Fringe Planet

Fringe Planet is a survival simulator game inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Factorio, Rimworld, Prison Architect, Eldritch and many more. All set within a well developed universe inspired by the works of fantastic fiction - H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley and Lewis Carroll.
Six strangers with no memories of their past wake up on a frozen island which is drifting through a vast higher dimension known as The Void. It is the job for the player to help these strangers (called peons in the game) and help them survive and eventually prosper in this ancient, alien environment.
The peons are humans who have been plucked from Earth - from many different countries as well as through different periods of time. Each peon is unique and procedurally generated and will have different stats (how strong they are, how clever they are) and traits (are they naturally clumsy? are they scared of heights). Even their physical appearance and clothes are unique. The player does not control these peons directly, but instead issues orders - and it's up to a peon to follow them. But peons have their own needs and wants. Placing a machine down that the player has ordered may have to wait as the peon is hungry and needs to eat.
As the game is played, the peons will slowly remember their pasts and this will shape the skills and stats of these peons. The player will discover the lore of this vast universe and also find out about a very important feature of the game : the story tellers.
The story tellers are an AI that watches how people play the game. As you struggle to collect food and build shelter, the AI story teller is watching and has a vast array of events that it can throw at you to make the game harder - aiming to exploit your weaknesses.
The story tellers are not just a game mechanic, they are also the main antagonist of the game. The story tellers, in game, are representations of vengeful, eldritch Gods called The Aspects. The Aspects actively want to destroy the peons, but are playing a very long game and have rules that they must obey when dealing with these humans who have appeared in The Void.
The Void is a magical place, and Fringe Planet features a collection of occult inspired machinery. Spirits can be captured and used to power machines. Demons can be used to power smelters. Magical energy can be wireless transmitted to feed conveyor belts. Vast arrays of machines can be set up to automate resource gathering and building.
As the player uncovers more of the lore of the game universe, and as their peons move from huddling around a fire, to building wooden shacks, to raising mighty buildings of their construction and huge arrays of complex magically powered machinery - they will discover the truth about The Aspects and about The Void. It is up to the player as to how they want their game to end - by destroying The Aspect they are playing against, by escaping back to the real world, or by promoting a single peon to Godhood - turning that peon into an Aspect themselves. Or, if a player wishes, they can ignore the end game completely, and just see how long they can survive the ever increasing difficulty.
Detailed simulations
Fringe Planet is designed to be realistic. Many different simulations are running to keep the game dynamic in nature. From the peon AI getting angry at uncooked food, to the way the wind will change the temperature of a room is simulated.
Complex machinery
Because science and magic co-exist in Fringe Planet, they can work together to produce crazy and fantastical machines. The player can choose how to best employ them. Is it worth while to set up a complex set of belts and machines to automatically craft objects? Or do you prefer to let the peons do the hard work?
Rich Lore
Inspired heavily by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, there is a detailed and complex lore - a reason for everything. Players can explore and discover this lore, or choose to ignore it.
Customisable Peons
Peons, the strangers you need to help. Don't like the procedurally generated peons? No worries, you can customise them completely – from physical appearance to their pasts and even their personalities. Small bit of advice: beware of customising your peons as loved ones - Fringe Planet can be incredibly nasty toward peons!
A living breathing world
With plants that grow, snowfall and constantly visiting mini-biomes, the world of Fringe Planet gives you an exciting and dynamic environment to enjoy.
(Brutally hard) Storytelling
The game features customisable storytellers that can influence the game (aka throwing events at the player). This way each run of the game will feel fresh and challenging for the player. How about waking up to a demonically possessed peon to start the morning?
Attention to detail
Clothes dynamically change and get dirty and wear away over time. Plants have different growth cycles – some grow during the day, others at night. Doors let heat out of a room. Some peons snore.
It's the little details that take an awesome game and makes it epic.
The game has been designed from the ground up with modding in mind. Every aspect of the game can be changed via modding! Import MagicaVoxel, change gameplay with nothing but an XML editor!
About development
Fringe Planet has been in development for a year and a half now, and is being developed by a solo developer from the United Kingdom. Fueled mostly by tea, he is working full time on Fringe Planet - and often wishes there were more hours in the day. The game is under constant changes, therefore both graphics and minimum requirements may change over time. There are both extensive blog posts and daily tweets about development on the Fringe Planet website.


Windows 7 and above
Intel Core i5-7600K
Nvidia Geforce Gtx 750 and above
500 MB available space
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
Game is heavily under development and optimization - minium requirments may change

Fringe Planet is a voxel based survival simulator game inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. Set in a fantastic universe of eldritch horror inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.
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