final m00n - Defender of the Cubes

final m00n is a horizontal bidirectional 2.75D shooter like no other before!
A space shooter a million years ahead of our time.
Get ready for an experience like you've never done before! Combine strategic thinking, quick reaction, and making decisions about life and death as never before required of you.
Influence time in different ways. Use your protective sphere. Try to combine everything that gives you this bleak environment, to escape once more this m00n for the aliens.
Protect (& heal) your 3 cubes & your own ship & if you can & your price does not seem too high, save a few survivors ...
This is not a simple shoot 'em up. It is a strategic experience with countless ideas, types of action & decisions that
have to make.
Survive the deadliest & most unreal environments in an apocalyptic future scenario that you has never been seen before.
Save the last of your species and sacrifice precious resources or endure your moral conflicts by leaving them to their fate to save your own skin ...
More than 20 levels of hours full of fun and discoveries that are never the same, as survivors and opponents always behave differently.
A detailed tutorial that explains step by step what has changed in more than a million years. And what you need to understand to find a way to survive.
Choose between 3 different spaceships with different characteristics (such as Speed, Nimbleness, Turn Speed, Destructive Capacity, Weapon Energy Storage, Protection, "TimeSc0pe", and "Spheres") that challenge your journey different, every time.
Use the different Difficulty-Settings & Game-Modes like:
The "Hardcore Mode" that only leave up the protection & healing of your Cubes to you, by the entire journey.
The "arcade mode" that takes you back to the good old days before 1980. There are no "Save-Games" here, no holding hands and no Easy-Mode, here you
need "skill" to achieve something ...
And when you reach it: The final m00n!
One last m00n that never ends. An endless level ...
What happens if in more than a million years the last humans have to fight for their survival. Uninhabitable planets and a far superiour alien race from which they hide on m00ns. Your only chance at survival is to protect the three devices that make your m00n inhabitable. Cube alpha gives energy, cube beta gives food, cube gamma gives oxygen. If you lose one, you lose your life…
The last humans, forced by the uninhabitable environments of the planets, to commute from m00n to m00n.  
Is it time for you to die too? Like all the millions humans their bodies are still aimlessly moving around and nameless in space...
... where once the earth was - and now only a few rock chunks.
And what if...
What if... if you could slow down the time itself?
What if... if you could nearly stop the time, for the whole galaxy but not for you?
What if... if you could generate a "Sphere" which stay in place for a short while and protects everything in it ...
And what if you could combine all these things?
Can you be everywhere at the same time?
Can two simultaneous points be protected at the same time?
Can you just catch up with a laser that you shoot yourself?
And by the way: how relative is "short" if you can manipulate time?
In final m00n, with the art of manipulating time, this and much more becomes possible.
Could you survive and reach final m00n?
In one way or another - One m00n will be your final m00n.
And never forget:
- You are not alone. The "highest form of life" is never far
- Her technique, her thinking and her entire civilization are a million years ahead of you.
- And you will not be undetected for a long time even on the smallest m00n...
Are you up to it?  Can you reach final m00n..?
Oh, and if you meet a survivor: Think better of you and your survival.
Believe me- d
on't try to be a hero!


Windows 7 64 bit
Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
AMD or Nvidia card with 1GB RAM
Version 9.0c
10 GB available space
Sound Card:
Any sound card
Additional Notes:
Keyboard & Mouse
Windows 10 64 bit
Intel Core i5, 3,2 GHz or AMD equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780, 4GB RAM or AMD equivalent
Version 12
20 GB available space
Sound Card:
Any sound card
Additional Notes:
Xbox 360 Controlle

There is no room for heroes and survival is almost hopeless. Excessively inferior, you will be hunted mercilessly. More than a million years in the future, there is no earth nor humanity - only a few survivors - who desperately protect what is keeping them alive on the m00ns: 3 CUBEs...
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English / German
Publisher: Frank Gallinsky
Full controller support
final m00n - Defender of the Cubes
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