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“FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX is one of FlightSoft's Classic titles in its extensive portfolio of flight sim add-ons.. Fly to Hawaii is part of FlightSoft's island collection that includes Fly to the Caribbean FSX, Fly to Cancun FSX, Fly to Greece & The Greek Islands FSX and to a lesser extent but there are some fabulous island approaches in this title to FlightSot's Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands FSX. Why Hawaii? Well I'm sure the answer is obvious. The Hawaiian islands are amongst the most beautiful islands in the world. Some say the most beautiful islands anywhere. FlightSoft Fly to Hawaii FSX offers perhaps the most massive list of features including Flight Plans to be flown from many locations of the world to other locations not at all limited to Hawaii. This is a bonus feature. In addition, FlightSoft offers Hawaiian Airlines in ia DC10 Jetliner with its old classic standard livery and some Special Anniversary liveries. The DC10 is filled with modern avionics equipment known in the business as an MD10 cockpit. You'll absolutely love this product. The approach flights into Hawaii and its extensive islands is the main feature and reason why this title has become a industry best seller and award winning title. As critics have said FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii is a `classic' of the flight sim genre. Imagine flying on descent and Waikiki Beach on your right side to fly the tail end of the arrival route o final approach and viewing the beautiful Hawaiian islands on approach ... there's not a more beautiful product ever made for the flight sim enthusiast. Imagine those waves on Waikiki Beach and as the aircraft flies adjacent the island and goes past it for a number of miles suddenly your jumbo jetliner without any input from you turns sharply to the right and then continues to turn to intercept the localizer and capture the glideslope and begins its descent for final approach to Honolulu International Airport's Runway 8L. Ah ... what beautiful views outside the cockpit window. It is absolutely stunning with Diamond Head out in the background on the island of Oahu ... and eventually we touch down on the massive runway so long that it can accomodate the largest jumbo jetliners in the industry. Honolulu International Airport is a massive airport with aircraft flying to it and departing from it from every corner of the world. There are jetliners flying from Asia because Hawaii is a popular vacation holiday destination for Asians and lots of flights from San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco bringing passengers over to the islands from the mainland. We wish you a great trip get onboard place your `Flight Captain's hat on your head and get into the cockpit with FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX. We'll fly you there in style and not only will you fly to Honolulu but to all the major island airports in the Hawaiian islands including the islands of Maui, Kona, Molokai, Lihue and even fly to Dillingham Field on a private general aviation aircraft. And it's not just Hawaii that you fly to in FllightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX. We've provided you with a massive bonus flights to places all over the United States, The Caribbean and even the South Pacific will amazing flights to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and a spectacular flight to Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport, airports in Africa, Latin America, Rio De Janeiro in South America. In fact FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX provides PC pilots with a little of every FlightSoft product ever published ... we give you a sneak peak of what awaits you if you purchase the entire FlightSoft portfolio of titles for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The vast library of approach flights is impressive and you'll be flying to all the Hawaiian Islands in style and in the most beautiful weather so typical of these island paradises. FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX brings you on an unbelievable journey to holiday destination airports throughout the Hawaiian Islands. You'll bask in the sunlight of Maui what an island approach truly memorable. You'll visit airports of the greatest variety and each approach is tailered to the exact terrain of the airfield and no one approach is like another. You'll revel in the beauty of the final approach as the airfield pops up yonder and opens up splendidly allowing your runway guidance system to become activated and steer your massive jumbo jetliner on final approach to the international airports of Kona, Molokai, Lihue, Maui or Honolulu. These island airports are truly fabulous locations to enjoy the most scenic of scenic approaches to long and wide runways. The way you negotiate the various turns and descents are contingent on the approach plates for the airfield you're landing at and you'll experience a certain sense of excitement when you negotiate the various phases of the complicated Standard Arrival Route and look out the cockpit window and view the over water weather effects then descend to view a plush urban landscape on final approach. The larger airports provide your jumbo jetliner with plenty of real estate to maneuver around and the humid air during the heat of summer will keep you on your toes on final approach to these classic and famous airports in Hawaii. Just try the approaches at dusk or dawn and you'll immediately be impressed by the brilliantly configuration of runway lighting combined with onboard state of the art aircraft avionics and you're certain to capture the glideslope and glide down that invisible thread right down for a touchdown on the tarmac of the ILS runway. FlightSoft brings you on an unbelievably unique and exciting journey throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in locations as far removed as the U.S. mainland, Acapulco in Mexico, Latin America, South America, Africa, Asia and even the South Pacific. Why we'll offer you hundreds of hours of fun, excitement and the learning experience of a lifetime as you negotiate the busy airways of the Hawaiian Islands and places both far and near to experience the arrival and final approaches to some of the most beautiful places on earth. FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX is your passport to the holiday vacation destinations of your dreams in the hot tropical sun drenched beaches of Waikiki and Maui."" Massively

""FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX will place you in the airline captain's `zone' while the jumbo jetliner you fly to navigate the airways offers you a rare opportunity to fly the venerable DC10 jetliner outfitted with an MD10 cockpit and you'll be working with all the knobs and switches as you'll ever need to precisely fly the big jetliners and impress your colleagues and friends with all the finesse and skill you can muster in landing at the heavy weight international airports in the Hawaiian Islands. This is the kind of product that appeals to a diverse audience of PC flight sim specialists ... yeah ... an ideal product for the flight sim enthusiast who wants to fine tune his/her flying skills and impress fellow PC Pilots, colleagues and friends. ` FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX is your absolute must have ticket to the sun drenched beaches of Hawaii like those at Waikiki or Maui by all means pick up a copy of this product right now and Fly to Hawaii with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and FlightSoft ... this product should be in every PC Pilots flight sim library has a historic landmark and flight sim classic and award winner ever since it was first produced many years ago ... you'll fly this product in a never before published brand new version for Microsoft Flight Simulator X each and every day ... it's a must have product in your flight sim library."" Mmogames

Key Features:

FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX will provide you with the most beautiful title in the flight sim genre. The prospects of flying to all the hot holiday destinations in the Hawaiian Islands is very attractive indeed from those sun drenched beaches of Waikiki and Maui to the beach resport communities in Kona, Molokai and Lihue this is your dream product in the flight sim genre. Did you notice on your descent and the transition from the standard arrival to final approach ... yes ... some truly spectacular views of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach and those ocean front hotels, private beaches on the island of Kona and Palm Trees eveywhere? The views are stunning and each approach you make to these fabulous holiday island destination airports in the Hawaiian Islands is your `want to see moment' out the cockpit window for an extraordinary approach to Honolulu International Airport or Maui, Kona, Molokai and Lihue the airports are stunning as are the views outside the cockpit window and why not fly there on an MD10 Jetliner? Yes ... that's how we'll do it we'll fly there in style. There will be plenty of excitement in your household as children, wife and entire families and friends in multi player mode fly with you to Hawaii and visit those famous landmarks like the world famous Diamond Head or Waikiki Beach and so much more ... this is the place that dreams are made of. FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX is the hottest new product in the flight sim market a venerable `Classic' of the flight sim genre and an Award Winning title in its former incarnation ast `Tribute to the DC10.' FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX will bring you on a world wind journey through a country rich in history, culture and famous beach resorts ... are there any words to describe the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands? We may wax eloquent but words are not enough to describe such breathtaking beauty. Don't think for a moment that you'll not be challenged because you'll be on your toes throughout each segment of final approach as the impressive change in wind direction and cross winds or even low level over water turbulence will keep you mighty busy in the cockpit. You'll experience some of the most fascinating aviation related island weather anomolies matched only by the advanced airport technologies that offer a critical advantage to pilots so you can land safely at Honolulu International AIrport and other ultra modern airfields in the Hawaiian chain. Each airport approach will expose you to the many terrain challenges that in the world of aviation represent milestones in the resume of real world pilots. And, Hawaii's fabulous airports have them all ... and the other major airports featured in this product from all over the world will provide you with every conceivable challenge you'll ever encounter in a flight sim title as a flight sim pilot.

The airports of the Hawaiian Islands amongst the most diverse and sophisticated in the world of aviation. Hawaiian airfields are an aviation buff's dream come true and nothing says Hawaii like Honolulu or Maui. The airfields in these islands are some of the most beautiful in the world and every square meter is packed with vehicles and aircrafts. These marvels of the aviation industry come equipped with real world runway visual guidance systems and the mega airfields of Honolulu, Kona, Molokia, Lihue or Maui come fully equipped with high res HD CAT I, CAT II, CAT III ILS Instrument Landing Systems with clear runway visual runway lighting systems to help PC pilots cope with the impressive set of diverse challenges encountered during approaches to these island airfields in Hawaii. There's much more to this product than simply testing your metal in airports of immense size and activity density. This product is an introduction to flying the jumbo jetliners and performing the duties of an airline captain. There will be plenty of opportunity to disconnect the auto pilot and fly the plane manually. In fact, it is in products like FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX that manual flying really takes a life of its own and becomes an important cornerstone of your flight sim experience. The airports which are vast and complicated come with a myriad of visual challenges including the most beautiful visual approaches ever conceived in a flight sim title. When you break through cloud and descend below the deck if there is one in this place of ideal weather conditions you'll be welcomed by vistas of immense beauty as well as bright green vegetation, rolling hills and cities of artistic elegance. FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX will work with you to engage you in the flight experience. It's all about flying and there could not possibly be a better island setting than the famous resort holiday destinations of Hawaii to teach you all the tricks and techniques of flying into airports of all shapes, sizes and complexity and help you gain experience flying at island airports with plenty of opportunity to practice your soft landing and short field techniques along with exposure to cross wind and changing wind direction during short final .... these experiences will keep you on your toes all the way to a safe landing at the runway of your choice is the Hawaiian Islands. You'll thoroughly enjoy the scenic views outside the cockpit window flying over urban landscapes complete with mega airports and ultra modern high res HD runway lighting systems. The MD10 Cockpit Panel what can we say about it? You'll work with its Auto Pilot, GPS and other navigation systems to insure accurate approaches and memorable arrivals to airports throghout Hawaii, U.S. mainland, South America, Latin America, Mexico, Africa, Asia and even the South Pacific but most of all in the Hawaiian Islands.AK11

