Imagine Earth

Imagine Earth - Planetary Colonization

A futuristic simulation game with strategy and puzzle elements. Various planets are waiting to be explored and populated by you.
In Imagine Earth you are a colony manager and raise thriving colonies on undiscovered planets. You build huge civilizations on untouched worlds, supply your peoples needs and protect them from threats. Your development strategy shapes the destiny of whole planets from the very beginning. It all starts with landing your settlement capsule on a brave new world. This claims the territory for your colony. Building power plants, farms and factories will supply your people with resources and allow the cities to grow and prosper. Your people are the heart of your colony and fund its expansion. Only cities with happy people will grow and very happy people will pay you some bonus cash. So you should take care of local pollution and nearby buildings with bad influence.
Only expanding colonies will be provided with additional landing permissions and research budget. Upgrade established technologies or develop new ones. Over 30 constructs and 60 upgrades with different advantages, influences and side effects are available and allow you to build your individual colony. The strategic placement of your production facilities is vital:

The build radius around your city center is limited

Some buildings influence each other (e.g. you better don’t place a farm next to a coal power plant)

Different field types increase or decrease the productivity of your facilities (e.g. fossil resource fields)

Pollution has an impact on your food production

Some fields are blocked by rocks or forest (helps to balance the pollution but can also be lumbered for money)

Beware: A fast growing civilization can bring your planets ecosystem to it’s limits. Wildfires, dying forests, growing deserts and twisters will arise more frequently and require immediate action. Incidents in your facilities can lead to chemical leaks, oil spills or even radioactive contamination. All of them having a really bad effect on your people and the food production. Maintain your buildings and fight catastrophes immediately to avoid this. Ultimately, you will have to balance the growth of your civilizations greehouse gas emissions with the capabilities of your planet and technology. Otherwise global warming melts the iceat the polar caps and rising sea levels will flood your cities!
The story will challenge your skills and moral: You stand between the profit goals of the interstellar corporations and the need to preserve the conditions of living for your people. Meet corrupt chiefs and shareholders while your company faces hostile takeover by larger corporations. Each of the 5 missions takes place on another planet - one order of magnitude bigger than the previous. Every mission will have some unique elements, like cultural heritage sites or even incoming asteroids. Altogether, the story will have 10 to 20 hours of gameplay. Additionally, there will be a Free Game mode that allows you to build your colony in a relaxed way without any goals and a Time Trial mode that maximizes your expansion skills. Sounds perfect? Apply for a colony management job at Imagine Earth Ltd. now!

Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game. Your job as a space colony manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Build up thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade resources and goods into space. Deal with allies, threats and enemies.
Steam score: 79%
Languages: English / German
Developer: Serious Brothers
Publisher: Serious Brothers
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Imagine Earth
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