Once upon a time in the Gold Rush VR: shoot and ride

In the Westward Movement of the United States from the 18th to the 19th centuries, there was such a group of persistent people: they became sellers, and they carried their bags. They came from different regions of the United States and had different family backgrounds, but they all went there without hesitation. To the same destination-California. They have a common identity: gold prospectors!
However, the time of gold prospectors has passed, and the times are changing. Gold prospectors have gradually disappeared. The development of technology has replaced gold prospectors. But we can still see them in movies from time to time. Besides, do you imagine what it would be like to become a member of the gold digger? We can enable you to enter an extremely real world by using virtual reality equipment. The immersive and immersive feeling brought by VR technology is unmatched by other technologies. In the game, you can become a member of the gold digger by looking for treasure chests and go on your gold rush journey.
VR travel in the gold rush is a virtual world that uses VR technology; in the game we simulate western towns, mines, trains, tracks, etc., as far as possible to bring western towns and desert scenery to the natural environment of the western United States Characteristic landscape performance.
In the game, this is a forgotten gold rush town. This city that was once prosperous due to the gold rush has now become a deserted city in the post-gold rush era. There are no people. It brings out the bleakness of the gold rush era, and gives people a sad feeling. Many buildings there have become deserted houses, but the personal belongings of the previous owners are still intact. If you look carefully, you can find tools such as shovel in the box.
We have built a total of many different simulation worlds for this game, you can choose any scene to start your tour. At the same time, in order to prevent you from being bored during the tour, we designed the game link of finding the treasure chest to bring more fun to your tour. Every time you find a treasure chest, you will get different points. The more treasure chests you find, the more points you will accumulate; don’t underestimate this point, this point will bring you a huge surprise after the game is over Big gift package. In addition to the game items to visit the scene, we also provide fishing game items imitating traditional fishing, bow and arrow hunting games and snake games. I have to say that the snake-eating game is very good for our shoulder and neck health. At the same time as the game, we are constantly exercising our cervical spine. It is really a very good game.
According to historical records, it is not difficult to see that the gold rush is divided into three stages: the origin stage, the climax stage, and the decline stage.
1. Origin stage
During the large-scale migration of the population to the west, immigrants from the east found gold mines near Sacramento, California, and the "gold rush" came.
In the beginning of the "Gold Rush", there is a man I have to mention-James Marshall, the initiator of the gold rush. Marshall is a carpenter in a local sawmill in California. While inspecting the waterway one morning, he accidentally found some yellow metal pieces on the river bed.
After careful inspection and identification, Marshall was pleasantly surprised to find that these metal pieces were all gold! Paper couldn't contain fire. The news was quickly spread, and many local residents gave up their jobs to invest in gold mining. After a large-scale touted report in some newspapers, people in other regions also heard about the news, and they all rushed to California to join the ranks of "gold prospectors."
2. Climax
In 1853, the gold rush entered a peak period. The gold production value of the entire California rapidly increased from 5 million U.S. dollars in 1848 to 65 million U.S. dollars. The U.S. gold production accounted for almost 45% of the entire world at that time.
With more and more "gold diggers" joining, California's population and economy have experienced an explosive growth-however, only a small number of people have really gained wealth from this "gold rush". In this land full of opportunities and challenges, the stories of "getting rich overnight" and "breaking home and dying" have been repeated: the lucky ones dug up gold and become the darlings of the new wave era; the unfortunate ones never live their lives. I have seen those legendary golden shining, dazzling "golden knots".
In addition to the lucky ones who made their fortunes based on gold, there are also some people who have seized opportunities in this movement. They did not choose to join the "gold rush army", but chose to sell the machinery needed for the gold nuggets or join the catering industry and sell other necessities of life-due to the influx of a large number of people into California, the market order throughout California has been destroyed. After the shock, it was no longer gold that sold sky-high prices, but all kinds of survival materials and mining machinery.
3. Decay stage
Since 1854, California’s "gold rush" has begun to gradually cool down, and the value of gold production has continued to decline; at the same time, due to the intervention of many large capital groups, many retail gold rushers have been kicked out: "Gold diggers" are getting more and more The number of large-scale mines has gradually increased, and the construction and development of the western United States, including California, have begun to have new vigor and vitality.
Although new gold mines were later discovered in Colorado and there was a second "gold rush", the "gold diggers" who left their homes in the past are never seen again. The development and progress of technology has given the major capital groups' gold mining business more profit and progress. Entrepreneurs gradually controlled the entire mining area and formed a monopoly trend.
This movement has increased the social wealth of the entire United States exponentially, and the United States even once became one of the world's largest gold exporters. Secondly, due to the demand of the mining industry, California's mining industry has driven the development of other industries; and, due to the influx of a large number of migrants into California, other related industries such as manufacturing, catering, handicraft and service industries have also been driven by the development momentum. Greatly inspired.
In addition, "Gold Diggers" also led to the progress of California's agriculture and animal husbandry. The entire mining industry has incidentally stimulated the development and progress of transportation in the western United States.
Our game uses the style of the 18th century gold rush era. The small game link set in the game to find treasure chests also allows you to experience a gold rush; in addition, you can also experience our snake and hunting games for free Oh.


Microsoft Windows 7
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Version 11
7 GB available space
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NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Microsoft Windows 10
Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 or higher
NVIDIA GTX 1050 or higher
Version 11
10 GB available space
Sound Card:
NVIDIA High Definition Audio

This is a sad story of revenge. It happened in the American West in the 1850s. A young cowboy had his wife killed by the gang boss, so he picked up his gun, mounted his horse, and embarked on the road of revenge.
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Once upon a time in the Gold Rush VR: shoot and ride
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