Mansion of Horrors
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This is an adventure game laced with horror. To help the three trapped beauties get out, you have to rack your brain and solve all kinds of mysteries. When exploring the mansion, you may get scared by the “Trackers” who appear randomly. If you get caught, horrors await…
"Why did things happen like this…”
In an unknown place, there is a mansion shrouded by strange atmosphere. There’s no getting out once someone steps in, and the only way to escape is solving the puzzles.
A mysterious school girl, her timid and gentle childhood sweetheart and the class monitor who insists on justice, they are three beautiful gals will different characters…plus the wasted hero who has no sense of presence, the process of escaping is full of obstacles: intimidation from the “trackers”, companion’s “transform”, and the NTR happens out of the lue…
“There are some guys we definitely can’t encounter here…
We’re doomed if we are caught…
We have to…figure out a way to get out of this mansion…”
■Story Overview
Invited by the fair-weather friend Lynn, the hero and the gang enter into that weird mansion with some curiosity, but unexpectedly, they’re trapped inside.
Although they’re frightened, they begin to explore the mansion in order to find out an escaping way.
There are a variety of dangerous people live there.
Once they’re caught, they will suffer from the torture that is full of humiliation.
Whether they could get out of the mansion safely…?
“There are some guys we definitely can’t encounter here…
If we knew it advance, we wouldn’t come to such place.”
■Role Introduction
An ordinary male student whose school performance and sports abilities are both slightly lower than the average level.
It's hard to imagine what he usually thinks. Probably he often thinks of obscene things, but he isn't brave enough to put these reveries into practice.
When being invited by a bang of his friends to explore the Mansion, he agrees and goes there along with them.
Once hearing that that girl who is his senior schoolmate will also go along with them, he feels ecstatic at heart.
★Mysterious senior female schoolmate:Kizamiya Sumiyo
CV: 春日 アン
Black clothes, black hair an black stockings… A student of black image in the highest grade.
President of the Student Union. It's unknown whether because she is privileged that she is the only student who wears different school uniforms from any other students in the school.
For unknown reasons, she likes Kyosuke,adds his name a "San“ behind his name when calling him.
She boasts a pair of bump breasts which even her school uniform can't cover. She is as tall and slim as a model.
Due to her inscrutable manner, she is popular among both male students and female students in school.
She has a pet phrase like croon… Hello, Kyosuke San, do you know seven marvelous things spreading in the school?
★The hero's childhood sweetheart: Tachibana Sakura
CV: 亜久城 皐月
She features pink clothes and two pigtails as well as the hero's child sweetheart.
She is gentle to everybody except the hero whom she treats in a slightly strict way.
Because she is scared of horrible movies, she opposes to exploration of the the Mansion. But as the hero wants to go to the Mansion, she goes along with him.
Though apparently seen due to the school uniform, her proud bump breasts are visible after she takes off the school uniform.
Pet phrase: Ohh… If Kyosuke San goes, I will go…
★Tsuzushiro Wakana
CV: 彩瀬 ゆり
Stubborn and garrulous monitor
To stop heroes from intruding into the Mansion, she was imprisoned along with them.
Whatever she does, she is meticulously attentive. She looks demure except that her bump breasts are hard to cover. She feels fed up with the obscene gaze cast on her from male students.
She has a bit lesbian inclination.
Pet phrase: Hold on... As the supervisor, she can't miss any criminal behaviors at all!


1.2 GHz
DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
1 GB available space

Languages: English / Japanese / Traditional Chinese
Publisher: SakuraGame
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