Little Witch Luana

Little witch luana was inspired by classic games like castlevania
● Control schemes designed for keyboards and controllers, initially by default, the game responds only to the keyboard, but just go to the option and switch to the gamepad.
● With the character Luana can use a magic weapon and can change the type of bullet as the game progresses, it is also possible to make special commands to give a horizontal or vertical boost, when finding harpy wings she can fly
● Solarys can teleport and fly and send magic flames following enemies
● There are too many secret items in Scenarios
● Gameplay experience changes by character
● Epic battles against mythological bosses and witches
● Pixel art style in almost the entero game
● There are several special commands to perform and it makes the experience more fun
● gameplay changes to tackle bosses especially the ultimate Boss
The story begins in a village where there were no witches anywhere, but that was about to change. One day the queen gave birth to a child who would change everything. they named her Laura. And the very happy king celebrated Laura's birth with a big party.
The years passed, and one day the king learned that a trio of murderous thieves were entering the village houses. The king immediately strengthened the guard in these regions so that the guards would protect the people from this trio.
With that, the castle guard became smaller. the thieves broke into the castle. soon two of them were caught
and the other took the hostage queen's daughter in one of the bedrooms. As time went on, Laura showed no fear or despair at the bandit's hands, but she was very angry.
When he looked at her, he noticed a white light emanating from his body. Afraid, the thief released her from his hands, but she did not fall, she was floating in the air.
The thief despaired and went out the window and up the castle columns to another window where the king and queen's bedroom was.
The king, wanting to protect the queen, reacted and went to the thief
The thief quickly pulled the knife from his waist and stabbed the king.
The queen upon seeing the king's death, She got very angry and clung to the thief pushing him toward the window, and accidentally fell with him.
As the day went by Laura was at her parents' funeral, crying, she began to notice that she was different from other people. So on returning to the castle, she decided to try to control her powers.
It didn't take long to learn, as she was very committed to it, seeing that she could fly just by concentrating, she soon mastered her powers.
But one day the villagers became aware and some of them left, many noticed that she was not using her powers for evil, then accepted and called these powers witchcraft and affectionately called her witch Laura.
Over the years, Laura married and had three daughters. Two were born with the same powers as Laura, but the other was born with a power of fire. She could create various magic flames.
Over the years Laura became much more powerful, and seeing that her time was coming to an end she decided to write her knowledge in Six books, and put a magic in them that only witches could read them.
In time Laura died leaving her daughters Lucy, Luna and Sophia, but Luna and Sophia did not get along with Lucy because she used her powers to do evil to others. Lucy married and gave birth to a girl named Sandra, and a boy named Leandro. And seeing that her sisters would disrupt her goals she decided to leave the castle.
time passed and Sophia married and had two girls, one was born very powerful and she gave her name of solarys, but the other did not seem to be a witch, Sophia named her Luana.
Solarys couldn't feel any power coming from Luana and even doubted if she really was a witch. Sophia explained to Solarys that in order to feel a witch's power one must be stronger than her or have a slight difference in power, which made solarys wonder if Luana was really stronger than her, because she apparently didn't look.
After a while, Luana began reading the witch books her grandmother wrote.


Windows 7
2.0 GHz
Version 10
164 MB available space

INITIAL SUMMARY Two witches kidnap Luana's sister to sacrifice her in a ritual, Luana set out on an adventure with her dragon to rescue he
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English / Portuguese - Brazil
Publisher: DEL PLAYER
Little Witch Luana
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