Noel's Hope

If you are interested in magic, dark and dangerous dungeons with traps and enemies, unusual islands, bright weather conditions, mysteries, stories, sea voyages on your own ship, hiding deep secrets through the ocean, then this adventure is for you!
What is the game about?
After all the events that occurred with Noel, he is on a ship in the middle of a magical ocean.
You have to find food and water, useful materials, valuable minerals, magic items, scrolls and etc. to survive.
As well as explore various islands and dungeons, fight against powerful and strange creatures, overcome the bad weather, avoid traps, upgrade Your magic skills and characteristics.
Secrets and magic history are waiting for You.
And remember! Your goal is not only to survive, but to find a sister! What made this all happen? Who will help You find a sister? Maybe, You are not the only survivor in this world?
Features and what's available:
The combat system allows You to use each spell with a separate hand
Unlimited inventory. Ability to improve the characteristics, milestones skills for magic, various improvements for each spell separately
Improvement of the ship, allowing You to add buildings for crafting, melting ores, planting and growing mushrooms and herbs and more
Underwater zone, with its own resources and plants
Various islands, buildings, boats, dungeons, traps and NPC traders
Bosses, with their unique mechanics and skills
Scrolls, thanks to which You can learn how to defeat one or another boss, as well as get additional tasks, reveal the secrets of some characters and get a chance to visit secrets locations
Day and night effects of islands and events in dungeons
Weather conditions that hinder Your journey or allowing You to get some buffes
What's next?
At the moment, the full plot is not implemented. You can NOT complete the game completely!
In the future, the plot of the game will be revealed, there will be more locations, characters, magic, and of course, dangerous bosses, global events and the disclosure of the details of "Noel's tragedy and life."
The entire translation into English, made exclusively on the basis of online translators!
Therefore, you can meet strange nonsense, complete nonsense and incomprehensible expressions! I bring my apologies for all the misunderstandings, that you can see!
Thank you for understanding.
In one small village, there lived an usual family. A loving father, a beautiful mother and two gifted children. The girl's name was Kate, and her brother was Noel.
Kate was a much more gifted child. She had a high concentration of mana and she easily controlled most of the magical elements. Noel was less gifted, he only studied the basics of magic. Their father did not have a magical gift, he was making various household appliances. Their mother, Carolyn, was a skilful healer and selling herbs in a small market square. The family was not very rich, but they lived in prosperity.
Once, bandits attacked the village. It all started with the market. They needed money, goods items and magical artifacts ... One old woman refused to give the family ring. In anger, one of the robbers hit her. Seeing this, Carolyn decided to intervene. The village was small and poor, by the standards of the capital... The bandits were waiting for much more booty. They wanted a lot more... But they got only village staffs, herbs and a handful of gold. This infuriated them.
The leader of the bandits, wheezed something and attacked the Carolyn. It could not be a fight. It was a slaughter. The guards were stabbed right away, the bandits began to kill the merchants. Carolyn was been killed.
After this incident, Noel's family fell into despair. Father stopped working and helping the village, stopped eating and talking to children. He constantly locked himself up in his workshop. Always worked on something. At this time, brother and sister, after long disputes, decided to collect the remaining gold coins and send Kate to study at the Higher Academy of Mages, in the capital.
"You are very gifted, Kate"
, said Noel.
"You can become a real adept!"
"But what about our father? He’s health is completely bad! We need to take care of him, and even if I leave, you won’t have any gold left to..."
"I can do it"
, Noel interrupted her.
"I believe in you, and you will must believe in me!"
Passed few months. Noel worked with the sweat of the brow up to midnight. He almost did not upgrade his magical knowledge. The father, at all, went mad. He sold all his inventions. Noel tried to argue with him, appeal to reason, but everything turned out to be in vain. After this deal, father rented a small jetty. There, he start to build something like a boat or small ship...
As time went. Kate sometimes wrote letters to her brother. She studied the runes, various magical seals. Increased her manna potential and soon she should have had an important exam. Noel was happy for her. But Noel was often sad because of mom, sister and... father and because of that time, when everything was fine... Noel still did not know that the worst was yet to come...
And so it happened. Noel was about to go to bed. When suddenly his father flew into the room, almost knocking the door off its hinges.
"Noel! NOEL !!! Get up, faster! Hurry up!"
"Father?.. What?.."
“No time, son!”
, with these words, he grabbed Noel’s arm and they literally ran towards the rented pier.
On the way, Noel managed to notice that the sky was multi-colored. No stars were visible. There were no clouds. Only a cold, pale blue glow on one side of the sky and a blood-scarlet on the other. And it approached each other. It was literally going to devour everything between them.
"Rather! Faster!"
, with a wheeze in his voice and through a cough, his father shouted.
A strange glow was approaching, and Noel and his father were all running towards the pier. The shimmering shadows were getting closer, and the glow turned into fire.
Noel and his father almost reached the pier. It already showed a huge ship. Noel did not believe that his father did it. He was shocked and...
...And then came the moment when two magic glow - collided. Two blazing twinkles. Two stars. Two spells...
Everything around was wrapped in a mist of flowers, Noel and his father closed his eyes, and when the blinding and stunning was gone, Noel saw his father lay on the ground. In blood... He was dead. Noel did not have time to do anything, say anything, or even cry. Fire and water flooded everything around. Flames devoured trees and buildings ... And the water absorbed the earth and all who were on the surface. Water did not extinguish the fire. Two elements, as if mixed with each other in unison, bringing only chaos and destruction.
Noel, literally at the last second, jumped into the ship and the magic wave, pushed him.
When the consciousness returned to him, Noel saw only the ocean. Around him - a solid ocean.
After the panic that seized Noel for long hours, after tears, understanding that everything he knew about the world is dead, after long deliberation and unsuccessful attempts to take control of mind, Noel realized that now he has a single goal. His life goal is to find a sister. He did not want to think that the same fate befell her. Anyone was supposed to survive?! Noel believed in her. And he also knew that there were to be Three Great Magicians in the capital. Three defenders. Three pillars. Three supports. They had to protect the capital! Let everything be destroyed, but the capital will not fall! Their power is undeniable. No matter what kind of magic it was, the Three Great Magicians would protect the inhabitants of the capital! They will protect Kate. They must do it!!!
Noel did not know, what magic destroyed everything around. He did not know, is his sister was alive or not. Did not know, if he even had a small, single chance to find a sister...
But it was his hope.
Noel's Hope.


Windows 7 SP1+ / 8 / 8.1 / 10 64-bit
Intel Core i3 2.6GHz or similar
GeForce GTX 500 series or similar
Version 11
3 GB available space
Additional Notes:
64-bit operating system is required
Windows 10 64-bit
Intel Core i5 2.6GHz or similar
GeForce GTX 700 series or similar
Version 11
3 GB available space
Additional Notes:
64-bit operating system is required

If you are interested in magic, dark and dangerous dungeons with traps and enemies, unusual islands, bright weather conditions, mysteries, stories, sea voyages on your own ship, hiding deep secrets through the ocean, then this adventure is for you!
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Languages: English / Russian
Publisher: Valsidalv N
Noel's Hope
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