Loot or Die

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Do you like plundering and looting the universe with friends? Loot or Die will have you traveling to far off planets in search of, you guessed it, all the loot you can get your hands on. But be warned! The stronger you get the fiercer your enemies will become. That's why you must Loot or Die!Features 84 Unique Items
Loot or die features powerful weapons, armor, and re-usable 'rings' which you can equip in any combination to fit your play-style. Will you equip armor that steals the life from our opponents as you damage them? Or will you find armor that reduces the cooldowns of your rings; enabling you to spam doom blades at your foes? Perhaps you'll decrease your reload speed to the point that your rifle becomes a machine gun. The choice is yours, and Loot or Die is all about making tough choices fun.8 Item Bonus Stats
Every item you find has a small chance to roll a bonus stat. You could combine these into unique setups or choose to focus on just one.
Health Per 10 Seconds: Just what it says; every 10 seconds you get a percentage of your life back. Better with high life armor.
Movement Speed: At maximum (50%) you will literally be as fast as a bullet. Useful for jumping far distances as well as avoiding damage.
Reload Speed: Increases how fast you reload as well as as fast you recover from shooting too much. Insane with an already high speed gun.
Cooldown Reduction: Rings recharge faster, allowing you to spam them more in combat.
Critical Hit Chance: Every attack gains a chance to deal 150% damage. Applies to ring attacks as well.
Life Steal: Attacks have a 20% chance of returning life to you based on the damage dealt.
Magic Find: Increases the chance that items will roll a bonus stat.
Lucky Heal: Chance to restore 33% of your life when you take damage. More effective against numerous weak attacks.
Heart Bonus: Picking up hearts from your enemies will now grant more life. At max (50%) you will recover 80% of your life!Game Modes
Loot or Die features several unique game modes to challenge your mind and your reflexes.
Normal game mode. Take on new challenges as you work your way through each planet.
See how good your loot really is against actual players! Up to 8 can fight in several multiplayer maps.
Defend the Flag
Having trouble finding a ring? Not to worry as Defend the Flag always rewards you with a legendary ring for winning.
Take a break to access your vault, turn in quests, and upgrade your gear with tokens.End Game
Just because you defeated everything this game could throw at you does not mean that your adventure is over! You can greatly improve your character by completing quests and using the anvil at your home. This will enable you to farm even better loot and challenge your friends in PvP. Going back to earlier levels will now penalize you with reduced damage and health, making farming more challenging than the first time through the game. You literally could play forever, creating unique armor sets for every combat situation you could ever think of.Thank You
This entire game was developed by one person. The art (I know I suck!), programming, level design, testing, etc. I want to one day be a great game designer, but I only want to develop games that people really enjoy. With your support I know I can achieve my goals, but most importantly, I hope that you have fun playing Loot or Die.
Please let me know if anything isn't working for you. My twitter is @foldberg1.
Good luck! Try to Loot or Die!


Minimum:OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Direct X9.0 Compatible Card
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Direct X9.0 Compatible Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 400 MB available space
Sound Card: Yes

Let's be honest, RPG's are more fun with machine guns. Experience fast paced action supported by loot collection and item optimization. Drop in multiplayer means you never have to wait in lobbies. Plunder the universe with friends to take on tougher foes; then PvP to see who has the best gear!
Steam score: 80%
Languages: English
Developer: Chris Antoni
Publisher: Chris Antoni
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Loot or Die
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