or Windows 7
,Processor:, 2.0+ GHz processor
,Memory:, 8 GB RAM
,Graphics:, DX11 Graphics Card
,DirectX:, Version 11
,Hard Drive:, 10 GB available space

Seven virgins will be sacrified unless you help them! Just to clarify, your help is only needed to avoid the sacrifice, solving their virginity problem is a bit more complicated as you will discover. FMV adventure inspired in classic adventure games. Solving puzzles usually unlocks a videoclip that reveals the plot.
Steam score: 90%
Languages: English / French / Italian / German / Spanish
Developer: Luis Ruiz
Publisher: Luis Ruiz
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Damn virgins
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