Hong Kong FS2004 Special Edition

“FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004...The unparalleled Kai Tak International Airport Scenery including the famous Checkerboard Approach is breathtaking. FlightSoft's Hong Kong has won numerous awards over the years and has been published by giants in the industry incluing UbiSoft, Activision/NBG MultiMedia and won First Prize Best Commercial Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator by ComputerBild Magazine Europe's largest Gaming Publication. Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the new territories are rendered in breathtaking detail there are thousands of custom-made buildings, signs, temples, small exotic shops, and street level action rendered in stunning detail. You'll the bustling Victoria Harbor filled with all kinds of ships, including the famous Star Ferries, cargo ships, exotic Chinese junks and sampans. There are 60 Flights to help you discover all parts of this Illustrious scenery of Hong Kong. All famous landmarks are rendered including One International Finance Centre, Bank of China, Shanghai and Hong Kong Bank, Citizen, NEC, Toshiba, Lippo Centre, The famous hotels and the complete urban landscape. FlightSoft brings you on an empowering journey offering you thousands of hours of fun filled adventure, excitement and your steepest learning curve encounter as you try over and over again to negotiate a perfect performance of the infamous IGS approach to Kai Tak International's runway 13. And, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're flying the greatest scenery title ever produced by any organization large or small for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There's nothing like this product anywhere in the world. And, although Kai Tak International Airport is no longer in existence in real life ... real life commercial aviation pilots and airline pilots alike will purchase this Mega Title because it's the only place in the world where they can still experience what it was like to fly the famous checkerboard approach to the IGS runway 13 in historic Hong Kong. Yet our description of this historic contribution to the history of PC Flight Simulation has only touch the surface of the many features you're about to experience in this exhilhirating new title from the FlightSoft Archives and Special Edition Vaults. ""
""FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 is the final frontier in your flight sim experience. If you've purchased its sister title FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FS2004 you'll have the jumbo jetliners of Asia and can fly the approach on a jumbo jetliner as real world pilots used to do in their flights to Hong Kong. FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 is a must have product and will round perfectly off your collection of FlightSoft's Asian portfolio.
Key Features:
FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 will provide you one of the hottest and most exciting title available todate in the flight sim genre. The prospects of flying to exotic Hong Kong in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 means that every minute detail of urban and suburban landscapes has been rendered in spectacular detail. Hong Kong FS2004 is a PC Flight Simulation powerhouse. You'll fly on approach to historic Kai Tak International Airport - Airport of the 9 Dragons. You'll view spectacular views of Hong Kong including the Kowloon Peninsula all the exotic shops on your fly over this extraordinary scenery. FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 is a scenery that will enable you to actually view street level vehicle activity adjacent to residential apartment buildings and commercial properties with a level of detail never before seen in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. You'll experience all the real weather related anomolies that real pilots experience in real life circumstances and once you disconnect the auto pilot and make that dramatic and steep right turn adjacent the famous checkerboard your adrenalin will be pumping as you realize that you have seconds not minutes to make a safe descent and perfect landing right on the numbers of runway 13 completing the infamous IGS Runway 13 approach to historic Kai Tak International Airport. Kai Tak the airport of the 9 Dragons is your passport to aviation proficiency and the approach profiles to this airport have been milestones on the resumes of professional real world airline pilots.
The airports of Hong Kong are the jewels of aviation history. Hong Kong's Airports are an aviation buff's dream come true. How exciting is it? Kai Tak International Airport was the most challenging airport in aviation history and now that this infamous airfield is closed forever you can still experience the thrill of an approach to this historic aviation landmark in FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 is one of those historic titles in the flight sim genre that has been featured in the largest retail chain stores across Europe, Asia and North America. The new International Chek Lap Kok International Airport has a calm, serene and scenic approach and is one of the largest and most sophisticated airfields on the planet. It comes fully equipped with HD runway guidance systems in all categories including CAT I, CAT II, CAT III ILS Instrument Landing Systems with clear runway visual guidance and some of the most impressive and beautiful runway lighting configurations you'll ever encounter in your journeys throughout Asia and beyond. Asia's mega airports are vast and complicated pieces of real estate with a myriad of visual challenges including the most beautiful flight approaches over densely populated urban areas a phenomena not encountered in many airports from Europe and the Americas. But when you break through cloud and descend below the deck you'll be welcomed by vistas of immense beauty as well as bright green vegetation, rolling hills and cities of immense size and population density. Hong Kong FS2004 is packed with rich features and the product will work with you to engage you in the flying experience. It's all about flying and there could not possibly be a better product to learn flying into Hong Kong's Mega Airports and historic Kai Tak Airport than Hong Kong FS2004. You'll be thoroughly immersed in the flying experience and the scenic views outside the cockpit window flying over urban landscapes complete with mega airports and ultra modern high res HD runway lighting systems will keep you spellbound. There are a number of approach flights linked to famous general aviation aircraft to help you encounter this historic product in slow flight flying low and slow to take it all in. You'll work with its Auto Pilot, GPS and other navigation systems to insure accurate approaches and memorable arrivals to airports throghout Hong Kong but brush up on your manual flying skills for the infamous IGS approach to Kai Tak International Airport's runway 13 ... you'll need plenty of practice to be proficient for this approach to the most famous and exciting approach in the history of aviation. AK11
