Suppose we think of a table that has 49 positions,
and we want to choose a number, randomly,
And by pressing START we make this choice. If we choose 6 numbers,
this is lotto 6 out of 49, and is made by section P1 of the application.
If we additionally use the database with a lot of extractions
winning numbers, and we make a random choice of 6 numbers from the total
data had (a file with winning numbers), then we could get closer to the desired solution;
Of course, that data should be collected for the same extractor machine, ....
And then, this is just a game, in section P2 and P2a we fill the file with the date, and in
section P3 we do the extraction in a duration and a number of presses, the one that has lower values wins.
(if a number that is in the winning list has been drawn, a new draw is made). GOOD LUCK !!!
On the internet there are lottery results 6 out of 49, for many countries.
For storing 1000 extracts, 6x1000 = 6000 memory locations are occupied as in this application.
Mode of operation 0,A,B,C
In P2 or in P2a
  1.Apas Create_sampleloto2a.txt
    The old contents of the sampleloto2a.txt file are deleted
  2. I check what the OLD textBox looks like. It must be empty.
A. FORMATION of the sampleloto2a.txt file
In P2 or in P2a
 (in P2 the data are in row 1)
  1. I enter in a row 6 numbers for example 38 17 47 25 30 37
    Press  the Depun2 button
    It appears in the list
      1 ** 38/17/47/25/30/37
  2. I repeat the procedure from point 1, 2 more times
  3. Click the create_sampleloto2a.txt button
  4.Press the write_sampleloto2a.txt button
  5.Press the read_sampleloto2a.txt button
  6.In the box sampleloto2a.txt OLD appears:
  18 38 17 47 25 30 37 38 17 47 25 30 37 38 17 47 25 30 37,
  the first digit 18 shows how many numbers are in the file, after which
  are the numbers entered, which are also in the list.
B. If after a while we want to update the sampleloto2a.txt file
(actually that in the real situation when I want to add new draws of 6 numbers
at the database with winning numbers) we do so, acting on the data
from the second row of P2.
  1. Secondly, enter the 6 numbers we want to complete the file
  data, for example 18 11 40 20 3 7
    Press the Depun2NEW button
    It appears in the list
      1 ** 18 11 40 20 3 7
  2. I repeat the procedure from point 1, once again, therefore in total 12 numbers,
  3.Press the create_sampleloto2aNEW.txt button
  4.Press the write_sampleloto2aNEW.txt button
  5.Press the read_sampleloto2aNEW.txt button
  6.In the box sampleloto2a.txt NEW appears:
  12 18 11 40 20 3 7 18 11 40 20 3 7
  7. Click the OldNew button, which attaches the sampleloto2aNEW.txt file
to the sampleloto2aNEW.txtsi file reform the sampleloto2a.txt file
 30 38 17 47 25 30 37 38 17 47 25 30 37 38 17 47 25 30 37 18 11 40 20 3 7 18 11 40 20 3 7
 the first digit 30 shows how many numbers are in the file now 30 = 18 + 12 followed by the numbers
from the sampleloto2a.txt file and then from the sampleloto2aNEW.txt file
  8. Then the result of the paste is deposited in the sampleloto2a.txt file by pressing
WoldNewCR button
At a new extraction of 6 numbers the file sampleloto2aNEW.txt is formed the Cnew buttons,
Wnew, Rnew after the introduction via the second round .... phase B
The sampleloto2a.txt file is read by pressing the read_sampleloto2a.txt button
Then press the OldNew button, and then WoldNewCR and end P2
C.In P3 the probable extraction to the new database takes place
  1. Press 1ReadFile sampleloto2a.txt
  2. Press 2Change_matrix
  3. If we want to find out the probable numbers manually,
press AUTOMAT that button.
We mention that if we do not have positions at random shooting, we move to a new shooting.
The same if a number that is already a winner appears in the draw
I have tested this app/game with the data loto from all info year 2O16 ,and obtained
a result which differed from the winner . In conclusion must try to see if can prevision for
the winner from starting a lot of data for this machine loto . I do not know...
May be use this method for other types of previsions? I do not know...
Note: All operations are according to help,1help1,2help2,3help3.Other can appear errors.

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