Grid Creeps

About the Game-
Grid Creeps is a Game about Tactics and Strategy which Combines Elements of Tower Defense, Base Building and Resource Management in an interesting new way. Protect your Headquarters and survive as many Waves of Creeps as possible!
How to Play Grid Creeps (Abridged Version)-
To Defend your Headquarters from Creeps you will need People to man your Towers, Mine for Resources and Keep the Production Buildings running at Top Efficiency, but your People need Food and Shelter, so you will need to build Houses and Farms as well; efficiency suffers greatly if you let your Food run out or you don’t have enough Houses!
Building requires Gold and Resources, but Resources also serve as Tower Ammunition, each Tower uses a different type and upgraded Towers use more- in other words; keep an eye on Managing those Resources, you don’t want to run out during an attack!
Survival Mode-
This is the Original Game Mode. In Survival the Game doesn’t start until you choose a place for your Headquarters. Choose your Placement wisely, your Headquarters will need access to Gold and Wood in order to expand and keep the Settlement safe. Once the Creeps start coming each wave will be Stronger, Faster and Greater in Number than the Wave before it, don’t get too comfortable, even Easy Mode gets Hard if you play long enough- because the Waves Never End! There are 4 Level Classes: Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Level Classes are geared more toward helping players pick how difficult a Scenario they want to play is. Since you pick your Base's Location in Survival the difficulty curve between Green and Red Class Levels is not near as pronounced as it is in Scenarios but it is still something to consider when deciding which Level to play on.
Scenarios Mode-
This mode always provides a pre-built Base, some smaller, some larger. The Green Class Levels are great for Beginners, the Headquarters are in good locations and in range of plenty of Resources with the essential Buildings already placed. The Red Class Levels are for those seeking a Challenge, these levels might have less Resources or they may have very little of a particular Resource scattered in places that may not be ideal when considering your starting location. However, there is a middle ground in Difficulty if you try the Blue and Yellow Scenarios.
Sandbox Mode-
This mode lets you play with some of the settings in the Game, such as time between Waves, Starting Gold Amount and how many Creeps are in the first Wave, with more options to come. Tell me what kind of Options you'd like and I will check out how feasible it is to add. This could be considered a first 'Lite' version of the planned Editor which will be expanded in the future to allow more control over the Game.
A Word about a Leader Board
This is a very important feature which won't be in the first Early Access Version of the Game. I try not to promise specific features unless I know that it will make it into the Game- but this is a mandatory goal for 1.0, though hopefully I can get it in before that.
Note on supported Operating Systems
Steam no longer supports Pre-Windows 7 Operating Systems. The stand-alone version is compatible with Windows XP or newer though, so if you are using one of those Operating Systems check the Grid Creeps website to see where you can get a stand-alone version of the Game.
About the Developer-
My Name is Dustin Bledsoe, better known as 'Sannyasi' around the Internet. I have been in Game Design as a Hobby for over a decade. I was part of the MechWarrior: Living Legends team (Wander Samurai Studio) which won some Awards and inspired MechWarrior: Online but that was a long while ago. I have wanted to go Professional since I first got into Game Design but Life always seems to have other plans and I admit, I am attached to my family. So what to do? Make Games like this is what to do!
I remodeled for a long while for income, but it just doesn't satisfy me like getting a new feature working correctly. I had little Hobby Game Projects, but those never went anywhere, nor did I expect them to; they were usually aimed toward getting better at, or learning a new skill; It was all 3d work in CryEngine though, so moving to 2d is a change that I'm loving!
I officially started working on Grid Creeps February 2019, but preliminary work began about a year before that. I knew I wanted to get into Indie development, so before starting Production I was trying out all manner of smaller scale games and doing a lot of research. The idea was to find a Game I wanted to Play and couldn’t because it didn’t exist, at least that was the main criteria. When that Hunt concluded, Grid Creeps was born. Now, more than half a year later I treat this as a full time Job and am still as Passionate about this project as when I started it, I love working on it and I love playing it. I’m excited to hear feedback from the Community and see the Bases and Strategies that everyone comes up with! I may not reply a lot, I am Juggling a lot of stuff, it's a bit overwhelming at times! but I read all feedback and I hope the updates themselves show it.
Thank you for your interest in Grid Creeps!


Windows 7
100 MB available space
Windows 7 or newer.
500 MB available space

Grid Creeps- a Game about Tactics and Strategy which Combine Elements of Tower Defense, Base Building and Resource Management in an Interesting new way. Protect your Headquarters and survive as many Waves of Creeps as possible!
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Languages: English
Publisher: Dustin Bledsoe
Grid Creeps
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