Hand of Horzasha

Four mysteries in a town not on maps.
Hand of Horzasha is a visual novel set in a town of monsters. Forge bonds with the townsfolk as you solve local mysteries and face off in high-stakes disputes. As you unravel the secrets of the Gibal Valley, your choices will reflect the public's opinion of your actions. Once per month, you have a chance to stay in town free of charge or be evicted, left to survive in a perilous wilderness.
Hand of Horzasha places you in the shoes of Diala Joulsae, an explorer sent by the human world to map out the uncharted lands beyond an ancient barrier at the edges of the known world. Upon arriving, she is beset by unknown wildlife when a race of people called the Meire come to her rescue. Sheltering Diala in their idyllic village, the Meire show her their way of life and offer her refuge in exchange for labor. Stranded for the time being, Diala agrees. But when meets Aurelia, an unattended orphan who is ignored by all, Diala finds a new reason to put her journey on hold, the consequences of which will change her life irreversibly.
Players will discover a cast of unusual characters, almost none of whom are human. In order to keep staying in the village and unraveling its mysteries, Diala will need to be on good terms with the seven powerful families who rule Randall Village. They will vote at the end of each month on whether to continue sheltering or to evict their refugee residents, whom they call "Lessers." With the help of others in her position, Diala will endure many hardships in order to uncover the truth, including the dreaded trial spoken of only in whispers: "Obosolph."
Meet the host of monster races that inhabit the enigmatic Randall Village, complete with 35+ different characters and lush, animated backgrounds.
Document your findings in a robust encyclopedia system as you gather clues and profiles that will help unravel the mysteries of the valley.
Form and strengthen bonds with the cat-like Meire who rule the town. Create alliances with each family to avoid eviction at the end of each month.
Explore optional encounters with townsfolk to bolster your standing and learn more about the region.
Put your life on the line in dangerous ritual confrontations that decide the fates of your neighbors.
Experience four intriguing chapters and a total of seven different endings.
Find unlockable bonus content when you forge strong bonds with the misfits of Randall Village (Steam achievements supported).
Story, Art, and Game Design by Shiny Vacation (@ShinyVacation)
Editing and Proofreading by Gwendolyn Hicks (@brells_)
Music and Sound Design by M. Bulteau (@MBulteau) and Miguel Jesus (@AbsentiaDie)


Windows XP and up
500 MB RAM
Broadband Internet connection
860 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Broadband only required if enabling developer analytics.

When a headstrong knight from the sealed-off human world witnesses the neglect of an orphaned child, she abandons her former life as an explorer to protect her newly adopted daughter in life-risking ritual combat in a strange town of monsters. Let our search for "Horzasha" begin!
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Publisher: Shiny Vacation
Full controller support
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Hand of Horzasha
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