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HEX: Doombringer Bundle
Hogarth's meddling has brought something dire into Entrath. The Enders are pouring through the Worldscar and the tournament at the Frost Ring Arena is in disarray. But, the teams won't go down without a fight! The Enders may be numerous and flexible, using the keyword Fusion to combine themselves and adapt to any situation, but each team has all-new strategies which they can use to resist. Bring the beats with Rowdy and get value for playing more expensive cards. Overwhelm your opponents with Rabid abilities which trigger on attack, or simply use new elite troops requiring multiple blockers (Feral). And if the worst should happen, the new Rebirth keyword will ensure your troops live to fight another day. Will the Enders consume the entire world, or will the teams come together in the face of this awesome threat? Find out today!
This bundle comes with a total of
6 boosters
from the ninth card set in HEX, “Doombringer”. Paired with
10 pieces of shiny equipment
to enhance your cards on the battlefield, this collection gives you the tools to survive the mysterious Enders which are invading the Frost Ring Arena. Additionally, there are a few
and one of our
rare cosmetics
in this pack – as well as some in-game currency to give you a little boost.
HEX: Shards of Fate
on Steam to be able to use the contents within this bundle.
6x “Doombringer” Booster Packs
This card set comes with new keywords: “Fusion”, “Rowdy”, and “Rabid,” "Rebirth," and "Feral."
(PvE Only)
Equipment is one of the great innovations HEX brought about in the Trading Card Game genre, made possible by the digital nature of the game. Items modify your cards by altering their attributes or effects, and giving you another option to customize your deck. Equipment can be acquired on your many adventures, through victory in battle, opening treasure chests, and completing quests in the campaign. Items come in varying rarities, similar to cards and improve or enhance your already powerful cards.
1x Archive Wand
1x Attuned Robes
1x Big Hitter
1x Cap of Night
1x Doomsayer's Sign
1x Fangstorm Boots
1x Galeforce Gauntlets
1x Glimmering Coif
1x Painstoke Sabatons
1x Sweet Tooth
4x Common Stardust
Unlock extended card artwork with this magical material. Each card needs a single Stardust of matching rarity to reveal its complete artwork to you. Which cards will you choose?
1x “Doombringer” Deck Sleeve
Sleeves are not quite the same in a digital Trading Card Game. You can still customize your deck with a cool card back, but you don’t have to apply the sleeve to every individual card: just select the one you like and you’re all set!
2,500 Gold
Gold is the in-game currency for
and can be earned in much the same way as equipment, through victories in battle, completed quests and challenges. Gold can be used much like the premium currency Platinum: you can spend it in the auction house, on individual cards, entire booster packs and almost everything else that’s put up for sale by other players. Gold is also used to upgrade loot chests through Kismet’s Well that rewards the fortunate with rare rewards.


Windows® XP/Windows® Vista/Windows® 7/Windows® 8 (latest Service Packs)
Intel Core i3-2120 CPU 3.30 GHz
1 GB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
Version 9.0
Broadband Internet connection
2 GB available space

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Developer: Hex Entertainment
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