Interstellar Space: Genesis

Interstellar Space: Genesis is a turn-based space 4X strategy game in which you attempt to build a prosperous interstellar empire. Become the ruler of the Galaxy while you explore the wonders of space, colonize new worlds and expand your empire across the stars where mysteries await you.
You will discover that you are not alone in the universe. And, when you meet other sentient species, what will you do? Will there be peace, or will there be war?
Interstellar Space: Genesis (ISG) is a novel take on the classic "Just one more turn" formula of turn-based empire-builder games (aka 4X games - Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate).
Turn-based tactical combat. Control your ships in battle in a turn-based fashion.
Design your ships, send them to battle and witness your creations in action.
Deep exploration mechanics allow you to explore a more realistic galaxy, full of black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs, rogue planets and more that you need to discover while you play!
Send ships anywhere in the galaxy, so long the destination is inside supply range and there is no obstacle in the way.
Customize your own races with their unique advantages, disadvantages and special abilities.
Hire, manage and level up leaders with a full suite of abilities, traits and desires.
Develop and terraform your planets while building planetary improvements, empire improvements and galactic wonders!
Discover fascinating artifacts and unique technologies while exploring ancient ruins.
Option to play the game with random tech trees where each player will play with a different tech tree.
Meet plausible alien races that live in different environments and have different biochemistries and unique abilities.
Experience a rich and reliable diplomacy system where you can forge a multitude of treaties and engage in meaningful cooperation.
Shape the way your empire develops and explores the stars by choosing which cultural path you wish to take in each game. Will you be an adventurer, a tycoon or a knowledge seeker?
Mine asteroids for extra production, volatiles to help terraforming efforts or just study them for research.
Exploit interstellar tourism and secure strategic resources that unlock new key technologies and provide many advantages.
Note: The game is currently in Alpha, so all the graphics are not final.
A word on our company, and our values. Praxis Games was born from the passion of playing video games for the PC, strategy games in particular. Single-player experiences at heart. We exist to please the fans. To make the games you want to play, again and again.
We believe that games should serve three purposes: to entertain, to inspire and to help educate. In that regard, our games are crafted to be a lot of fun, in order to make you lose track of time. They will inspire you by putting you in command and in control of something bigger than yourself. And finally, our games are deep, rich in detail and made as accurate as possible because we want to help challenge your critical thinking skills, stimulate your imagination and guide you on a voyage of discovery.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
64-bit Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 (32-bit Windows not supported)
Dual Core Processor
Intel HD 4000 series / ATi Radeon HD 4650 series / NVidia GeForce GT 610 or better / or a graphics card with 1GB+ video memory
Version 11
4 GB available space
Sound Card:
DX11 compatible
Additional Notes:
Minimum 1280 x 720 resolution
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Interstellar Space: Genesis is a turn-based space 4X strategy game in which you attempt to build a thriving galactic empire. Discover mysteries among the stars, colonize procedurally generated worlds, and engage enemies in tactical turn-based combat on your journey to becoming ruler of the galaxy!
Steam score: 80%
Languages: English
Publisher: Praxis Games
Interstellar Space: Genesis
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