Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition

Purchase Interstellar Marines and receive the following:

Early Access
 – be part of the development of Interstellar Marines and provide your feedback and suggestions as we expand the game update after update.

All In
 – receive all future updates and expansions completely free of charge.

Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition
In addition to Early Access to Interstellar Marines (including all future updates and expansions), the Spearhead Edition includes:

Spearhead identity
 – A unique honorary game profile that with time will grant you access to special skins, helmets, weapons etc. (does not alter gameplay).*

Hall of Honor & Credits
 – Your name will be acknowledged in a special in-game Hall of Honor and you’ll also get your name in the credits.*

Digital Soundtracks
 – Download the 
Interstellar Marines: The Beginning
soundtrack as well as all future soundtracks as they are released.

Digital Art Books
 – Download digital PDFs released periodically, filled with high resolution concept art, screenshots and behind the scenes information.*

Extra Steam Key
 – You’ll receive an additional copy of Interstellar Marines to gift to a friend

About the Game
Interstellar Marines resurrects the old school tactical FPS, offering a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and nonlinear gameplay. Set in a believable future, you take on the role as an elite soldier handpicked to join Project IM, a top secret military program being assembled to protect mankind from all dangers outside our solar system. Interstellar Marines is inspired by Half-Life, System Shock 2 and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Our game is all about evolving the FPS recipe with all the inspirations weve assimilated since the birth of the genre. Our goal is an evolutionary leap forward driven by our compulsive interest in science fiction, role-playing, military realism, and respect for first person immersion. 
Features Currently Available

Team Domination game mode (5vs5 and 8vs8) in highly dynamic environments.

7 unique maps featuring dynamic environment configurations such as time of day, rain, thunder and lightning, emergency lighting, fire alarms, movable platforms etc.

Experience various maps and prototypes in “Playground” mode (singleplayer).

100% dynamic lighting and real-time shadows as well as destructible light fixtures.

Full-body first person character simulation (no more floating hands!).

Physically present combat helmet (visor glass is affected by light and rain).

Submachine Gun (CE6) with full-auto fire.

Shoot from hip or look through the Red Dot scope for increased accuracy.

Toggleable tactical flashlight for when it’s pitch black.

Toggleable laser to assist your aim (no crosshairs)

Smooth network play even on high latency connections with packet loss.

Realistically simulated ragdolls with momentum transfer.

Play on high capacity dedicated servers in both US, Europe and Australia.

Vision of Interstellar Marines

First Person Simulation
A razor-sharp focus on creating a truly immersive First Person Simulator via distinct graphics, audio and gameplay.

Tactical Co-op
The entire game experience designed from the ground up to support up to 4 players in co-op, with true cooperative interaction.

Progressive Role-Playing
Flat and classless progressive character development and skill system that is not dumbed down for consoles.

Nonlinear Game Design
Open and dynamic game world that always presents a multitude of tactical options for navigating the environment.

Customizable Arsenal
A comprehensive selection of weapon models and types, extension upgrades and equipment options, allowing on-the-fly choice in each tactical situation.

Thinking AI
Enemies that react to input from you and the surrounding game world. We would rather have one smart thinking enemy than five stupid ones.

Believable Science Fiction
Realistic and rich sci-fi environments, ranging from claustrophobic space stations to large outdoor worlds.

Interactive Storyline
A cinematic narrative centered around first contact with another sentient species, where your choices and actions will have consequences.


OS:Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista

Processor:2.4 GHz Dual Core

Memory:2 GB GB RAM

Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4770


Hard Drive:1 GB HD space

Sound:DirectX 9.0c Compatible

UPDATE 27 AVAILABLE - Interstellar Marines is an immersive tactical sci-fi First Person Simulator in the making, offering a unique blend of tactical gameplay, dynamic environments and non-scriptet AI. Play Singleplayer or Co-op/PvP on servers around the world.
Steam score: 12%
Developer: Zero Point Software
Publisher: Zero Point Software
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Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition
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