The ~4 hour soundtrack to Even the Ocean, including over an hour of unused or old music. Composed by Sean Han-Tani-Chen-Hogan mainly from 2013-2014, with some additional work in 2015-2016. Also features liner notes on each track.
This soundtrack is VB0 .mp3 format.
- Brief liner notes about each track, featuring the composer's thoughts on each song.
Main OST (89 tracks, ~4 hours)
01 A Streak of Lavender.mp3
02 I'll Tell Their Story.mp3
03 Act Start.mp3
04 Tenseness in the Air.mp3
05 At The Bottom of the Cave.mp3
06 Finishing the Job.mp3
07 Routine Repair.mp3
08 Silent Breeze.mp3
09 Quiet Night.mp3
10 Speech for Cassidy.mp3
11 Funeral Proceedings.mp3
12 Debriefing.mp3
13 Please Wait Momentarily.mp3
14 The Apex District.mp3
15 Whiteforge Entrance.mp3
16 Murex Park.mp3
17 Good Morning (Aliph's Theme).mp3
18 The Junkyard.mp3
19 Overworld of Even the Ocean.mp3
20 Restview.mp3
21 Your Sidekick.mp3
22 Restview Beach Power Plant.mp3
23 Restview Plant Core.mp3
24 New Friend (Yara's Theme).mp3
25 Dreamdram.mp3
26 Dreamdram Canyon Power Plant.mp3
27 Dreamdram Plant Core.mp3
28 Humming and Singing Even the Ocean.mp3
29 Boreas.mp3
30 Windy Cabins.mp3
31 Storeroom, Under the Wind.mp3
32 Boreas Heights Power Plant.mp3
33 Boreas Plant Core.mp3
34 Riverton.mp3
35 Storeroom.mp3
36 Riverton Power Plant.mp3
37 Riverton Plant Core.mp3
38 History Lesson.mp3
39 Your Brand New Unit.mp3
40 Nighttime Apex.mp3
41 New Morning, New Home.mp3
42 Lopez in Retreat.mp3
43 Magdal Woods.mp3
44 Open Air Library.mp3
45 Magdal Woods Power Plant.mp3
46 Magdal Plant Core.mp3
47 Oscar Basin.mp3
48 Welcome to Oscar Basin!.mp3
49 It's Oscar Basin!.mp3
50 The Snowy Village in the Bowl of Trees.mp3
51 Oscar Basin Power Plant.mp3
52 Oscar Plant Core.mp3
53 Trouble in the City.mp3
54 Sunray Core.mp3
55 A New Task.mp3
56 Misunderstanding and Panic.mp3
57 Stranger (Humus's Theme).mp3
58 Reconciliation.mp3
59 Crossing Over.mp3
60 The Outer Continents.mp3
61 The Dry Metropolis.mp3
62 Karavold Radio Tower.mp3
63 Hidden Silos.mp3
64 Concrete in the Highlands.mp3
65 Concrete in the Woodlands.mp3
66 Concrete at the Seashore.mp3
67 Karst Pass, Solitary and Strong.mp3
68 On a Living Mountain.mp3
69 Earth Geome, The Great Beast.mp3
70 Earth Geome's Death.mp3
71 Contacting Home.mp3
72 The Great Cliff, The Edge of Reason.mp3
73 The Halls.mp3
74 Enoch.mp3
75 Above the Cliffs.mp3
76 Air Geome, The Great Bird.mp3
77 Air Geome's Death.mp3
78 The Great Falls, Approach.mp3
79 The Great Falls, The Edge of Emotion.mp3
80 Inside the Falls.mp3
81 Sea Geome, The Great Whale.mp3
82 Sea Geome's Death.mp3
83 The Storm.mp3
84 The Sunray Spire.mp3
85 Apex Descended.mp3
86 Rain Scene.mp3
87 Even the Ocean (Duet).mp3
