Master Of Dodging

Core GamePlay
This is a game testing player's fast-reaction.Your goal is to dodge from the enemies and the bullets they shoot out,don't let them touch your hero.
Providing 26+ achievements for players to unlock,and there'll be more in the future updates,but 40 at most.
For example, it's one of them:
Chapters,Levels and Chanllenge Mode
This Game include Story Mode and chanllenge Mode,story mode would eventually include 5 chapters(only 2 chapters in the Early Access version),each chapter has got several levels and a Boss Level.chanllenge mode contains several series of chanllenge levels,complete these levels,and you'll obtain strong skills for reward.
In EA version,there're 5 heroes,will be more in future updates.Each hero has got a basic skill and an ultimate skill(unlocked by Lv.3).At first,you can play as the Dodging,if you want to play with other heroe,you need to go to "Hero Managerment" menu,unlock the others by consuming golds,or upgrade them.
Common Skills
You can purchase and upgrade Common Skills,before you enter a level,you can choose 2 common skills,and use them to bring advantages for you!(will be more in future updates)
You can purchase and upgrade Equipments,before you enter a level,you can choose 2 common skills,and use them to bring advantages for you!(will be more in future updates)
Melee Monsters:
They've got a Durability,each impact would reduce their durability,when the durability comes to zero,it would be elimated,and reward the player with golds.They've got their own skills(except the coconuts you confront in Level 1-1),maybe they would surprise you?You can knock them out with your skills.
Ranged Monsters:
They can't be killed,but will be gone after a few while instead.They can shoot bullets with their own patterns,some of them just shoot without aimming,some of them are aimming at you.You can elimate the bullets with your skills.
There's always a Boss waited in the end of each chapter,beat it and the next chapter is opening for you.Each Boss have got several Stages,they'll bring you unprecedented threat.Defeat a specific Boss to unlock a specific pet,for example,you can unlock your first pet when you defeat the Boss in Chapter 1.
Game R&D Team
A company's slave and an interested painter have been connected by fate...
The company's slave was graduated from the computer science,and he entered a company which has nothing to do with his university major.During 7 years' boring working,he never give up coding.
The interested painter is a cute girl,she wanted to study Art,while her parents didn't offer support.However,she insist in studying Art in spare time.
So,these 2 noobs decide to develop an indie game as their virgin work,which is called as MASTER OF DODGING.
Game Background Story
(The whole story is too long to be shown here,check in the game,plz)
On a land called Dorply,there're 5 devils and a king.The king ruled a kingdom called Donkly.Because of the 5 devils' exsitence,the king is forced to tribute golds,treasures and beauties to each of the 5 devils.
In order to set the kingdom free from 5 devils,the king challenged the devils.The devils are always feeling boring,so they discuss to accept the king's challenge,and set a series of levels.Once the human race can pass these levels one by one,the devils would leave this land,and invade no more.
The king readily accepted this evil request,but what he didn't know was that the devils didn't want human beings to pass the challenge at all.
After more than half a year's efforts,hundreds of Braves in the kingdom who have accepted the challenge can not pass even one level of the devils.It's time to pay tribute to the demons for this year.At this time, a witch claims that she can summon some heroes with different talents from parallel worlds.The helpless king has to let her try.
When the king gathered all the materials for the witch's summoning ceremony,the witch successfully summoned the first hero from parallel worlds.A Hero named Dodging came out of the portal.He called himself a Parkour Expert and was willing to break through the levels for the king.
Since then, our story has begun.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
1.7+ GHz or better
Radeon HD5450 or better; 256 MB or higher
Version 9.0c
150 MB available space
Sound Card:
100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
Windows 7/8/10
1.7+ GHz or better
Radeon HD5450 or better; 256 MB or higher
150 MB available space
Sound Card:
100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers

Master Of Dodging is a game testing player’s fast-reaction.You can pick a hero,pick 2 common skills,pick 2 items,and enter a level,try to survive from enemies coming from everywhere.
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English / Simplified Chinese
Developer: 古鱼竿工作室Acient Fishing Rod
Publisher: 古鱼竿工作室Acient Fishing Rod
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Master Of Dodging
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