Fantasy Grounds - Gaming Tokens & Portraits Pack #3: PC's & NPCs DLC

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This product contains over 450 tokens in a base 70mm format (for Medium-sized), and over 150 portraits, all converted and optimized for online gaming with software like Fantasy Ground. Produced by artist Claudio Pozas and Fiery Dragon Productions, these tokens are framed in a fiery border and can be resized for different map scales and/or software. The tokens are sorted and scaled into different size categories, and are convered to PNG files for optimal online use.This product will automatically download and install from Steam or when purchasing from the store when linked to your forum account. To link your account, go to Settings and enter your FG forum username and password. You will automatically received updates.To activate tokens, you must active the PC & NPC Token Pack module from your module activation screen. Portraits will show up as a new portrait bag or directly in the root folder for your portraits for older rulesets.List of Tokens and PortraitsDwarvesFemale/Dwarf femaleFemale/dwarf female h armor 01Female/dwarf female l armor 01Female/dwarf female rogueFemale/dwarf female unarmored 01Female/dwarf female warriorFemale/dwarf female warriorwizardFemale/dwarf female wizardMale/dwarf deep maleMale/dwarf derro maleMale/dwarf duergarMale/Dwarf maleMale/dwarf male h armor 01Male/dwarf male h armor 02Male/dwarf male h armor 03Male/dwarf male l armor 01Male/dwarf male rogueMale/dwarf male unarmored 01Male/dwarf male warriorMale/dwarf male warriorwizardMale/dwarf male wizardElvesFemale/elf drow elite femaleFemale/elf drow femaleFemale/elf drow female 02Female/elf drow female warriorFemale/elf drow guard femaleFemale/elf drow priestessFemale/elf drow sorceressFemale/elf drow young priestessFemale/Elf femaleFemale/Elf female 02Female/elf female h armor 01Female/elf female h armor 02Female/elf female l armor 01Female/elf female l armor 02Female/elf female rogueFemale/elf female unarmored 01Female/elf female unarmored 02Female/elf female warriorFemale/elf female warriorwizardFemale/elf female wizardMale/elf aquatic maleMale/elf drow diplomatMale/elf drow elite maleMale/elf drow guard maleMale/elf drow maleMale/elf drow male warrior 02Male/elf drow outcastMale/elf drow rangerMale/elf drow sorcererMale/elf drow stylish wizardMale/elf drow warrior 01Male/elf gray maleMale/Elf maleMale/elf male h armor 01Male/elf male h armor 02Male/elf male h armor 03Male/elf male h armor 04Male/elf male l armor 01Male/elf male l armor 02Male/elf male rogueMale/elf male unarmored 01Male/elf male unarmored 02Male/elf male warriorMale/elf male warriorwizardMale/elf male wizardMale/elf wild maleMale/elf wood maleGnomesFemale/gnome femaleFemale/gnome female h armor 01Female/gnome female l armor 01Male/gnome forest maleMale/gnome maleMale/gnome male h armor 01Male/gnome male l armor 01Male/gnome male l armor 02Male/gnome male unarmoredMale/gnome svirfneblin maleGoblinoidMedium/BugbearMedium/bugbear chieftainMedium/bugbear elite warriorMedium/bugbear prophetMedium/bugbear shamanMedium/hobgoblin 02Medium/hobgoblin battlemageMedium/hobgoblin chaplainMedium/hobgoblin generalMedium/hobgoblin legionnaire 01Medium/hobgoblin legionnaire 02Medium/hobgoblin lieutenantMedium/hobgoblin sergeantSmall/Goblin AdeptSmall/Goblin Blue Advisor 01Small/Goblin Blue Advisor 02Small/Goblin BodyguardSmall/Goblin ClericSmall/Goblin PrinceSmall/Goblin RedSmall/Goblin RogueSmall/Goblin Worg RiderSmall/goblin YellowHalf ElvesFemale/halfelf femaleFemale/halfelf female h armor 01Female/halfelf female l armor 01Female/halfelf female unarmored 00Male/halfelf maleMale/halfelf male l armor 01Half OrcsFemale/halforc femaleFemale/halforc female l armor 01Female/halforc female l armor 02Male/halforc maleMale/halforc male h armor 01Male/halforc male l armor 01Male/halforc male unarmored 01HalflingsFemale/halfling femaleFemale/halfling female 02Female/halfling female l armor 01Female/halfling female rogueFemale/halfling female warriorFemale/halfling female warriorwizaFemale/halfling female wizardFemale/halfling thief female 01Male/halfling deep maleMale/halfling maleMale/halfling male 02Male/halfling male h armor 01Male/halfling male l armor 01Male/halfling male rogueMale/halfling male unarmored 01Male/halfling male warriorMale/halfling male warriorwizardMale/halfling male wizardMale/halfling tallfellow maleHumansClerics/Female/human fem clericClerics/Female/Human Female ClericClerics/Female/oracle delphi mediumClerics/Male/human cleric maleClerics/Male/Human Head PriestClerics/Male/Human Male Battle PriestClerics/Male/Human Male ClericCult/Female/Human Female CultistCult/Female/Human Female InitiatesCult/Male/Human Cult MonkCult/Male/Human Cult PriestCult/Male/Human Male CultistCult/Male/Human Male InitiateFighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 01Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 02Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 03Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 04Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 05Fighters Palidans/Female/human knight