Fly To The Caribbean FSX

“FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX is a truly impressive island hopping adventure with breathtaking features including island hopping throughout all the major islands of the Caribbean including the airports of the Bahamas, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Martin, Martinique, Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, The Turks & Caicos Islands, Aruba, Venezuela and much much more! Island after Island await the Flight Sim Enthusiast withl breathtaking emerald green/bluish water and spectacular natural beauty the flights on jumbo jetliners to these island airports will provide the PC pilot with an enormous learning experience. The sunsets are remarkable and the sun reflecting off the water will provide you with added realism. You'll experience the excitement and thrill of an approach to the most beautiful islands in the world and the airports are a mix of advanced and simple standard island airfields. In the large airports like those in the Bahamas, Bermuda, San Juan Puerto Rico, Cuba and other holiday destinations the airports come equipped with the most modern aviation technologies including the most advanced Instrument Landing Systems and HD runway lighting guidance system for PC Pilots in their flights to these holiday destinations. The heart of this product like the Fly to Greece title, however, is not the technology equipped airports of the Caribbean, but rather the opportunity in these kinds of titles to experience hand flying the jumbo jetliners. You'll want to disengage the auto pilot systems and take manual control of the jetliners because there are plenty of Caribbean destinations with bright blue skies and emerald sea below and island airports with a modest supply of aviation technology will provide the astute PC pilot with a chance to learn the slideslip maneauver and transition to the crosswind approach then do a greaser of a landing by placing the landing wheels right on the centerline of the runways for what are truly spectacular airports in the most beautiful islands in the world. The typical airports of the Caribbean Islands are small but beautiful. In some ways they are a window into the past a simpler and more beautiful time in the history of aviation. In these island airports in many of the smaller and medium size airports a staircase is still used to disembark passengers rather that a docking gate. In Fly to the Caribbean FSX you will immerse yourself in the approaches programmed with real weather conditions imported from weather satellites in and around the Caribbean Islands. The approach flights couldn't be more realistic. You'll have your copilot look out for descending traffic at these airports and you'll be affored with rare opportunities in an aviation world dominated by modern avionics equippment you will be able to use the island approaches as a window into the past and hand fly the approaches to learn how some pilots do it in real life and how it used to be done before the era of modern glass cockpit systems. The Caribbean Islands have sunsets that are matched only by the those on the beautiful Island of Ibiza and the Canary Islands both in Spain (beautifully rendered in FlightSoft's Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands title) and those seen in the Greek Islands (FlightSoft Fly to Greece FSX). Fly to the Caribbean FSX is your passport to island hopping in the Caribbean. The islands are beautiful ... the approach flights will test your metal ... this is a must have product in your portfolio of Island airport titles. This is a keeper in your flight sim library. You will learn how to properly fly approaches to the Caribbean Islands and acquire some level of proficienty in hand flying the aircraft to single runway island airports with the minimum of navigation assistance perhaps a VOR and sometimes only an NDB beacon."" Massively

""Fly to the Caribbean FSX will place you upfront and personal right in the captain'ss seat to safely fly your passengers to their dream vacation homes or island getaways. Fly to the Caribbean Islands FSX provides PC pilots with a lifetime of challenges in the airline captain's `zone' negotiating those visual approaches under some of the most beautiful weather fronts you'll ever encounter in your flights anywhere. Is this an indespensable product in your flight sim library? We believe it is and you'll be enjoying this product over and over again. So ... get on board ... place your flight captain's hat firmly on your head ... and .... Fly to the Caribbean with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. ` Mmogames

Key Features:

FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX will provide you with some of the most realistic visual flight hand flown encounters and flight maneauvers ever flown in island approaches from `soft field' landings and `short field landings' to slideslip maneauvers and the more complicated slideslip transition to crosswind approach. Oh yes ... you'll encounter the most advanced Instrument Landing System technologies at the major airfields and International Airports but this product is your rare opportunity to fly the airfields with modest technologies. You'll enjoy this product because of the many opportunities it provides you to hand fly the jetliners. Like Fly to Greece & The Greek Islands FSX, Fly to Cancun FSX, Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands FSX - Fly to the Caribbean FSX will impress you with a comprehnsive library of approach flights to island airports. FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX certainly has it all. You'll view beautiful islands that jet out of nowhere and suddenly and often without much advance notice these beautiful island jewels gleaming in the sunlight pop out of nowhere and you notice but just faintly what maybe an airport out yonder. Then suddenly there it is ... the runway ... often with these island airports a single runway used for both departures and arrivals ... you must wait for clearance and then suddenly the Air Traffic Controller clears you for final approach and within minutes you're on short final with island beaches in the background. Hotels beckon visitors with hospitality and some of the best Intercontinental cuisine. Seconds later the tires of your aircraft have kissed the runway tarmac and there you have it ... a successful landing. This is no accident that you've landed with a slight flourish of satisfaction at the end of a long flight amd a landing that you've implemented with the utmost mastery. Your passengers have smiles on their faces too as they relish the opportunity to explore these island jewels. Island terrain is composed of many beautiful hills, valleys and amazing sun drenched beaches. The challenges that await PC pilots on approach to Caribbean Island airports are vast and many including windshear and crosswinds often ones that shift direction during the later phases of the approach profiles. Wind effects are often the hallmark of Island approaches whether in the Caribbean or in other island destinations like Ibiza and the Canary Islands in Spain or the Greek Islands in our Fly to Greece product. FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX provide PC pilots with the profound opportunities to experience flying Island approach. Advanced PC Pilots can learn and perfect the art of the slideslip and crosswind combo for a truly professional finale to the island airport of your choice. So ... get on board ... place your airline captain cap on your head ... no need to do any prep work on modern airport aviation marvels ... no fancy runway lighting systems in most of the Island approaches although some islands do impress you with the wizardry of modern aviation acutrements. This title is a `blast from the past' a time when pilots would hand fly aircraft on visual approaches to island airports so forget about modern enticements and the allure of HD runway lights except for the large international airports ... instead just step into the past and enjoy the thrill of hand flying a big jet and bask in the radiance of a beautiful sunset while on approach to a Caribbean Island. You'll love the approach to Kingston, Jamaica the sharp right turn over the VOR beacon to short final will teach you how approaches are made in island airports. You'll learn your slideslip techniques on these approaches and learn how to transition to crosswind approaches too. Flying around these beautiful islands! Who could possibly ask for anything more? It's all about the simplicity of it all ... just high quality ingredients in a simple preparation ... flying the airports of the Caribbean islands provides PC pilots with the same thrill of preparing a simple meal utilizing the highest possible ingredients ... there's no where to hide or escape ... and just like the cuisine business you have to Fly to the Caribbean FSX with the highest skill in manual flying under mostly VFR conditions. It is the best glimpse of a time long ago when pilots were not just managers of sophisticated avionics systems on their aircraft but extraordinary flyers of aircraft ....FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX is your opportunity to fly on jumbo jetliners to Caribbean islands. You'll be flying hundreds of passengers on final approach to the islands of the Caribbean in the airline of your choice ... just step into the cockpit ... the Caribbean Islands are your calling card to a real adventure into the `flight zone' and the kind of flight challenges that inspire students of aviation to become better pilots ... the islands are calling you ... do you hear your name being called? If so .... Fly to the Caribbean in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and you'll know what it's like to fly to your island airports with all the `bells' and `whistles.'

The larger airports of the Caribbean truly ultra sophisticated with brilliant runway lighting systems and other aviation achievements. FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX provides the flight sim enthusiast with the wonders of flying island airports that come equipped with real world runway visual guidance systems including high res HD CAT I, CAT II, CAT III ILS Instrument Landing Systems with clear runway visual guidance to help pilots cope with the rapid real weather challenges that are often encountered during their approaches to the larger island airports. Often rapid weather changes can challenge pilots unacustomer to island flying. The larger airfields do provide a variety of aviation technologies that enable assistance to pilots in their over water journeys to the Caribbean Islands. This product is the only title in our portfolio that combines the North American Jetliner's Collection and the European Jetliners Collection and you'll need all the aircraft in these two collections to fly your Caribbean Island airports. You'll love the VOR/NDB approach to Montego Bay in Jamaica or try their ILS runway. The Montego Bay airfield has one of those impressive approaches over water with a swift left turn on short final to align with the runway. You'll find your backbone at these island airfields for the truly provide one challenge after another If possible imagine the approach over the water but as you descend below cloud cover to 2,000 ft. agl you are welcomed by vistas of immense beauty an impressive array of ocean front hotels and beautiful beaches then suddenly you turn to final approach a truly impressive approach and one of the most interesting in our vast portfolio of automated approach flights to the Caribbean Island airports. Fly to the Caribbean FSX is a product that will work with you and engage you in the flying experience. It's all about flying and there could not possibly be a better region of the world more challenging than the island approaches in the Caribbean. Just imagine flying into Haiti, The Dominican Republic or Cuba then there's the impressive San Juan Jose Luis Minoz International Airport with its ILS /DME Rwy 8L approach it is basically a straight in to runway 10 then at 500 ft agl you make a shart left turn to align with runway 8L and transition to short final. The island approaches are full of fun, intrique and excitement. You'll love island hopping in the Caribbean. FlightSoft's MD10 Cockpit Panel will be your lifeline in the air with its Auto Pilot, GPS and other navigation systems it will insure accurate approaches and memorable arrivals to the island airports of your choice in the Caribbean with some of the most beautiful resorts places on the planet.

