Infinity Wars 2

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The Infinity Wars you’ve known and loved,
rebuilt from the ground up for 2020
. No more desyncs, stall decks, overcomplicated UI or hidden critical info.
“Alignment Purity”
“Faction Purity”
to ease introducing new factions whilst mitigating faction card number imbalance from the later introduction of new factions.
6 Overarching Unit Classes
in addition to every unit having one or more Unit Types open up more themed deck possibilities.
Infinity Wars ( classic ) players will have their veteran status and collections honored in IW2, with
generous rewards
being given to the most dedicated players and collectors.
New Energy Ramping, Card Crafting, Zone Reworks, Unique Commander Abilities, Guilds
and more that bring significant quality of life upgrades and require higher quality gameplay decisions.
Transcript of announcement:
“Hello Rift Runners, Elphie Coyle aka Agent Coyle Prime, Managing and Creative Director of Lightmare Studios with the official announcement of Infinity Wars 2!
After some promising talks with some formidable publishers at Gamescom in Germany during August and Game Connect in France during October, we’ve officially begun pre-production on Infinity Wars 2, a true sequel game, designed to do justice to the original game that so many of us loved, with a lot more focus on functionality and futureproofing.
If you want to see Infinity Wars 2 at all, there’s one thing we need you to do, right now. Head to the page in the description, and
add Infinity Wars 2 to your wishlist
. If a fraction of the original player base show’s their support for IW2 in this way specifically, it will help finalize a deal with publishers, and
if 10% of our players add it to their wishlist
, we hit numbers that essentially guarantee a favorable publishing deal, so we can do the game justice.
The reason we need you to wishlist specifically, is that publishers are increasingly looking for existing IPs, that have a passionate and invested playerbase, and while we can say that we have that, it’s easier to show it.
We understand the importance of having many heads on a project, and an ideal team is necessary to create a game to the scale it deserves to be, and that’s why we’ll be looking at co-development opportunities with studios whom we’ve got good relations with, or just studios who are amazing at what they do. Creating a team for that from the ground up would be time consuming, and tedious, and frankly doesn’t play to our strengths, so instead we’ll be recruiting an established development team that has a proven cohesion and the wide array of necessary skillsets needed to create what we’ve envisioned.
We’re currently in the design and resource planning stages of pre-production, so the best thing you can do to support us at this stage, is to head to our Steam page and add Infinity Wars 2 to your wishlist and share it with your mates who have played Infinity Wars back in the day. We have so much more to announce so stay tuned for the Infinity Cast where we share some of the new systems with a focus on the Alignment Purity system. Looking forward to seeing you in the new rifts!”
Thanks for supporting us with your wishlisting, which will also inform you when the game becomes available, and you can find more information out from our podcast here:


Windows 8 - Windows 10
Intel Xeon E3-1270
Geforce GTX 960
8 GB available space
Sound Card:
Additional Notes:
Subject to change

A Simultaneous turn-based strategy card game, honoring the original Infinity Wars, with refurbished systems and a stronger codebase, for the best possible Infinity Wars Experience.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: Lightmare Studios
Publisher: Lightmare Studios
Infinity Wars 2
To be released
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