commanderFighters Palidans/Male/Human BlackguardFighters Palidans/Male/human knight 01Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 02Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 03Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 04Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight leaderFighters Palidans/Male/Human Male BarbarianFighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 01Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 02Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 03Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 04Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 05Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 06Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 07Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 08Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 09Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 10Fighters Palidans/Male/human male warriorwizardGeneric/Female/human female l armor 01Generic/Female/human female l armor 02Generic/Female/human female l armor 03Generic/Female/human female l armor 04Generic/Female/human female unarmored 01Generic/Female/human female unarmored 02Generic/Female/human female unarmored 03Generic/Female/human female unarmored 04Generic/Female/human female unarmored 05Generic/Male/human male archer 01Generic/Male/human male archer 02Generic/Male/human male crossbowmanGeneric/Male/human male l armor 01Generic/Male/human male l armor 02Generic/Male/human male l armor 03Generic/Male/human male l armor 04Generic/Male/human male l armor 05Generic/Male/human male l armor 06Generic/Male/human male l armor 07Generic/Male/human male unarmored 01Generic/Male/human male unarmored 02Generic/Male/human male unarmored 03Generic/Male/human male unarmored 04Generic/Male/human male unarmored 05Generic/Male/human male unarmored 06Greek/Female/barbarian greek female 01Greek/Female/fighter greek female 01Greek/Female/fighter greek female 02Greek/Female/hellenic sorceress 01Greek/Female/hellenic sorceress 02Greek/Female/rogue greek female 01Greek/Male/aristocrat greek male 01Greek/Male/barbarian greek male 01Greek/Male/boar tooth soldier mediumGreek/Male/false oracle guard mediumGreek/Male/fighter greek male 01Greek/Male/fighter greek male 02Greek/Male/fighter greek male 03Greek/Male/fighter greek male 04Greek/Male/fighter greek male 05Greek/Male/fighter greek male 06Greek/Male/greek noble mediumGreek/Male/greek officer mediumGreek/Male/greek soldier mediumGreek/Male/rogue greek male 01Greek/Male/rogue greek male 02NPC Classes/Aristocrat/Male/human male diplomatNPC Classes/Commoner/Female/human commoner femaleNPC Classes/Commoner/Female/human streetwalkerNPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human commoner maleNPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human cutthroat 01NPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human cutthroat 02NPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human male MervinNPC Classes/Warrior/Female/human fem warriorNPC Classes/Warrior/Female/human female warriorNPC Classes/Warrior/Male/human city watch 01NPC Classes/Warrior/Male/human city watch 02Rogue/Female/human fem rogueRogue/Female/human female rogueRogue/Male/human male assassinRogue/Male/human male rogueRogue/Male/Human Male Rogue 02Rogue/Male/human male rogue 03Rogue/Male/human male rogue 04Wizard/Female/human fem wizardWizard/Female/Human Female NecromancerWizard/Female/human female warriorwizardWizard/Female/human female wizardWizard/Male/human male wizardWizard/Male/human male wizard 02Monstrous HumanoidsHuge/russet diver hugeLarge/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope werebearLarge/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope wereboar direLarge/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope weretigerLarge/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope werewolfLarge/olivid largeLarge/spindleshank largeMedium/arageld mediumMedium/daurzam mediumMedium/faust mediumMedium/frog manMedium/Gnoll/gnollMedium/igran krider mediumMedium/kulkum mediumMedium/lizardfolkMedium/locathahMedium/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope wereboarMedium/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope wereratMedium/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope werewolf 02Medium/mabrawn mediumMedium/makesh mediumMedium/nightling mediumMedium/Orc/orc acolyteMedium/Orc/Orc ArcherMedium/Orc/Orc ChieftanMedium/Orc/Orc ClericMedium/Orc/Orc CommanderMedium/Orc/Orc Elite WarriorMedium/Orc/Orc Female WarriorMedium/Orc/Orc Field LeaderMedium/Orc/Orc ScoutMedium/Orc/Orc SorcererMedium/Orc/Orc WarriorMedium/orcam mediumMedium/quisloi mediumMedium/skresh mediumMedium/triton RGBMedium/troglodyteSmall/arachnopygmy smallSmall/cloud walker smallSmall/huggermugger smallSmall/Kobold/koboldSmall/Kobold/kobold drakeknightSmall/Kobold/kobold emissarySmall/Kobold/kobold shadowfangSmall/norughk smallSmall/nymorryx small


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Fantasy Grounds - Gaming Tokens & Portraits Pack #3: PC's & NPCs
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