Enjoy Fly to the Caribbean FSX in Multi Player mode just join friends and fly to the airport islands of the Caribbean try Montego Bay or an approach to Kingston Jamaica or to Bermuda International Airport and fly there with a group of friends each flying a different arilines from North America or Europe. Fly to the Caribbean Islands together and have a contest taking turns on who can land a greaser? Can you fly to the island of St. Thomas better than a colleague or friend? You'll all take turns performing the role of airline captain flying jumbo jetliners on assigned flight approaches to the Bahamas, Havana Cuba, San Juan Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and a whole host of other holiday destinations in the Caribbean like Martinque or St. Martins . In these Multi Player exercises fly the race track circling approach maneuver or or perform a crosswind approach or try the slideslip transition to a crosswind approach all flight maneauver that real airline captains do on island approaches in real life. You'll learn to enjoy your role as airline captain as you fully engage with the specific flight maneauvers and utilize all the techniques in your toolkit to safely negotiate the challenges of each unique island approach to the Caribbean. Fly as a group in Multi Player mode join the Standard Arrival Route or takeoff from Bermuda International Airport and fly to St. Martins or design your own flight plan to another island airfield in the Caribbean. Remember that the final approach phases of the flights become an opportunity to perform your `signature dance' move will it be a slideslip maneauver then the transition to a crosswind approach or some other maneauver on final to some of the most beautiful islands holiday destination airports in the world.

The North American Jetliners Collection and The European Jetliner's Package comes with this package. You'll Fly to the Caribbean with some of the most beautifuly airline creations in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This is the only product in our portfolio of titles that offer both the North American and European Jetliner's Collections. You'll Fly to the islands of the Caribbean with United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, AOM French Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and much much more! You'll fly into a variety of different airports and airfields from island approaches to arrivals at the larger airfields like the ones in the Bahamas or in San Juan Puerto Rico. Whetherr you are flying a VOR/DME or NDB approaches to the island airports or a full blown ILS/DME with CATI, CAT II, CAT III capable approaches to Bermuda International Airport you can be sure that FlightSoft's Fly to the Caribbean FSX will provide the novice and advanced PC Pilot with a number of opportunities to manually fly the aircraft on VFR conditions to the island airfields of your choice or use the sophisticated auto pilot systems in the MD10 cockpit to make full use of the HD high res precision guided Instrument Landing Systems at the larger airports in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, the island of St. Thomas and many other popular holiday destinations airports in the Caribbean. You'll capture the glideslope with ease and descend as if on a railroad track slopping down a hill to land safely on the tarmac at the plush island airport at Martinique. You'll want to fly to the Caribbean over and over again as you fly over beautiful island golf courses and emerald beaches with high rises and plush hotels and on final approach you maybe welcomed by the applause of birds chirping on short final to an awaiting runway in any of the famous airports in the Caribbean Islands. Yes the runways do give the impression of an embrace as your journey comes to an end as you fly the approach to one of the Caribbean's fabulous island airports most often in beautiful sunny weather but did I not mention that we threw in some weather anomolies in the mix just to keep you thinking and on your toes right to the very end of the flight... it really doesn't get any better ... so Fly to the Caribbean with FlightSoft. This product is an absolute must in your portfolio of Island airport titles for your Flight Sim Library."

If you consider buying Fly to the Caribbean FSX then you should also look into FlightSoft's Fly to Spain & The Canary Islands FSX and Fly to Greece FSX. These titles provide you with a fabulous introduction to island approaches on a jumbo jetliner. In some of the islands approaches to the Caribbean we'll take over the controls for you ... just find the SELECT A FLIGHT option in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and find one of our Fly to the Caribbean Approach Flights and leave the flying to us. We'll take you from the standard arrival route to the final approach ... we'll do it for you as the plane descends, turns and captures the glideslop insuring the Instrument Landing System guides you in on an invisible thread right down to the thresshold of the runway for a breathtaking finale and touchdown to any one of the island airports in the Caribbean. Fly to the Caribbean FSX will be an invaluable addition to your flight sim library. Remember that the larger airports in the Caribbean are wonderful examples of modern aviation achievements and the impressive arsenal of airport technologies will insure that each approach to these airfields will bring you many hours of satisfaction as you negotiate the twists and turns of arrival routes procedures before you transition to the final approach profile often in the midst of immense beauty of sea and sky and on rare occasions some IFR conditions ... whichever weather conditions await you on approach you'll fly your plane in all these conditions and more with great confidence, real precision and immense satisfaction. Fly to the Caribbean FSX for the blast of a lifetime.


Requires the base game Microsoft Flight Simulator X Standard to activate.

Fly To The Caribbean FSX
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