Enjoy FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX in Multi Player mode just join friends and fly to all the popular destinations in Hawaii including Honolulu, Molokai, Maui, Kona and Lihue. There's still much much more! Why not fly there as a group and take your position in `flight formation' then take turns on who can land a greaser? Can you fly to Honolulu International Airport better than a colleague or friend? You'll all be performing the role of airline captain flying jumbo jetliners on assigned flight routes to places like Honolulu International Airport or Maui International Airport or the splendid airfields in Molokai, Kona and Lihue. You'll earn your credentials by the time these exercises are finished. Have you ever flown island approaches in hot, humid weather with over water low level turbulence with your aircraft being buffeted around and suddenly winds change direction? You'll learn to enjoy your role as flight captain as you fully engage with the specific flight maneauvers in your toolkit to safely negotiate the highways and byways of the skies as you transition to the Standard Arrival Route and make the final approach with your signature `dance move' on descent to many of the vast and diverse airfields of the Hawaiian islands and beyond ... you'll absolutely love this product.

The DC10 Jetliner fitted with modern avionics in Hawaiian Airline's vintage classic DC10 livery is offered here along with Special Anniversary Edition colors to make this flight sim classic one of the most sought after titles for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You'll fly to all the major Hawaiian airfields and you'll absolutely love doing it. You'll fly to the mega airfields in Honolulu and Molokai and beautiful island of Maui and the splendid resort communities at Kona and Lihue. The PC pilot will climb the ladder of proficiency as the FlightSoft Library of Approach Flights brings you to all the most famous Hawaiian Island destinations and places far removed from Hawaii. Our Approach Flights Library will provide you with some especially challenging flights into Honolulu International Airport utilizing IFR based ILS systems, spectacular visual approaches to the ILS/DME runways of the stunning airfields in Kona and Molokai. We will provide you with approaches on a private general aviation aircraft to Dillingham Field and even the scenic visual approach over the water to Maui and enjoy the spectacular views of this island and beach resort communities. You'll fly into these airfields with precision guided Instrument Landing Systems and capture the glideslope to descend as if on a railroad track down a mountain to land safely on the tarmac of the destination airport. You'll fly the approaches in style in the captain's seat. You'll be entranced by the experience. You'll fly over hilly terrain, wild meadows, picturesque towns, villages and beach front homes and pristine but densely populated cities and once more be welcomed by the applause of birds chirping, the heat of summer in a tropical resort, plush bright green rolling valleys and bluish/green crystal over water approaches ... yes they do embrace you on final approach as your journey comes to an end as you fly the approaches to the Hawaiian Islands in most spectacular weather conditions in the world ... there you have it ... it doesn't get better than that!"

If you liked FlightSoft's Fly to Hawaii FSX then look into Fly to the Caribbean FSX, Fly to Africa FSX, Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands FSX and Fly to Greece & The Greek Islands FSX and Fly to Cancun FSX. Why not purchase all the product add-ons in FlightSoft's exotic island getaway collection of Flight Sim Titles? Fly to Hawaii FSX and fly to all the major approaches to the Hawaiian Islands and much more. FlightSoft provides you a sample anthology of flight approaches to major airports in the U.S. mainland, Mexico, Latin America, South America, Africa, Asia and even the South Pacific. This is a massive product and best selling introduction to FlightSoft's considerable arsenal of Flight Sim titles. FlightSoft's library of Automated Approach Flights provides you with the critical experience of hand flying on the last few minutes of a flight ... leave the main flying from the standard arrival route to the final approach to us ... we'll do it for you as the plane descends, turns and captures the glideslope insuring your Instrument Landing System guides you in on an invisible thread right down to the thresshold of the runway for a breathtaking finale and touchdown to Honolulu International Airport and the famous airports of the Hawaiian Islands amongst the best to gain some invaluable credentials to your flight sim experiences. Remember that the spectacular airports of Hawaii including those in Honolulu, Maui, Kona, Molokai and Lihue represent great examples of resort destination aviation achievements and the impressive arsenal of airport technologies will insure that each approach will bring you many hours of satisfaction as you negotiate the twists and turns of arrival routes procedures before you transition to final approaches in the midst of beautiful and pristine weather conditions with an ocassional storm or IFR situation ... you'll fly your plane in all these conditions and more with great confidence, real precision and immense satisfaction.


Requires the base game Microsoft Flight Simulator X Standard to activate.

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