Endgame: Road To Salvation

The world is under siege from an unknown enemy. Gates are appearing, spawning demonic entities. Major cities have been destroyed with overwhelming force. Most of the population has been decimated, but the dead rise again to feast on the living. There was no warning, no signs, but there is no doubt. This is the apocalypse. There are rumours of massive fortified strongholds around the world, properly defended against these dark invaders. The closest stronghold is called Salvation, but getting there will prove to be a long, challenging road. If there is any hope of survival, it rests far to the North at the gates of Salvation.
I am proud to present the first release from Indie/Anon Games, Endgame: Road to Salvation. It is a road trip combat style of game with rpg/survival/roguelike elements and full ragdoll physics. It is a unique hybrid of top-down/twin stick shooter and third person camera control while driving. As the player, you have to drive North and reach the safety of the distant stronghold Salvation, delivering your caravan with as many survivors as possible from the cruelty of the Apocalypse. You can accomplish this monumental task by staying armed, fed, and mobile, and keep your caravan fed and safe. The undead are more active at night, meaning you should find shelter and stay hidden, and hope that nothing tears down the walls around you. This is a really difficult game and you may be forced to make tough decisions on the fly, but the random generation and AI storyteller will keep you moving.
Drop In/Out Local Co-Op
The game contains local co-op split screen, which needs 1 gamepad controller and 1 keyboard/mouse. Single Player can be played with either the keyboard/mouse or a controller. Player 2 can drop in or out of the game at any time, maintaining their character through a slot-based save system. Co-operative play allows certain privileges such as reviving a fallen player, controlling a trailer turret, or just to have a friend watch your back.
Some features include:
Dynamic Weather/Temperature and Day/Night System
- Enemies are more restless at night, try to find a safe place to sleep before the sun goes down, or be prepared for a long night.
Character Creation with Extensive Skill/Attribute System
- Pick a random character or customize your own with multiple classes.
Vehicle Modification System
- Multiple vehicle mods can be found, transferred from other vehicles, or crafted. Installation/removal speed depends on Mechanics Skill.
Vehicle Turret/Combat System
- Drivers can control a mounted vehicle turret from the driver's seat.
Trailer and Trailer Modification System
- Trailers can be found and attached to an appropriate vehicle. Trailers may contain valuable materials which can be sold or transferred to the caravan at checkpoint colonies.
Skill-Based Crafting System
- Learn recipes by raising skills, raise skills through skill use.
Over 300 Items to Loot/Craft/Dismantle
- A Plethora of items are available in game, some can only be found in rare structures hidden away in the backroads.
NPC Follower System
- You can convince other survivors to follow you. They can help you in combat or you can send them back to the caravan for an Inspiration boost.
Destructible Buildings
- Having trouble getting into that store? Drive a van through the wall! Locked doors can be smashed down, and walls can be destroyed with explosives.
Caravan System with Department Upgrades and Research Labs
- You can spend your collected materials on upgrading Caravan Departments, which allow access to a wide range of support options. You can send certain foreign objects to the research lab, where they will provide research points over time.
Caravan Support Options
- Use Inspiration to call unlocked airstrikes/Support Drops/ect.
Trap and Defense Systems
- There are certain defense structures and items that can help defend an area when needed, such as mines, turrets, spike traps, ect.
Randomized Towns and Maps
- Random maps spawn through a landmark map system, providing randomized locations, enemies, and loot.
A Semi-Endless Procedural Highway
- Hundreds of miles of highway lie between you and your destination. Do you have the fortitude to survive the trip?
Procedural Labs to Explore and Loot
- Powerful weapons and armor can be found in secret underground laboratories. You might even find some answers.
Checkpoint Colonies
- Hastily constructed checkpoints are spread throughout the world to provide travellers a place to rest and sell their goods/materials.
Local Co-Op
- Two player split-screen play, drop in/out, shared caravan and quests
Hordes of Enemies
- Hundreds of enemies can attack at once, always have an exit plan.
Demonic Gates
- Gates are appearing around the world. Find a way to destroy as many as you can.
- Monstrosities prowl the night, Always be mobile!
Storyteller AI
- Events and situations may spawn nearby depending on the player's current circumstances.


Windows 7 SP1+
X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz
DX10 (SM 4.0) capable, 1 GB Ram
Version 10
8 GB available space
Windows 10 64-bit
I5-7500 CPU @ 3.4 GHz or above
DX11 capable, 2 GB Ram
8 GB available space

A high-octane road trip through a besieged world during a demon-infested zombie apocalypse. Rescue survivors, form a caravan, call in various support drops or air strikes, loot random structures for supplies or craft them yourself, modify common vehicles into post-apocalyptic machines of war.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: Indie/Anon Games
Publisher: Indie/Anon Games
Endgame: Road To Salvation
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