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D&D Tokens Volume 2D&D Tokens Volume 2 is a collection of monsters and NPCs from D&D's past that you can use with your modern Dungeons & Dragons game or with any fantasy game on Fantasy Grounds. These tokens were originally featured in the D&D Threats to the Nentir Vale set, but have been presented in a completely new format with just the tokens - each digitally rendered and loaded into a token module for use with Fantasy Grounds.* Note that the art from these creatures and NPCs come from D&D 4th Edition, and may have been visually re-concepted or may not have a corresponding monster or NPC in the latest version of Dungeons & Dragons. They can be used for custom creations or variants of existing creatures.This set features the following iconic monsters from Dungeons &Dragons: aberrant saruun mage abyssal plague demon beast abyssal plague demon bender abyssal plague demon hound abyssal plague demon knight abyssal plague demon vanguard adder brood drake Adrian "Iceheart" Reginold Arkhosian siege tower battle warg bitterstrike white dragon bloodfire ooze bloodraven swarm bloodspear half-troll bloodspear ogrillon bloodspear orc throng boggle Boldos Grimehammer Bregga hound of ill omen bronze warder cadaver collector Cassian DCherevan cauldron guardian coldscale drake crested felldrake crimson deathmist Daggerburg bugbear Daggerburg goblin Daggerburg hobgoblin dark drake of the Moonhills dragonborn dragoon dragonborn Legatus Dythan dragonborn warrior drow razer scourge drow spider totemist druid wolf elderp eryton emberdark kobold pillager fallen hero frost witch frost witch harpy gnoll feaster gnoll grave digger gnoll howler goblin Kabo Bomble Gravelstoke house guard Greenmarket grifter Hharkensheart druid elf hellghost drake hissing felldrake hobgoblin necromancer human Alesia Gravelstoke human Mikus Gravelstoke human Tovin Gravelstoke human Vincent Gravelstoke human warrior human Xander Gravelstoke human Sylish Kreed Hurley the Troll hyena pack icycle swarm ironcircle brigand ironcircle commander ironcircle darkadept ironcircle rabble ironcircle rabble female ironcircl espy Joplin Smallshadow Kelson the Halfling Knight of Phantom Brigade leaping felldrake lingering warrior spirit liondrake lizardfolk lizardfolk dreadnought lizardfolk dreadtail lizardfolk fen spy lizardfolk sorceror lower quay guttersnipe lowtown kneebreaker mage of saruun Maldrick Scarmaker gnoll mirror mimic mistmage mistmane bugbear mooncalf Mysteriphal the Treant orc grenadier orc Warlord Dalderash penangatan peryton primal sabertooth Prince Helvath Queen Msuga ragewind Ravenroost bandit razorclaw jack Rohka the Bloodwitch satyr vassal scroll mummy Shadowmire the Black Dragon Swiftwater urchin tar devil guard tar devil harrier The Wandering Tower three-headed red dragon tiefling blackheart tiefling Eveni Redblade tiefling fellmage tiefling Metech Ambrose tiefling ruffian tigerclaw brave tigerclaw chief tigerclaw hordeling tigerclaw shaman Tilrtha the drow werespider treat Winterbole Rimeneedle trihorn felldrake troll twig-blight twig-blight swarm Uthelyn the mad vampiric mist Vestapalk the Green Dragon warrior spirit Windbole Frostbeard treant winterbole sapling wood woad druid wood woad juggernaut


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Fantasy Grounds - D&D Tokens Volume 2
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