Days Of Purgatory

Days of Purgaroty is early access and is currently under development. This is not a finished product.
- Early Access game modes:
Survival - Given only 1 life per round, players hunt each other down, while being plagued by hordes of creatures.
Deathmatch - A bloody free for all. Try and kill the other players while fighting off roaming packs of zombies.
Team deathmatch - Groups of players will hunt each other down, while fighting off roaming packs of zombies.
Days of Purgatory is a fast paced coop first person shooter roguelike, with an emphasis on killing hordes of monsters and scavenging for loot.
Days of Purgatory will run on a day/night cycle. Where players will need to find resources and complete objectives during the day, and return to Shadwell Great House at night to survive the onslaught of monsters.
Each day will have a randomized event that will need to be dealt with, or surviving the night will be far more difficult.
Monsters siege Shadwell in order to free Lucifer from his prison in Shadwell.
On every 7th night, one of the horseman of the apocalypse will send their army to free their leader. These boss waves will be more challenging than normal.
On the night of the 30th day, Lucifer will be released. Defeating Lucifer will unlock new content for the next playthrough.
A large variety of unique monsters will be added in to keep gameplay unpredictable and complex.
As these creatures are integrated, player feedback will be a great factor in offering adjustments and new gameplay mechanics.
The Coop Campaign game mode will only be available in Early Access when Days of Purgatory switches from an Alpha to a Beta version.
Search through the demon infested purgatory for supplies and weapons to survive another night, for failure will surely mean damnation.
The full Campaign version of Days of Purgatory will include:
- 4 Player co-op campaign - During the day players will need to organize scavenging parties in order find useful resources and Lost Souls.
- Seeking refuge, Players will need to work together to survive the hordes of undead that besiege Shadwell Great House each night.
- Lost Souls - Lost Souls found in purgatory will unlock playable characters.
- Sacrifice Lost Souls to empower Liam Fortin - When enough lost souls are sacrificed at the altar, Liam Fortin will increase in level. Every Level Up achieved for Liam Fortin will give a global bonus to all Lost Souls under the players control.
- Each playable character will have their own level and level up bonuses. Level up bonuses from Liam Fortin will be combined with these bonuses for all playable characters.
- Randomized Daily Event System - At the beginning of every day, all players will be notified of event for that day. Events can range from being mildly beneficial, to outright dangerous.
- Daily events must be dealt with before nightfall, or creatures that attack Shadwell Great House at night will be influenced by the event.
- Many weapons to chose from, and many enemies to fight.
- Find the Loot caches before time expires - Loot caches contain valuable bonuses, ranging from weapons and attachments to ammo supplies and valuable keys.
- Surviving the final night will offer permanent unlocks for your character.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 7 or better
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 10

Days of purgatory is a co-operative FPS that will challenge the most veteran of players with overwhelming hordes of monsters. Journey through the demon infested zones to find supplies that will aid in surviving another night.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Publisher: Gory Gaming
Online Multi-Player
Days Of Purgatory
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