Northern Regime

About This Game
Multiplayer will not be the heart of the game but more of a casual mini game to have fun. It will involve spawning with a team of 6-14 players in a specific faction. Your and the opposing team will need to gather and generate materials from different mines and recourse generators for your faction to become battle ready. The objective is to capture the enemies faction flag similar to how it is in single player mode(See Trailer). Both teams can attack at any time however, the factions will be placed a good distance away to give players time to get ready to attack as well to create a good defense; cannons, walls, traps, etc.
Mining in Northern Regime will play a huge role in the game itself. One of the biggest functions to this game is resource gathering. As seen in our new video we show off one of our mines which happens to be a coal mine. When you capture a factions you will also capture it's assets. Some will have many mines some may have zero. When you claim a mine it will not yet be functional you will need to repair it and then after activate it.
-Land Claiming
Once you have raided a faction, defeating each member. You will be given the option to claim the land. If you claim the land the flag will change to your corresponding faction. One transparent structure will appear. This is your collection cache. The collection cache will collect a variety of materials from the mines in the area if you have properly captured and activated them. You will also be able to recruit faction members, they will be located here unless you assign them otherwise.
- Raiding
In-game you will be able to raid a multitude of factions in the world. Factions are the life blood of this game. They are the only way to obtain the necessary resources to live and thrive in this world. These resources include; Coal, Sulfur(for gunpowder), specific plants for the creation of bandages and other health supplies, lumber for the expansion of faction development as well to create different defenses and offensive items(Single and Multi-player), steel mines, and more to come.
- Land Development
You will be able to develop and expand the factions and surrounding areas you have captured. The size of the land and the structures you have created will have no limit. Land development will include the removal of terrain objects such as trees for a better view on the enemies as well you can plant trees to hide your faction better. You will be able to construct wooden walls "fortress like" for a greater defense. There will be a much bigger variety coming soon once we have the full list.
- Questing
Questing will most likely vary in a large way depending on the particular play style you chose or wish to pursue. Some quests will feel more like tasks. For instance; In solo mode to activate a mine for it to be in an operating state, you will need to find certain objects and materials such as hammers, nails, specific keys, etc. You will then need to repair the train tracks and whichever or whatever else needs repairs. You will then active the mine by assigning members as workers and placing coins in the deposit box. Since this game won't involve experience or levels you will be given a certain random item or a permission to build something new.
- Weekly Updates
This is more outside and after release but even now we are one hundred percent dedicated to create new content regularly to make Northern Regime a long lasting and fresh video game so people do not get tired or bored of it. These updates will apply every single week and our goal will be to make them large or as big as we can. We want to create each update so that it will greatly increase the enjoyment of the game in an exciting way. We want the people who buy our game to really get their moneys worth.


Minimum:OS: Windows 7 32-bit
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 4 GB available space
Recommended:OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: 3 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 4 GB available space

Northern Regime: 1862 is a hardcore survival game set against the backdrop of the American Civil War in the frozen and frigid lands of Northern Dakota. It’s you vs. the environment and all its inherent dangers as you tackle Confederate soldiers, hostile wildlife, and the cold to stay alive.
Steam score: 36%
Languages: English
Developer: Axel Anderson
Publisher: Axel anderson
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Northern Regime
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