Mimic Hunter

Mimic Hunter is an innovative, 2.5D, hardcore platform game that will take you on an epic adventure as the legendary master hunter Monsieur Ratimousse embarks on a journey to find his old mentor Barnabas and stop an ancient demonic force from devouring the mortal world. Unsheathe your sword and your platforming skills to climb forsaken towers, fight nefarious Mimics, solve unforgiving puzzles in an attempt to uncover the grim truth behind the nature of the Unbound.
En garde!
Mimic Hunter was initially created as an entry for
GameJolt's Adventure Jam 2017 #AdvJam2017
in no more than 2 weeks by
Aliza Wenders
Derwen Llewelyn
from Angry Cat Studios. But the journey doesn't end there! In those two weeks, we grew to love this game even more than we'd have anticipated, and we want to tell this uncommon story in its full length, with all the gore and glory! During the early development, we succeeded in creating a very unique, stable and innovative platforming experience, but we had to cut a megaton of features and ideas (and most of the story content) due to the lack of time. And that simply can't stand! ;-)
free demo
of the original #AdvJam2017 version is available on
, check it out! Just don't forget: it's only a fragment of what's to come!
Unique, cylindrical, mind-bending environment
Hand-drawn, macabre-esque art style and animations
Lore-rich story with many surprises, twists and mysteries spanning 5+ hours of playtime
Hardcore platforming gameplay with traps, timed puzzles and more!
En garde!
Dangerous and mischievous, various enemy types, each with its unique behavior
A fully-fledged Tower Builder with which you can create and share your own adventure!
Competitive game modes such as Time Attack and Survival
Fully remappable control scheme
Steam achievements, stats and leaderboards
What is the goal of the game?
The story mode takes you on an adventure to defeat a mysterious ancient force that threatens the mortal world. During your journey, you will encounter nefarious enemies, unravel the secrets of the Hunters' Guild's past, and solve demonic riddles and puzzles. There will be additional game modes: in Time Attack, you will be able to test your skills against the clock, and in Survival you can show how long you can endure against a horde of Mimics!
How long the main story is?
As Mimic Hunter is designed to be quite a hard game with scenarios that take multiple attempts to figure out and solve, we can only estimate the actual game time you'll need to complete the story featuring multiple towers and additional non-cylindrical levels with a lot of lore and textual content. On average, we think it will take about 5-10 hours to finish the main story.
What are the key gameplay elements?
Mimic Hunter is primarily a platformer, thus jumping, climbing and fighting are very important to master. Additionally, there are riddles and puzzles you can't solve by platforming only: you'll need to collect lore and figure out the secrets. Fencing is also very important to overcome your foes, and you must learn how to do it properly. You'll be also able to handle a lot of situations by avoiding combat or defeating your enemies via the environment if you're cunning enough.
How in-depth the Tower Builder will be?
The Tower Builder (a.k.a. level editor) you get will be (almost) identical to the one we use to create the majority of the content. You can create any kind of tower with dialogues, scripted puzzles, traps, events, and share it with other people! Basic editing will be quite intuitive.
What platforms will be the game available on?
The game will be initially released on Windows. Later on, we plan to release it on Linux and Mac, too.


Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit)
"3rd generation" Intel Celeron 2 GHz or equivalent
nVidia GeForce 400 series / AMD Radeon 6000 series or better
Version 9.0c
1 GB available space
Sound Card:
Any DirectX compatible
Additional Notes:
Keyboard and mouse required

Unsheathe your sword and your hardcore platforming skills to climb forsaken towers, fight nefarious Mimics, and solve unforgiving puzzles in an attempt to uncover the grim truth behind the nature of the Unbound and stop an ancient demonic force from devouring the mortal world. En garde!
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: Angry Cat Studios
Publisher: Angry Cat Studios
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Mimic Hunter
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