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Embrace the Future
Virtual reality slides into the sleek chrome cyberpunk future with NearPrime VR. Super soldiers fight across not-so-far future cityscapes and other sci-fi environs, really getting to live an incredible future today. Get behind cover or charge into the fray without limitation as you freely traverse the battlefields of tomorrow.
Can humanity be led to a greater tomorrow? Or is there only the chance to fight over power and profit? NearPrime VR thrusts the player eyes-first into a fully realized cyberpunk dystopia reminiscent of the most famous media from the general, this time explored fully in virtual reality. Stride the crowded streets, battle over the rain slicked rooftops, and delve into the mechanical hearts of futuristic metropoles.
Corporations have all the rights and people have none. The governments of the world jointly fund super soldier projects—not to fight each other, but to hold on to what they have. These augmented superhumans will reshape the face of the world with an impact greater than that of the atom bomb. Whoever commands the augmented soldiers, commands the world. Will they be an instrument of world peace, stopping petty conflicts and bringing about an end to blood feuds that have raged across the globe for centuries? Or will they be the unstoppable chrome heel of the state’s boot?
Extractors and those from whom wealth is extracted are the only struggle left as science has delivered unending delights for those who can afford them. Every living being is under constant scrutiny by their peers and corporate taskmasters. Beneath the gilded decadence of the city’s wealthiest residents is the detritus of their lifestyle, the trasheaps and burnt out slums. Flickering neon lights illuminate the grizzly fate of the masses unwilling or able to serve the corporate overlords, down here beyond hope.
As humanity begins to shed its flesh, some question the wisdom of forgoing the bounds of blood and bones. Others seek to capitalize on this transition as ruthlessly as possible. Living on inside machine bodies, forming light such that it can stop a bullet in midair, and more are already possible for the augmented. Regardless of their ethical beliefs or scientific goals, those who advance the world through human augmentation are at the heart of the conflict. Will these scientists bring about a world free of fear? Will their every bright aspiration be turned to vile purpose in the end? Or were they really seeking this all along, and have shown their true colours now that nobody left could hope to stop them?
For those attempting to choose the higher path in this struggle for control one thing is clear: to the outside world, they are invisible. Most people are clueless as to the battles fought in the shadows as they mill about their everyday lives. They do not realize their multinational corporations employ private armies, or that their jobs are made possible by endless strife. Those who do are always at risk, and find themselves skirmishing with the forces vying to control humanity’s destiny.
Friendship is dangerous when the highest bidder is always changing allegiances on this ultra-modern battlefield. Even more dangerous is love.
NearPrime VR puts you on the frontlines of black ops warfighting with more-than-human abilities. All of this is achieved at the highest level of immersion possible—virtual reality.
Three humans will decide the fate of the species in this unseen conflict. Lovers and friends will become enemies and sacrifices in the course of the struggle to decide humanity’s fate. To win they’ll need to go beyond modern warfare. Beyond today’s technology, beyond human limitations:
10 Playable Heroes
: Play as any of the premier members of 72: CHAIN SERVICES, the first darkweb mercenary solution to be powered by blockchain technology. Made up largely of former SapGru researchers and an electic group of international special operators and hands-on researchers, their true purpose shall be revealed as they take a job that leads them deep into the heart of a conspiracy that threatens the globe. Question your nature as man or machine you uncover your past and fight for the future. Experience life as an augmented super soldier in this immersive VR story that you live through your own eyes.
Real-life weapon handling
: With over 30 weapons any hero can take the game allows for a wide array of playstyles. Test your play style against bots as you replay any single player level with a different hero.
Freedom of Movement
: Full 360 degree motion allows for you to traverse the field like you’re really there.
Cyberpunk Reality
: Tomorrow arrives today in the world of NearPrime VR, where you can live the science inspired daydream and dystopian nightmare depicted across cyberpunk genre’s most influential works.
Single Player Campaigns
: Experience the future through the eyes of Rahn and Sharp as 72: CHAIN SERVICES suit up for more wetwork. Over the course of the campaign, the player will change the global balance of power. Learn what Rahn has sacrificed for the cause of advancing cybernetics, and what he’ll have to give up next.
Multi Player
: NearPrime VR features hero equipped with unique abilities who can equip any weapon in the game. This creates an exciting, well tested battle dynamic. Battle against other humans or bots in dynamic matches where abilities, armament, and player skill come together to create a high-casualty postmodern battlefield.
Horde Mode
: Defend against waves of enemies with friends or alone as the bots never stop coming. 72: CHAIN SERVICES never fails to complete a contract, so that means you’ll just have to keep dropping bodies.
VR Only
: NearPrime VR has been built from the ground up as a VR experience--for all VR platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR. Players will know this the moment they begin play as the world comes alive around them.


Windows 7 64bit
Intel i5-4590
NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290
Version 11
8 GB available space
Windows 10 64bit
Intel i5-6500
NVIDIA GTX 980 or AMD R9 390
Version 12
8 GB available space

Languages: English
Publisher: HYVRLabs
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