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About This Content
The DOFUS Adventure Pack includes:
- 30-days subscription: enjoy all DOFUS has to offer for 1 month
-- Access the whole world
-- Equip pets, mounts and sidekicks
-- Challenge players in PvP combats
-- Unlimited restat of your character skills and spells
- 6.000 Ogrines (not linked to the account): Ogrines can be used in the Boutique to get items, services or subscriptions
- Cube Pet: Some claim it's a magical item and not a pet at all. But don't fall into that trap! After all, who are we to say that it has no beating heart or soul? Well, ok, I suppose that ticking sound could be a bomb ready to blow up in your face at any moment... But isn't adopting it the best way of knowing for sure? Whatever it is, this strange pet will follow you to all four corners of the World of Twelve and will be a valuable ally when you have to square off against your enemies.
This powerful pet gives you +300 Vitality at maximum level. Cube pet can be equiped when you reach level 60.
- Armorred Dragoturkey mountpet: If your Dragoturkey was never really all that bright, now it can at least dazzle your enemies with its shiny chest plate! This mount gives you 5% on all your resistances and plus 50% power at maximum level
- Lagomorph set: Thankfully, Cawwots awe still pwesent in the Wowld of Twelve. You wouldn't have it any othew way. Place this hat (and the cape) over another, already-equipped hat (cape) to change its appearance.
- Wabbit Haven Bag: With this kit, you can have a 100% Wabbit-themed Haven Bag! Just watch out for Wabbit predators, or you'll find your bag and all its contents swallowed wight up! This item contains the Wabbit Haven Bag theme and all its decorative elements. The theme will automatically be added to your Haven Bag interface. Please note, this Haven Bag theme is permanently linked to your account.
- Pre-sentient potion: This potion makes mounts Globally Pre-Sentient, giving them the ability to reach destinations shown to them automatically. Your mount is able to take the various shortcuts permitted in the game. If entering an area requires you to speak to an in-game character, use a Zaap, or be in certain areas (for example, Dark Vlad's Maze), your mount won't be smart enough to do so!
On use:
--Applies the Autopilot Potion to your mount
--Your mount gains the ability to automatically travel from point A to point B
--Open the world map and right-click on your destination of choice
The Autopilot Potion cannot be used on petsmounts, as these are not considered mounts.
- Sewin Shield: This shield is made from many magical threads, whose colours change depending on the bearer's mood and health. When they're fighting fit, the shield is solid and radiant. On the other hand, if ever you should suffer from nasty stomachache or gangrene, for example, avoid holding it, because nobody wants to see that.
(Place this shield over another, already-equipped shield to change its appearance.)
- New Life Bundle: The sun is coming back, the little creatures are out of their dens, and the flora blooms in thousands of colors: spring is back! It's time to get your adventurer life back together... The New Life Bundle is a DOFUS service pack that will allow you to change colors, name, and sex without having to start over.


Windows XP SP3 or higher
Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent
GeForce 4Ti or equivalent
Broadband Internet connection
1500 MB available space
Additional Notes:
OpenGL 1.3
Windows XP SP3 or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
GeForce 6 series or equivalent
Broadband Internet connection
2 GB available space
Additional Notes:
OpenGL 1.3

Languages: English / French / German / Spanish / Portuguese-Brazil
Developer: Ankama Studio
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