Newton and apple tree
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Game introduction:
Shuji knocked down the apple tree in her presence without knowing it.
"Just ... I almost thought of something very important !!!"
The moment when the two arrived in space-time, it was the moment when Newton was about to discover gravity!
In this way, Xiu Er's hasty actions led to the disappearance of the century's major discoveries.
Not only that, but other important histories are constantly changing like dominoes are knocked down.
The time is the seventeenth century!
The stage is the famous British Bridge University with ten bridges!
Can Xiu Er bring history back on track and return to modern times?
The laplacian is full of affection, "a full of laughter and a little tearful" space-time shuttle text adventure!
Character introduction:
Alice bedford
Slogan: You, what a virgin taste. I feel younger than you.
[Role] Conceited Airhead
A talented girl who jumped to the level of Tohashi University.
A paper published under the name Isaac Newton was written into history as a man.
The identity of the woman caused her dissatisfaction to be evaluated, and she was very dissatisfied with it, and began to publish it under the pseudonym of an overhead male.
She can excel, has a high self-esteem and a strong desire to express herself, and is somewhat uncomfortable at Tohashi University.
She is accustomed to taking notes on the books in the library. Her notes are on almost all the books in the library.
Yotsuko Utakane
Slogan: Can you please not use cute or stylish abstract adjectives?
[Role] poisonous tongue
Define girls, don't stop measuring everything around them, and don't stop defining all the words accurately.
She is Xiu Er's childhood playmate. Since childhood, she has enjoyed the fun of science from Xiu's grandfather.
Measuring her measurements in millimeters every morning and recording it is her daily routine.
As long as she talks about her figure, she will not hesitate to inform her of the latest measurements.
Despite her name and sensitivity to numbers, she is a clumsy girl.
Haru Tsukumo
Slogan: My connection to my hometown is the only starry sky.
[Role] natural stay
Japanese students studying astronomy in Britain in the 17th century.
After Chun's grandfather's generation crossed the UK, Japan began to retreat.
Chun was born in the United Kingdom and has never seen Japan before, so he has a longing for Japan.
She is the only one who understands Alice, and spends every day of the bridge with Alice supporting each other.
Lavi Gier
Banner: Are you excited about the airport? why? Tell me why.
[Role] crazy
Problem girls often cause fires throughout Tohashi University. In contrast to Alice, who draws conclusions based on numerous theoretical foundations, she is a scientific genius who draws conclusions by intuition and speculation.
In this era of modern science coexisting with magic such as alchemy, as long as she intuitively says "yes", she will adopt it regardless of science or magic.
She was the first to see Xiu Er was not of this age, and had a strong curiosity about Xiu Er.
What I want most now is a male subject who can honestly listen to her.
Emmy Felton
Slogan: Wow! It's potatoes! I like potatoes the most! !!
[Role] Potato
She was a maid working at Tohashi University for younger brothers.
The scope of her service is the entire Shiqiao University. She knows everything about the university and has a wide network.
She lives in the same dormitory with Alice and Chun, and is responsible for laundry, cleaning, and care for the boarding students.
She will not remove her hair band at work. In other words, she could not get a glimpse of it without wearing a hairband. Also, only someone with a special relationship can spend her intimate time with her who works hard every day.
Because of this, hair has its value.
Syuji Asanaga
Slogan: Although you won't see blood, the language is also quite a weapon! ?
[Role] Interjection in all directions.
Adolescents, dislike science. protagonist. Virgin.
Grandfather Asahi Ichiro is the winner of Japan's second Noble Prize in Physics.
As a child, I learned science from my grandfather with my childhood playmate Four or Five, and was very enamored of science. However, after a student day comparable to his great grandfather, he did not know when he started to develop a complete physical allergy.
One day, the free-spirited grandfather traveled to the UK and disappeared, and Xiu Er also began to escape the reality and became obsessed with music.
The virgin, taking the opportunity to reunite with his childhood playmates, accidentally encountered a time shuttle. Going back to God has been among 4 + 1 wayward girls, and normal people with common sense only have themselves.
He was a protagonist who approached the heroine to solve his troubles, and was constantly pursuing the mystery of the disappearance of his grandfather.
This is a visual novel, you can click on the mouse, there are 5 choices in the novel, corresponding to 5 routes, there is no game operability.
Newton and Apple Tree is a visual novel produced by Laplacian. It has beautiful artwork, music and Japanese voice, with complete Chinese. Guide the story by making decisions at key points of the narrative. The ending is up to you.
Disclaimer: All characters in this game are over 18 years old at the time of the game story.


Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Core2Duo 2.4Ghz
Version 9.0c
4 GB available space
Sound Card:
Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Intel Core i5 9400F / AMD Ryzen 5 3500X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB
Version 11
8 GB available space
Sound Card:

Languages: English / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / Traditional Chinese
Developer: Laplacian
Publisher: SyawaseWorks China
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