About This Game
The core mechanic of Lumbermancer is controlling both the lumbermancing wizard and the lumbermancered logs simultaneously!
This is the Lumbermancer. He has the power to summon log minions to do his dark dark dark dark bidding, to cast spells, and to collect the resources to progress through the stages. He can't directly slay the creatures of the forest though! And he can't defend himself! For that, he relies on...
These Logs! You can summon a log, and manipulate what type of log it is on the fly. Each of the four types serves a particular purpose. The shovel log can plant seeds to fill your wood supply, powering your lumbermancing abilities. The sword log can move quickly and perform melee attacks to kill the beasts of the woods. The torch log is needed to keep your Lumbermancer's lantern lit so that you can see your way through the dark forest. The arrow log moves slow, but can perform ranged attacks to stick arrows in enemy buns.
By controlling the wizard with one hand and your log with the other, you have to navigate your way through enemies and keep your Lumbermancer alive!
There are four main areas of the woods, plus an unlockable endless forest, a secret boss, and a shop.
In the shop, you can trade souls with Death to get powerful and sometimes not-so-powerful spells! Like lazer eyes and a naked code! You perform these spells with the hand that controls the wizard, through an ancient arcane movement of the joystick/keypad. Imagine doing a Hadouken in Street Fighter, but instead of a fireball coming out, you make a pig appear.
Even wizards with unimaginable powers aren't always on epic quests. In Lumbermancer, the stakes are pretty low. The fate of the world isn't in your hands, and there's no princess to be saved. BUT! It is lunchtime. And there's only one thing your guts desire...a sandwich. You know where to get the ingredients. Holy Toast from the Ghost King, Witch's Lettuce from the Bell Witch, Toadmatoes from the Swamp, and a slice of the Devil's Bologna. That's not to say that it won't be dangerous. These creatures won't give up their treasures easily...


Minimum:OS: Windows 7 or Higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 250 MB available space
Recommended:OS: Windows 7 or Higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 250 MB available space

You're a Lumbermancer! Use your dark lumber magic to summon logs to do your bidding. Control both the Lumbermancer and the logs simultaneously to fight the creatures of the woods and steal their mysterious lunches!SUMMON LOGS! FIGHT THE DEVIL! EAT A SANDWICH!
Steam score: 78%
Languages: English
Developer: Roger von Biersborn
Publisher: Roger von Biersborn
Full controller support
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