Night is Coming

Night is Coming
is a survival, building and development simulation set within a fantasy world inspired by Slavic mythology and the mystique of the Carpathian region.
The player manages their settlement, giving orders to the inhabitants and improving living conditions on various lands and locales. It is crucial to protect and upgrade the settlers so they’re equipped to fight the countless monsters and beasts hellbent on destruction.
The realm is facing a terrible cataclysm, trying to survive and stop the Darkness flooding the Carpathian lands.
Over time, the settlers may need to move to other lands to find answers on how to fend off the pending danger...and ultimately save the world.
Build and Manage
Manage your own settlement in a cold region of the Carpathian Mountains: gather resources, provide as many people as you can with food, clothes and shelter.
Take Care and Improve
Each settler is an individual. Every one of them has their own characteristics, attributes, needs, abilities and skill levels. Use them wisely to develop the settlement.
Not every wanderer coming to the village is a human being. Beware of sly shapeshifters and travelling merchants, selling dark artifacts.
Fight and Protect
Gradually decreasing temperature, snowstorms and blizzards, long dark nights will be your opponents in your struggle to survive . And they will not come alone… Every winter the waves of monsters will be stronger, the darkness thicker.
Prepare for Battle
You are the Hero, the main character. Train to become stronger, defend the settlement, form your own squad and clear out neighboring areas. Explore the lands to find the answers.
Under the guidance of the Keeper Spirit become a great warrior and a Will bearer.
The final battle will be tough – skill Masters and former Heroes will join you, if they accept the strength of your will
Your goal is to survive and find out how to make the things better. No matter how strong you are, eventually you will honorably fall, devoured by countless masses of monsters… Or you can tactically retreat to more friendly lands to devise another defense strategy.
The more difficult the path, the more fruitful your journey will be. If you avoid challenges, the difficulty level grows quickly – the Darkness feels your fear and will pursue your settlers more aggressively.
Procedural generation of the maps for each plot branch makes it possible to experience a new game every time you start a campaign.
New lands contain lots of ways to improve the settlement, from legendary skill Masters to new elemental powers for the Hero. Grow stronger to fight the merciless winter night!
The world is filled with NPC’s affecting the development of the village: some make mischief, some support and join the Hero in battle.
Each quest has requirements to complete: be ready for quick and bold decisions.
A living, breathing world: sunrises and sunsets, birds, marauding beasts, elemental spirits, dynamic weather and seasonal shifts.
Audio content by the master of instrumental music Alizbar.
Picturesque blend of winter snow and campfire light, soaring mountains and starry nights.


Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
3.2 Ghz i3 Processor or equivalent
GeForce GTX 570
2 GB available space

Night is Coming is a survival building simulation set within the unforgiving cold of the Carpathian mountains. Build your settlement, nurture and protect your people - prepare for impending Darkness. Will everyone survive? Will evil displace your homestead? Will a Hero emerge?
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Languages: English / Russian
Publisher: Wild Forest Studio
Night is Coming
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