[Story Background]
Li Xiwei is a staff member of a financial company. He often works overtime. He is not satisfied with ordinary life, working hard, and striving for a more exciting life.
On May 20th, Li Xiyu got off work late this day. He stood up slowly from the work station as usual, and his hands raised his head and stretched out. I took a look at the watch, it was already 23:00, and the window was still busy and the neon flashed. He must catch the last subway at 23:30.
The subway usually digs 20 meters down, but the line 10 where Li Xiyu sits will pass through the station with a depth of 38 meters, because this station will pass through the other two subway lines, and the depth of the following will be deeper.
He rushed out of the company, hurriedly greeted the security guard, came to the subway entrance next to the road, sighed, can catch up, he did not want to wait at the roadside. There was no one in the subway station. The security guards in the empty hall were particularly conspicuous. He quickly pressed the button and brushed the ic card bound to the watch and entered the waiting hall.
He just felt very strange when he walked to the waiting room. Because there are not many people waiting at this time, but there is no one at all, but it doesn't matter. The exhaustion is numb. This was the roar of the subway. Soon the train stopped in front of him, the screen door opened, and Li Xia paused, because the car was empty, which made him unable to name the fear. Hesitated for a short time, still have to go home, Li Xiyu took the courage to step on the train.
The carriage is not empty, but there is no one in the compartment where Li Xihao got on the bus. Sitting in the far side of the car is a young man. Li Xiyu comforted himself. He said: This is not to scare yourself. Isn't there anyone? Maybe this is a shuttle car today. Even so, Li Xizhen still did not dare to stay in the empty carriage, he went to the carriage where the man was. He originally wanted to sit down in the young man's compartment. I didn't expect to just enter the compartment, the young man immediately said to him, please sit down. This is really scaring Li Xiyi, this is too strange, but the person looks very friendly, maybe he is also afraid, then sit down.
Li Xizhen sat next to the young man. It didn't take long before he sat down. The light in front of his eyes became very glaring, and it was almost impossible to see any objects in front. After about 5 minutes, the line of sight gradually became clear. Everything in front of me was incredible, pink, and Li Xiu fixed his eyes and confirmed that he had no dreams. It was indeed a pink tree, the leaves were pink, and they were in the subway car, the leaves were flying, the carriages The lights are completely pink. Li Xizhen can't believe everything in front of him. There are so many strange things happening today. Is it too ordinary to be ordinary, is it crazy? What about the person just now? The entire carriage, except this tree, has no life. He thought, struggling to stand up and take the courage to look at the tree carefully. Behind the foliage, there is a metal ball that floats in the air. So far, Li Xiyu has been eccentric, which is nothing compared to the growth of a pink tree in the carriage. He walked over and tried to pick up the ball with his hand. At this time, the metal ball suddenly spun up and a syringe fell out from the inside of the sphere. He did not read it correctly. It was indeed a syringe. Li Xiyu took it up and looked carefully. Tube, glass outer wall, and thick red blood inside. The small label on the needle label reads: V008 prototype Jinping underground experimental file number G062 powerful hallucinogen recovery serum. Li Xi suddenly realized that he had recruited himself, a hallucinogen, and it was no wonder that he saw so many strange mirrors. He didn't care so much, picked up the syringe and tied it to his arm and pushed in a whole tube of serum.
There was another white light in front of me, and the car was empty again, nothing. Li Xizhen stabilized her emotions and sat down in her chair. She didn't know what she had experienced. Probably after a little while, the car arrived, Li Xiyu quickly got off the bus, but something even strange happened. This station is still the station where he got on the bus. He got off the bus at the station where he got on the bus. It’s just a crash, isn’t it a shot? Not an illusion? This is another train that slowly enters the station. He has not dared to believe everything in front of him. Is it the last bus? How come you drive again. But I can't take care of it, I can only get on the bus, but I don't dare to wait any longer.
The player plays Li Xiwei. Every time you board the subway and get off at the next stop, there will be a puzzle station randomly. Players can choose the platform to get off, solve the puzzle, get the serum, and eliminate the illusion of each platform. Until I can go home. Fear is like a shadow, ask the player to open his mind, use your wisdom to overcome fear, and experience an extraordinary night in the subway you take every day.
Jinping Underground Laboratory, located 500 meters underground, carried out some high-risk biological experiments. Due to the strange biological invasion of the underground, all the development chemicals were lost, the experiment and the military personnel were all killed. The news was blocked for 30 years until the entrance of the tunnel 38 meters underground was Get through the subway construction...
How does Li Xiyu face the extraordinary things he is looking forward to, what kind of adventures he will experience in the underground without seeing the sun all day long, and the horror story of the subway you ride every day.
Players will follow the protagonist's footsteps and explore the unknown underground world. Players will experience the various puzzle elements we have designed. Please give full play to your imagination and logical thinking skills.
[Operation Tips]
Hold down the right mouse button to change the angle of view
[A] [S] [D] [F] Front, rear, left and right
[Esc] system menu
[Shift] running
[F] Lights
[C] Discard items in hand
[E] NFC scanning using the watch
[click item] pick up
[Click on the item in hand] View details


Windows 7, Windows 8.1,Windows10
Intel Core i3-4170 / AMD FX-8120
GeForce GTX 460 1GB或AMD HD 6850 1GB
Version 11
2 GB available space
Windows 7, Windows 8.1,Windows10
Intel Core i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
Version 11
2 GB available space

As the second work of the urban horror story series, let us follow the footsteps of the protagonist Li Xiwei, explore the horror story of the daily subway, and see how he faces the extraordinary things he expects, and will experience the underground experience without seeing the sun all day long. What kind of adventure.
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Languages: English / Simplified Chinese
Publisher: H.P.Y.S,LLC
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