Mytheon - Deluxe Pack

Mytheon - Deluxe Pack includes the base game and Egypt Pack DLC!
Mytheon is a light MMO-RPG which can be played solo or as a group which combines elements of action RPGs and collectible card games. You create an avatar from one of three classes and collect stones of power which act as your spells, abilities and pets. Using the stones, you can explore 14 different adventure areas to collect loot and new stones. Your ultimate goal is to defeat Zeus and the Greek pantheon of gods on Mount Olympus. Welcome to the world of Mytheon, Stonecaster!
Originally released in 2010 as a free-to-play Action-RPG MMO, the game has been slightly redesigned to support a simple one-time purchase for all core content.
Key Features
Explore on your own or meet up with friends to defeat the gods.
No microtransactions!
Three classes with unique stone sets.
Unique combat system using randomized “stones of power” to summon powerful minions and spells to the battlefield.
Over 130 stones of power to collect; create battle sets (“decks”) from your collection to take to adventure zones. Customize your battle set to face your foes.
Hang out with your friends in Argos, the Greek hub zone. Argos holds all of the shops, quest-givers and lore for the world of Mytheon.
14 instanced adventure zones to explore, including two end-game max level zones. Each zone has a final boss that will require great skill or a group to defeat.
Play solo or group with three additional friends to face tough foes.
Three dueling arenas to practice your skills against friends.
Three PvP scenario maps – face off against another group of players to see who can defeat the boss and collect the chest.
Mail and Broker systems allow you to trade or sell your hard won loot to other players.
Form a guild with like-minded Stonecasters.
Thousands of loot items to find and equip on your avatar.
Hundreds of quests (Labors) available. All quests are repeatable up to their level cap.
In-game achievements (Feats) available for every adventure zone.
Use the Stoneforge to craft new stones or gear from recipes found in the world, or sacrifice your unneeded stones to try for a new one.
Egypt Pack DLC
The gods of Greece have been defeated, but they are not the only pantheon who has risen up against mankind. In this expansion to MYTHEON, The gods of Egypt led by Anubis have laid siege to the city of Thebes. Only the mightiest of Stonecasters can hope to prevail against this new threat!
The Egypt expansion requires the original Mytheon game. Purchasing the expansion gives players immediate access to all new Egyptian stones and the new hub city of Thebes, but only the most hardened heroes (level 28 or higher) will be allowed to venture beyond Thebes into the mysterious lands of Egypt.
Key Features
Level cap increased to 40
New hub city of Thebes to meet others and prepare your forces
New PvP dueling location
New PvP scenario
66 new stones including 3 new ultra-rare stones for each class
A new merge combo set available for each class
The first legendary weapon is hidden in Egypt and will require perseverance and Stone Forging skills to acquire
Nearly 300 new items to find and equip, including a new Egypytian-god-themed set for each class
Still no microtransactions! Play all the content of the new MMO expansion without any additional fees


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz
GeForce 6600
Version 9.0c
Broadband Internet connection
2 GB available space
Sound Card:
Onboard Stereo/Audio

Languages: English
Developer: Petroglyph
Publisher: Petroglyph
Mytheon - Deluxe Pack
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