Growbots: Battle Academy

Classic RPG gameplay!
Collect, Craft and Battle! Play as either Kenji or Lucy, crash-landed on an alien world, you will have to battle & scan monsters to gain ‘Scan-Data’ to acquire new moves, types and to build Growbots of your own to fight alongside you in battle.
Elements influenced by mechanics that made games stand out in the hearts of millions in the 90’s all the way up until today, gives Growbots the chance to be something that is compelling for a wide range of young adults between the ages of 17-35. We want to put a new spin on the monster-collecting genre while sticking to the main core functions of the classic style of RPG games.
Active Turn-based Combat!
The ATB – ActiveTime battle system is a system that turns a regular turn-based combat
system into a real-time turn-based combat system. This makes fights very intense and requires quick thinking in order to stay alive.
A time gauge dictates when you can select commands, the higher your agility, the faster it fills up, however the enemy also has an ATV bar.
The Overcharge system.
Overcharge moves are special abilities that gain charge over many battles and can be used to strike with massive force. these charges can be used right away, or saved for a harder battle down the line.
Mine, Harvest and Craft!
While you explore you may find resources that can be mined or collected. These items are used to craft items to use in battle. Scanners, healing items ect.
What is a Growbot?
-Each Growbot has a core type (see types chart below)
-There is a 1/1500 chance that a Growbot will be made with a Glitched core (Rare with Variation in color, appears to glitched)
-Monsters drop DNA (a resource used when building a Growbot)
-Each Growbot can know a maximum of 3 Attacks at a time.
-Players have a Growbot party limit of 8
-Growbots can have a maximum of 2 types
-HP & MP Regenerate while walking on the map, if a Growbots HP falls to 0 it will get the [Damaged] tag and will need to be repaired before it can fight again.
-HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp. Atk & Sp. Def can all be levelled up by the player
Types of Monsters/Growbots.
ZeroType – Basic and well-rounded moves
Flame – High damage output
Aqua – Boosting of own stats
Holy – Healing
Wind – Weakening opponent’s stats
Earth – Highly defensive moves
Alien – Status effects
Cosmic – Glass cannon’ e.g high crit chance/damage output, low defence.
Collect scan data of monsters in battle and then uses a ‘Growbot Incubator‘ to grow a New Growbot, later after time, you can add them to your party. You will need the scan data of the monster you wish to make @ 100% along with the required DNA. When a new Growbot is made it is added to a database. The database displays what monster the Growbot came from along with its other stats.
To scan a monster you need a scanner (Item), use it in battle on the chosen monster. This has a % chance of failure based on the monster’s catch rate and what type of scanner they use. the types of scanners are listed below.
Basic Scanner – lowest scan rate
Strong Scanner – Medium scan rate
Ultra Scanner – High scan rate
Scanning lots of monsters gives you more chances for your Growbot to learn any attacks the monster knows, when the player has scanned enough of a certain type of monster (wind, earth ect.) they unlock the ability to change a Growbots type at the Data Machine.
Levelling up
When a Growbot levels up, the game automatically takes a set number of points based on the current level and assigns them randomly to the various stats. A Growbot also gains a number of Reserve points when it levels up, which don’t immediately do anything. But at any time, you can go to the data machine and put any reserve points that Growbot has built up from levelling up and put them into its stats. This way the player gets more control over how it grows over time.
Also whenever a monster spawns at a certain level, the game will do that process automatically based on the monster’s level, so two instances of the same monster at the same level will have slightly different stats.
When a Growbot levels up it will have a chance to learn a move of whatever types the Growbot is at the time it levels up. For example, if it is Flame/Cosmic type and it gains a level it will have a chance to learn a new cosmic move or a new flame move. This happens at set levels. If a Growbot has two types that are the same it will get that type of move. e.g A pure flame type (Flame/Flame) you are guaranteed to get a Flame type move.
With this system, the more types of Growbots you use on your team, the more moves of that type you can unlock for your Growbots.


Core-i 5 or above
Low-end Graphics Card
Version 10
Sound Card:
Core-i 7 or above
High-end Graphics Card
Version 10
Sound Card:

Collect, craft and Battle. Play as either Kenji or Lucy, crash-landed on an alien world, you will have to battle & scan monsters to gain ‘Scan-Data’ to acquire new moves, types and to build Growbots of your own to fight alongside you in battle.
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Languages: English
Developer: Hellfun Games
Publisher: Hellfun Publishing
Growbots: Battle Academy
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