Mutated Muter's Invasion

"Mutated Muter's Invasion" is a fun and humorous 2D platformer/action adventure game about a music note fighting an evil monster from the outer space, the Mutated Muter (pun intended), who "invades" the Solar System to mute all the music on the Earth. Not only does the nasty Mutated Muter want to take music away from us, but he also plots to destroy our Solar System's harmony of the planets in a broad sense, which means even more than the famous ancient concept of the
musica universalis
Imagine a world without something that is everywhere in our everyday lives... Not only does music sound at concerts, parties, and other events, but it also follows you while you are watching TV or a video on the Internet, driving, or maybe even jogging or on your way somewhere with earbuds on. Although there do exist games that are based on music as a video game genre, there seems to be a lack of (if any at all) games that are NOT music-based genre-wise yet are wholly ABOUT music, especially
music, as a subject. So, the idea of "Mutated Muter's Invasion" was born.
This game's idea is to provide a mostly 2D platforming action experience, often loosely described as "Mario-esque", while focusing on music as the main subject. Some side-scrolling shooter levels are also present. Fight the Mutated Muter's agents at different locations/levels stylized as music scores with some fancy mechanics and collect sharps, flats, naturals, clefs, and other power-ups and useful items in the fancy universe of "Mutated Muter's Invasion"! Shoot un-muting sonic bullets and super sonic bullets, avoid the muting weapons of the enemies, and more. And, of course, punish the overconfident Muter himself!
WARNING: the game is HARD! Choosing the "expert" mode right away is highly discouraged.
One (but not the only!) challenge is timings, which are as important here as if you actually were a performer learning a musical piece... Bad timings will cause you to fall down into the abyss or take hits. Other dangers await the player too, even where things may look nice and relaxing. It's not only the mobs who are nasty and sinister... Even some
will try to trick you!
Features include:
fun gameplay mechanics
original (for the most part) fun graphics and audio
4 difficulty modes: easy, medium, hard, and expert
tries are unlimited—that's right, no annoying "lives" and "continues"!
external controller support (tested with the Xbox 360 controller)*
on the keyboard, control with both arrows and W-A-S-D is supported
*NOTE: please refer to the Early Access section for important information on controller support


Windows 7
2.2 GHz
OpenGL-compatible graphics card that supports at least OpenGL 3.0
100 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Heavy background applications/services and other CPU-consuming software may cause the game to lag
2.4 GHz or faster
OpenGL 3.1 or highe

A fun platformer adventure game about a music note fighting mobs and collecting power-ups and other items (with a couple side-scrolling shooter levels). Neutralize the evil Mutated Muter, a magical monster from the outer space who wants to steal all the music from the world!
Steam score: 0%
Languages: English
Developer: D. T.
Publisher: D. T.
Mutated Muter's Invasion
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