that the above trailer and screenshots are of an early, pre-alpha version
You play as Amanda, a treasure hunter on a quest for finding the original planet from which humans evolved. It is said to host incredible ancient technology, one which can bend time itself. However, as her ship approached this particular planet at the edge of the galaxy, something went bad with its engine, which caused a chain reaction of explosions from which only Amanda survived as she crashed on the planet. From this point, you will decide how the story continues and ends.
A more detailed look at the alpha version of the game:
° Harvest several types of minerals and alien flora
° Build modular buildings such as assemblers, floors, walls and so on, to construct a base
° Craft items, blueprints and ammo
° Manage your needs, such as hunger, thirst, rest and leisure
° Survive waves of attacks made of space pirates or wildlife
° Day and night cycle with amazing (summer only for now) weather and cloud system
° Play and explore a different map every time you want to start a new game. Yes, everything is procedural, which means totally new terrains, trees and resources
° Manage your own farms of different types of veggies
° Manage your electrical system to make sure all buildings have enough energy to work
° Gaia contains intelligent AI, such as coward AI (for example, deer) that runs away from you if you come too close, passive AI like most other wildlife, aggressive AI like most monsters and all space pirates, or territorial AI like wolves and sand scorpions
Gaia is designed to invoke feelings of adventure
, survival and triumph. Inspired from games such as Rimworld, tower defense games, RPG games and even Paradox games, Gaia has a bit of everything. From the sandbox experience of Minecraft, the wave survival of tower defense games, the beautiful graphics of RPGs like Skyrim and Subnautica, to the user friendly UI from Paradox games, the game will provide a unique gameplay experience.
Amanda has her own needs that affect gameplay
, such as hunger and thirst. Make sure you eat prepared food, drink water, rest from time to time, relax by watching the sunset, going to the bathroom when needed and washing your hands. Failure to do so will cause problems, such as decreasing your max health, running speed or mental health, which itself can cause some pretty serious issues.
The map is generated every time
you want to start a new game, which means you'll get a new gameplay experience every single time. Your starting location affects your playing experience, as you may start off on a beach near the ocean or somewhere inland in a dense or sparse forest. Each map comes with its own challenges and advantages and it's up to you to adapt to the situation.
Gaia has a complex weather system
, containing a day night cycle and a date system, wind, rain and temperature. These factors affect Amanda as well as how some of your buildings work, like windmills. Make sure you take into account all of this when deciding what to build or what to do at any given time during the day.
Grow your own food and cook complex recipes
, some which may require alien flora or alien meat. Every vegetable you grow has its own advantages or disadvantages, such as nutrition, time of growth and amount of harvest. Choose between corn, chili, carrots, onions, cabbage or even leeks.
The goal with Gaia is to provide an experience that is as realistic as it can be. In its current state, Pre Alpha, the game can go in many different ways. You, the reader, can get involved with the community and have a say in which direction the game goes. What should be prioritized? What would you like to see in a game like this? Do you want to be a tester or to showcase the game in a youtube video? There is a website and a forum where you can get involved and contribute to the path Gaia is taking. You can also post suggestions or ideas! Please visit our forum by clicking 'Visit the website' in the panel on the right.


Windows XP
Core 2 Duo
Nvidia GTX 700 series
4 GB available space
Windows 10
Core 2 Quad
Nvidia GTX 1000 series
4 GB available space

A sci-fi base building survival game, featuring base defense, resource management, human needs, exploration aspects, agriculture, raids and intelligent AI.
Steam score: 62%
Languages: English
Publisher: Radu Saghin
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