Fantasy Grounds - Mini-Dungeon Tome (5E) DLC

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Mini-Dungeon Tome
Use the Mini-Dungeon Adventure Assistant to find the PERFECT adventure for your group found on the AAW website.
From the depths of the darkest dungeons to primal dangers of the untamed wilderness, this tome binds ancient mysteries, forgotten lore, and the allure of epic quests. Adventurers will explore realms unknown, face deadly foes, and discover tantalizing treasures and magnificent artifacts.
AAW Games brings you this massive collection of more than 130 complete and ready-to-run scenarios designed especially for discerning Game Masters who want exciting adventures and need them now. Begin the next chapter of your campaign with the turn of a page!
Themed and organized for convenience, the Mini-Dungeon Tome provides setting-neutral fantasy adventures suitable for every party level and size. With all reference material included in a convenient index, this single book holds everything you need for years of adventuring.
Offering contributions from all-star authors and game designers, Mini-Dungeon Tome is the book you have been searching for. Always have a new adventure at the ready and test the mettle of even the most experienced players!
This product includes the following mini-dungeons:
Six Feet Under
Hobgoblin Lair
The Goblin Warren
The Spinner's Hole
The Soularium
The Aura of Profit
The Rats of Verdant Reach
Pit Your Wits
We All Start Somewhere
The Dreamer's Shrine
The Broken River
The Forgotten Dungeon
Maze of the Skullkeeper
The Army Surgeons
Buried Council Chambers
Doubt Not that Stars are Fire
Sanctuary of the Slaughtered
Chop Chop!
The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker
The Blight
The Unquenched Thirst
The Phase Spider Lair
Lair of the Mad Druid
Neotomas' Paradise
When Goblins Die, No Comets Are Seen
Last Stand of the Forgotten Pirate
With a Candlestick
In the Garden of Death
Sanctuary of Exsanguination
The Burning Tree of Coilltean Grove
The Siren's Lament
The Spirit Bottle
Peril at the Lamiak's Bridge
The Pententieyrie
There are More Things in the Planes and the Earth
Arcane Academi of Thadrulex
Temple of the Secret Power
Nekh-ta-Nebi's Tomb
Sepulcher of the Witching Hour's Sage
The Queen's Estuary
The Kabandha's Request
Apparatus of the Brachemoth
The Burning Temple
Hungry Waystation
Mysteries of the Endless Maze
Trade is Our Sword
Throne of the Dwellers in Dreams
Stowaway on the Singing Sea
Torment at Torni Tower
Summoner's Remorse
Dwarven Dread
Look Not with Thine Eyes, But Thine Mind
Abandoned Shrine
The Dragon Queen's Sanctuary
Chrome Devils from the Swamp
The Palace of Ahmad Sahir
Home Fires
Campsite in the Haunted Forest
Entrance to the Forest Maze
The Lapis Maiden of Serena Hortum
The Legacy of Theft
Tiikeri's Revenge
Candelabra Towers
Shadows of Madness
Ne'er Trust the White Wolf's Tameness
The King of Infinite Space
Deep Mine Mystery
Salt Golem Go-Round
Cabin Catastrophe
Hall of the Hellbound Heart
Howling Halls
The Great Library
Death Translates Us Into What it Wills
Pleasure Den
Uneasy Rests the Crown'd Head
What the Dickens
Lair of the Clockwork Mage
Daenyr's Return
Den of the Glacial Bear
The Gallery of Gears
Awakening the Elder
The Unreachable Terror
I'll Yet Plague Both Your Houses
Snowblind Sanctuary
The Soul of a Prince
Lauron's Tomb
Unjust Deserts
Buta No Shiro
The Menagerie of Brighton Bonsworth
The Halls of Hellfire
Shrine of the Earth Barons
The Stuff of Dreams
The Jotunn Encampment
The World Forge
Burning Ice
What Canst Work I' Th' Earth So Fast
Ways of the Old
Clockwork Vault of Caina
The Unwise Young, They Say Do Ne'er Live Long
I Am Not of Your Element
The White Wyrm Awakens
The Cackling Madness of Umberstone Manor
Tangle of Webs
The Bloody Sisters
True Lovers Run Into Strange Capers
Three-Ring Circus
Beware Gentlemen Bearing Gifts
Maw of the Dark Tide
Chase Beneath the Prison
Time Out of Joint
The Tattooed Scribes
An Empire Given
As Carcasses for Infernal Hounds
At the Court of the Heartless Queen
The Temple of Annihilism
The Ascent of Tempest Tower
Heart of the Sacred Dawn
The Rainbow Lich
The Heartless Queen's Revenge
Flight of the Gryphonwind
New-Born Gawds
Song of the Sacred Stones
Converted by:
Leonid Ponomarev
Released on January 04, 2019. Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.6 and higher.
An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and the included 5E Compatible ruleset.


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Windows 7x , 8x or 10x
2.0 GHz or higher processor
DirectX or OpenGL compatible card.
Version 9.0c
Broadband Internet connection
2 GB available space
Sound Card:
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Additional Notes:
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Fantasy Grounds - Mini-Dungeon Tome (5E)
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