88 Beyond The Ocean (Credits).mp3
89 Sound Test.mp3 Bonus album (~90 minutes)
90 The Beginning of Our Story (OT).mp3
91 Old Harp Title (UF OT).mp3
92 Restview Beach, Some Theme (UF UU OT IG).mp3
93 Fay Rouge Cave (UU OT IG).mp3
94 Fay Rouge Descent (UU IG).mp3
95 Northern World (UU IG).mp3
96 Middle World (UU).mp3
97 Dreamweed (UU IG).mp3
98 Cassidy is Dead (UU).mp3
99 Opening The Vents (UU).mp3
100 Sunray Depths (UU).mp3
101 Searching for Clues (UU).mp3
102 Great Cliff Village (UU IG).mp3
103 Restview Beach Power Plant (OT IG).mp3
104 In A Secluded Northern Place (UU IG).mp3
105 Unused Shore Teaser (UU).mp3
106 Magdal Woods Story Sad (Originally 'trudge') (UU).mp3
107 Sleepy Glade (UU IG).mp3
108 Old Restview Beach (OT IG).mp3
109 Harp Intro (OT UF).mp3
110 playground (Junkyard) (OT UF).mp3
111 Happy Guitar Town (UU UF).mp3
112 Greenhouse (UU UF).mp3
113 Cicada (Beach Resort) (UF UU OT IG).mp3
114 Shore Resort (UF UU).mp3
115 Campfire Canyon (UF UU).mp3
116 Spooky Boreas Plant (UF OT).mp3
117 Dark Beat Boreas Plant (OT UF).mp3
118 Melancholy River Pass (OT UF IG).mp3
119 Fast River Pass (UF OT).mp3
120 Calm River Pass (UU UF).mp3
121 Riverton Fungus (UU UF IG).mp3
122 Dreamy Riverton Plant, Dance (OT UF).mp3
123 Outdoorsy Riverton Plant (UF OT).mp3
124 Gloomy Riverton Plant (UF OT).mp3
125 Magdal Woods Edge (UU UF IG).mp3
126 Fantasy Magdal Woods (UF OT).mp3
127 Colder Oscar Plant (UF OT).mp3
128 Windsweep Towers (OT UF).mp3
129 Outer World (UF OT).mp3
130 Karavold Outside (OT UF).mp3
131 Sunlitten (UF OT).mp3
132 White Sea Temple (UF OT IG).mp3
133 Evening Misty Cliffs (OT).mp3
134 Jane's Octagon (UU UF).mp3
135 Great Cliff Cave (OT UF).mp3
136 Three Cliff Ideas (OT UF).mp3
137 Sunlit Great Falls (OT UF).mp3
138 Gloomy Great Falls (OT UF).mp3
139 Sea Geome (OT UF).mp3
140 Radio Tower (UF OT).mp3
141 Calm Sea Credits (UF OT).mp3
142 Cinematic Credits (OT UF).mp3
143 Jazzy Credits, Even's Theme (OT UF).mp3
144 Piano Credits Sketch (UF OT).mp3
145 Overcast Moor (UF UU).mp3
146 Blue Rock (UF UU).mp3
147 Giant Lake (UU UF IG).mp3
148 Snowy Dream (UF UU).mp3
149 Guitar Song 1 (UF UU).mp3
150 House Cafe Rock (UF UU).mp3
151 String Intro (UF OLD).mp3
152 Jazz Casio Beat (UU UF).mp3
153 Dark Temple (UF OLD).mp3
154 Some Lab (UF UU).mp3
155 Town Piano Sketch (UF OLD).mp3
157 Farm Piano Sketch (UF UU OLD).mp3
158 inthebottom (UF OLD).mp3
159 lostdown (UF OLD).mp3
160 niceprogresion (UF OLD).mp3
161 piano_plains (UF OLD).mp3
162 pianoris (UF OLD).mp3
163 idea_snippets (UF OLD).mp3
164 dngs (UF OLD).mp3
165 some_theme (UF OLD).mp3
166 climbingup (UF OLD).mp3
167 lull (OLD UF).mp3

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