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KubiTarock is a card game for four players. It is based on the popular Austrian Tarock - also known as "Königsrufen (King Calling)".
The complete deck contains 54 cards, 32 color suit cards and 22 tarock cards. The color suits are: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. The tarock cards are labeled by roman numerals from I, II, III, ... to XXII and function in the game as a permanent suit of trumps. The playing order is counter-clockwise. The game starts with an auction process: The player with the highest bidding becomes the game declarer. There are positive games and negative games: In a positive game, the declarer must achieve a minimum number of points to win. In a negative game, the declarer must achieve the announced number of tricks (0 to 2) exactly. Basically, in all games, players have to follow suit. In negative games additionally, each player must overtrump if possible. Because there are special games for the forehand player, it never happens that all players pass and no game comes out. See Game Rules for the details.
The current version provides five playing modes:
•Offline mode
In this mode, the user controls at least one player. All other players will be controlled by the simulator "Tarobot". The simulator by the way sees only those cards the human player would also see. But you, too, can let the "Tarobot" support you in playing. If you select the appropriate setting, it marks the action on the user interface that it would perform in your place.
•Learning mode
In the learning mode you can question any action that the "Tarobot" simulator proposes for you. He will then tell you the reasons why he thinks the action makes sense. Of course, the Tarobot is not a person who takes into account the psychology of other players. He is a pure numeric, who expresses everything in numbers to evaluate them with his algorithms. But he knows all the rules and can give the beginner important hints when practicing the game.
•Quiz mode
This mode is a variant of the offline mode. In addition to the fun of playing, you can train your memory and thus your playing skills improve. Randomly selected questions about the current card playing state are presented to you during the game. After you have selected the supposedly correct answer, the solution will be presented to you immediately. Depending on the question you will get different number of points for the correct or also for an almost correct solution. In the quiz statistics you can read the development of your success in a calendar. If you have reached a minimum number of points and a minimum success rate, you will also receive symbolic awards such as flower pot, medal, and cup.
•Online mode
In this mode, up to 4 owners of a full license can play together online. If less then 4 users are participating in an online session, the remaining players are simulated. In parallel to the playing session, a Skype audio conference should be held, enabling the same conversation between the players as in a real card playing group. Before starting the first session, one of the online users must create a online user group. This user becomes the group administrator, responsible for maintaining the group. The lifespan of the group is limited to 90 days initially. By purchasing an add-on, the lifespan can be extended by 365 days per purchase. Online games are subject to charge. The full license already includes 25 payed online games. By purchasing an add-on, the contingent of payed online games can be increased by 100 or 500 games per purchase respectively.
•Autonomous mode
In this mode, the application plays completely independently without user participation. Of course, this is primarily intended for testing. But it can also be fun to watch.
The user interface shows a gaming table in the middle where the players can place their cards. On the four sides of the table, the four players are located showing the hand cards, the tricks pile and other details. Only the hand cards of the user-controlled players are shown face-up. All other hands are showing the cards facedown. You - the current Windows user, must control at least one player.
In an offline session, you can undo and redo all actions of the game. You may also utilize assistance from "Tarobot" while playing. For replaying games, you can allocate a game archive. The archived games can be reopened and automatically replayed to any situation of interest. Experts may even build their very own games based on an existing game by using the edit mode. In this mode, cards can be exchanged freely between the players and between players and the Talon.
In an online session, you can play Tarock with your friends wherever they may be. Most of the manipulation and assistance functions of the offline mode are disabled in this case. Even though, the group administrator can enable and disable some them, such as "undo", with mutual consent even during a session.
Multiple settings options allow you to change game parameters and appearance. You may select another color theme or another card face or card back design for example. You even may insert your favorite photo in one of the card backs containing a special photo frame. You can also activate speech output. Then, for example, you will hear the announcements of the simulated players and you do not have to pay so much attention to the screen display.
In the comprehensive online-help, you can find a detailed description of the game rules and of the user interface. It also describes how to perform each of the playing tasks.
The program runs under Windows 10. A version for Android is in preparation. The user interface adapts itself to the current device capabilities.

Languages: English (United States) / Deutsch (Deutschland)
Developer: Paul Kubitscheck, KubiConsult
Publisher: Paul Kubitscheck, KubiConsult
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