Enjoy FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 in Multi Player mode just join friends in `Flight Formation' and take turns flying the Checkerboard Approach to Hong Kong's Kai Tak International Airport performing that historic sharp right turn maneauver adjacent the checkerboard and experience this approach in the only place you can still do it ... in the simulator with FlightSoft's historic Hong Kong FS2004 then take turns to see who can perform a greaser? Can you fly to Kai Tak International Airport better than a colleague or friend? You will be flying low and slow to take in all that detailed scenery can you see the air conditioning equipment atop commercial buildings and outside the windows of residential apartments? Can you see the shop signs and some of the most impressive and exotic street signs you'll ever see in Asia? FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 will take you where no other flight sim title has ever taken you ... you'll visit Hong Kong in the most comprehensive and detailed commercial satellite scenery ever published for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Discover the diversity of architectural design achievements in what are some of the most impressive examples of building architecture in the Asian continent. You'll understand why Hong Kong is one of the most famous holiday destinations on the planet. Experience in detail the actual movements of Star Ferries as they sail across the spectacular Hong Kong harbor and relax abit and view the stunning complex of the Hong Kong Convention Center and other historic landmarks. Our Hong Kong library of Approach Flights will provide you with some especially challenging flights into Kai Tak International Airport including those in real weather conditions downloaded from Hong Kong's weather services for the most realistic encounter with weather anomolies that are unique to Hong Kong and its environs. You'll fly into Hong Kong's airports in real weather conditions with precision guided Instrument Landing Systems and capture the glideslope to Runway 31 with real precision as you descend as if on a `railroad track flying down a mountain' to land safely on the tarmac at Kai Tak International Airport's ILS/DME Runway 31. You'll be fully engaged by the `total immersion' features of the flight sim experience. You'll fly over hilly terrain, wild meadows, the most densely populated urban landscapes but watch those birds known to cause an engine failur or two while on final approach. Yes ... this is a historic product and one that will embrace you on final approach as your journey comes to an end as you fly the infamous checkerboard approach to Kai Tak International Airport's IGS Runway 13. It doesn't get any better than Hong Kong FS2004. Don't you want to be a part of this historic flight sim product? You can ... just order your copy today and take part in a little bit of history making when you purchase your Digital Download version of FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 a product that has become a best seller in the industry!"
If you liked FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 then you should consider buying other titles in FlightSoft's Asian Collection including FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FS2004, FlightSoft's Fly to Macau FS2004, FlightSoft's Fly to Taipei FS2004 and FlightSoft's Asian Holiday Destinations FS2004. These titles comprise FlightSoft's Portfolio of Asian titles and they would be important contributions to your flight sim library. Why not fly all the major approaches to Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok International Airport or the historic Kai Tak International Airport in stunning Hong Kong. FlightSoft's library of Automated Approach Flights provides you with the critical experience of hand flying on the last few minutes of a flight ... leave the main flying from the standard arrival route to the final approach to us ... we'll do it for you as the plane descends, turns and captures the glideslop insuring your Instrument Landing System guides you in on an invisible thread right down to the thresshold of the runway for a breathtaking finale and touchdown to Hong Kong's new International Airport or other airfields in Hong Kong. You'll fly these approaches to spectacular airports of this region. The airfields are great examples of modern aviation achievements and the impressive arsenal of airport technologies will insure that each approach to these airfields will bring you many hours of satisfaction as you negotiate the twists and turns of arrival routes procedures before you transition to final approaches in the midst of immense storms, beautfiul daylight conditions or near zero zero visibilty ... you'll fly your plane in all these conditions and more with great confidence, real precision and immense satisfaction. FlightSoft's Hong Kong FS2004 a best seller in the flight sim genre and now you can add this product to your flight sim library and why not? You deserve the best that is offered in the flight sim business.
Requires the base game
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
to activate.


System Requirements
Minimum Specifications:
Win 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000
1 GHz
512 MB
Hard Drive:
156 MB
Video Card:
Direct X compliant
Additional Info:
Each Digital Download has a separate and unique Serial Number for each customer.

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